Finding a clear winner from the leaders’ debate

From an entertainment position you would have been disappointed, and if you’d been hoping the leaders’ debate on Sunday, May

From an entertainment position you would have been disappointed, and if you’d been hoping the leaders’ debate on Sunday, May 29 was going to provide you with any new information you’ll probably have been let down there too.

The leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten looked to have started with gusto compared to a nervous-looking prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, but when there were no new announcements and dozens of pre-rehearsed lines from both sides the debate turned to the issue of trust.

It’s no secret both have ousted the sitting leaders of their party. Turnbull unseated Tony Abbott to take the top job, while Shorten played a crucial role in having both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard removed on his way to the leader’s seat for Labor. Why then would the Australian people vote for them? It’s a fair question.

“I did not come into this role as a political activist, I did not come here as a political staffer,” Turnbull said in response to a question about whether he had abandoned his personal beliefs to take the leadership role. “I came into this role as an adult, at 50, after a lifetime of working, building businesses in many, many areas, creating jobs.”

When asked about the Labor Party’s years of unsettled and dysfunctional behaviour, Shorten replied, “The Labor Party have learnt from that difficult period and we have demonstrated more unity of purpose than we have in a very long time.”

He said there was one distinct difference between the leaders, and it was arguably the comment of the evening: “I genuinely lead my party, whereas your party [Turnbull] genuinely leads you.”

When Turnbull spoke about having an ‘economic plan’, Shorten countered by saying he would protect Medicare and do more for schools.

There was a bit of spark on the issues of climate change and asylum seekers, especially when Turnbull said Labor would reignite the people smuggling trade. However, Shorten got his cheap shot in over the climate policy when he described Turnbull as ‘Tony Abbott Lite’.

The dead heat here is not only disappointing for voters, it highlights who holds the real key to Australia’s next government at this stage… Independents and minor parties.

Did you watch the leaders’ debate? What did you think about the discussion? Did it meet your expectation?

  1. Mary  

    I just can’t see Bill Shorten being taken seriously on the world stage He lacks a believable presence I remember his roll at Beaconsfield and commented at the time Here is a man using a disaster to further his own ambitions and he will stop at nothing to get there How right I was! And what is there we don’t know about his back room deals I would not trust him at all. His past is too shady for my liking.As for the Howard run each morning each on Nat TV PLEASE??!

    • You find Bill Shorten hard to believe? Are you blind to the reality of a litany of unfulfilled and broken promises, lies and sneakiness of the LNP? Did you know they caused the UN to remove mention of Australia from a report on climate change? Do you understand why they did this? Do you know they’ve doubled our debt and trebled our deficit – and do you still think they’re the better money managers? Do you know that every promise Tony Abbott made pre 2013 election was broken? Do you realise Malcolm Turnbull has gone against all his previously stated views to fit with the far right LNP and IPA ideology and do you still believe he’s not a fraud and a fake? Do you realise they’re giving tax breaks to corporations and wage cuts to the most vulnerable low-wage workers? (Penalty rates.) Do you realise they’re dismantling Medicare, bit by bit, thereby removing the last and the only really good thing about living in Australia, left? Do you realise after selling off large parts of our health, education and every government service, they STILL doubled debt and trebled deficit, cut pensions, and hurt the most vulnerable in our society, while propping up multi-national corporations and millioinaires? Do you realise we currently have over 100,000 457 workers in Australia? Do you realise that this government is outsourcing our jobs to third world nations? Do you realise this government is spending billions on 12 – yes 12 – submarines we’ve never had a need for, while running down education and health and other vital services including Australia Post? Do you realise this government spends more on Defense than education? And you don’t like the look of Bill Shorten?

      • Lynne Highfield  

        Ecxcellent response Jennifer!

      • Sandy Balfour  

        Jennifer it’s good to read facts and not emotional claptrap. Well done – great reply.

  2. colin  

    bill shorten is a man who looks after the workers as shown when he went to Beaconsfield, ( he was a union leader at the time). TurnBULL is a turn coat. says one thing then changes it then changes it again. It was not a debate but more a tv interview with TurnBULL not making much headway except for slogans and Tony Abbot policies . Mary says back room deals what did Turn BULL do to get the PM Job??????? and he actually does run every morning. Shorten is more like Angela Merkel. At least Labor were able to govern with a minority government and get more legislation through then LNP with a majority, because they cant negotiate .

    • Sandy Balfour  

      Well said – agree completely.

  3. Lyn  

    Malcolm Turnbull did not address the question of what would happen to refugees. It was all about stopping the people smugglers and Bill Shorten called him out on giving people smugglers hope if Labor were elected. The LNP policies are all about the money and Labor, Bill says, is about “choices” but he should focus on “people”.

  4. The current two party system is an Epic Fail! There is no real leadership from either of the two main parties. There was a comment earlier about Bill Shorten and the world stage, to me this is part of the problem, we have too many people wanting to strut the world stage and not enough people wanting to address this Country’s problems. Does anyone know what anybody’s plan for retiring our Nation’s debt? We are currently borrowing money to give aid to others, why?

  5. Henry  

    No I did not watch. Like so many other citizen voters who are pissed off with the Liberals and Nationals Coalition, Labor and the Greens, we are just going to vote against all three.

    • I think you’re right Henry… many of us will put the Libs, ALP and Greens last, in that order and vote for some one who will look after the Country and its people, not after their own interest and with a view of winning the election after this one

  6. none of the above –do not like any of them –they are only interested in lining their own pockets–big n oting themselves on how good they are when we have massive debt and they want to bring in more to enlarge it –when our own homeless–veterans –hospitals –soaring crime rate –pensioners—medical and infrastructure can not accomodate it SPEND SPEND SPEND IS THE MESSAGE THEY ARE GIVING OUT

  7. This sort of shallow cynical commentary explains why politicians have become so gun shy. If they say anything with sincerity and conviction they will be shot down in flames by the idea logical zealots.

  8. Denis  

    Hot air raises like politicians, 24 million no one to vote no one with conviction

  9. Denis  

    2 losers that we have to pay for all their mistakes and continuing the destruction of Australia

  10. Ian  

    if either of them win the Australian people will be the losers. I can’t believe that any intelligent human being would vote for either of them .They have proved that they are not fit for the job they are only in there to their own wealth.I considered standing myself but I just couldn’t sink that low .

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