Friends of Allison Baden-Clay share their pain publicly for the first time

A lot has been said about Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder charge being downgraded to manslaughter. Legal experts have warned the wife-killer could
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A lot has been said about Gerard Baden-Clay’s murder charge being downgraded to manslaughter. Legal experts have warned the wife-killer could be released within months, whilst newspapers around the country have called him “a liar, a cheat and a killer”.

A brief statement has been made by Allison’s family, the Dickies, who have remained stoic throughout this entire trauma. Now Allison’s friends have shared their pain publicly, with one speaking out for the first time.

“Our judicial system has once again shown itself to be on the side of the criminal. This animal committed premeditated murder, and I believe there were others close to him involved”, wrote Mark Austin on Facebook today. Mark is a longtime friend of Allison, who attended her wedding and eventual murder case.

“I have kept relatively quiet about my connection to the Baden-Clay murder but after the events of the last 24 hours I feel compelled to share my thoughts”, Mark explained.

“Allison was a part of our family. I first met Allison at my engagement party, she was my sister-in-law’s best friend and a greatly loved member of our extended family.”

“She was a friendly, happy soul who had a zest for life and was happy to share that zest with everyone. Honest, caring and focused on everyone else’s needs, before her own”. Mark also described how he never felt Gerard was the best partner for Allison.

I have kept relatively quiet about my connection to the Baden-Clay murder but after the events of the last 24hours I…

Posted by Mark Austin on Tuesday, December 8, 2015


“They say that opposites attract and in the case of Allison and Gerard that was the certainly the case. I remember standing with my brother-in-law and father-in-law at their wedding and saying ‘what on earth does she see in this clown?’ Yes, he was always very strange!”

“I remember the day Al went missing and my immediate thought was ‘it was him’. I watched as her family, and in turn my family, fell to pieces. I saw the heartache on the faces of those not only close to her, but also those who had worked so hard to find her on the day she was found”.

Mark explained how resulting murder case meant listening to “the unbearable”, and expressed how no words of comfort could ever compensate for the loss of Allison. He described how the extended family made yellow ribbons, “thousands of them, to remind us of Allison”.

Last year, a jury found Gerard Baden-Clay guilty of his wife’s murder. He was jailed for life with a non-parole period of 15 years. After the trial, Allison’s family released a mass of yellow balloons outside of court.

“You would think that the day he was convicted it was all over, but it wasn’t. For her family there was legal stuff with his parents, the raising of her three young children… with plenty of ups and downs for all”, Mark explained.

“Yesterday when I woke up, Brookie (Mark’s wife) said that it was the day that the decision on Gerard’s appeal was to be handed down. To be perfectly honest I didn’t give it another thought, as I thought it was a million to one. I was wrong.”

Mark described his outrage and disappointment that Baden-Clay’s charge was downgraded to manslaughter, before adding “our government must stand up and make this right. (Gerard Baden-Clay) should not be in jail for 15 years, he should be there until the day he dies”.

“The pain for everyone involved continues, and will only worsen as the time comes for my wife and her family to head back to that courtroom and listen to more lies. Someone has to do something to fix this and it has to be done now!”

Mark is not alone in his disbelief. Countless Queenslanders have expressed their dismay that Gerard Baden-Clay could receive a lesser sentence. Meanwhile the state’s flagship newspaper had these choice words for the wife-killer today:

“You humiliated your wife, the mother of your children, before taking her life. In death, as in life, you continue to dishonour her and disgrace yourself. It’s time to stop. Tell the truth”, the Courier Mail declared on its front cover.

“Apologise to Allison’s family, show remorse, beg for forgiveness, and serve your time in jail”.

Are you disgusted that Gerard Baden-Clay’s charge has been downgraded to manslaughter? Or do you believe the law has been properly applied? Do you empathise with Mark Austin, along with Allison’s other friends and family?

“Dear Gerard Baden-Clay,We know you are a liar, a cheat and a killer. You humiliated your wife, the mother of your…

Posted by Courier Mail on Wednesday, December 9, 2015

  1. Has our justice system gone MAD?! Cannot believe this is allowed to happen. He had his trial & was found guilty of this disgusting crime. Hope he pays for this in prison before he gets out.

  2. A neighbour worked with them both some years ago. She said the same – not a shadow of doubt he’d done it.

  3. Shameful the laws are failing us how the family must feel and the police who no doubt work so hard !

  4. It is a shocking situation, not only for her parents but for the children, this man is now claiming he killed her by accident but why did he to conceal her body and dispose of it. I feel sorry for the children this must be confusing for them, they lost both mother and father

  5. We all thought that. I did. He was found guilty, why waste time and putting the children and family through this just so it can be over-ruled. DISGUTING.

  6. Bring back, ( an eye for an eye, life for a life system ) deal with these things in a fair fashion, a murder is a murder however way you look at it, we have lost the plot.

  7. This beautiful girl was betrayed by the very man she trusted with her life ,both he &incidently the other woman whoever she is ,should pay in some way ,he’s an animal ,& she’s guilty of causing a tragedy ,through adultery.

  8. I don’t like this anymore than anyone else in Australia, no doubt in my mind he has gotten away with murder. Our justice system needs to change and it is up to us to pressure Government for change

    • So many people are no longer here, because our ridiculous legal system, lets criminals off the hook, often again and again. Jill Meagher, Daniel Morcombe…… the list will keep going on until something changes.

    • I agree with you both, time after time we are hearing of people get a short sentence or in some instances none at all for horrible crimes

    • There is a reason Justice is portrayed with a blind fold. It hides her eyes from the embarrassment that rulings, like we have just seen, brings to the law. There is a reason Justice is portrayed with a balance scale. It reminds us that the law should be balanced give due regard to accused and victim. Sadly we now know the scale is certainly not tilted in favour of the victims in this world.

  9. Very sad, my thoughts go out to the family and children. There is no excuse for taking mother from children.

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