Finally, some government changes to Medicare that make sense!

The Turnbull government has proposed some major changes to Medicare, and for once Australians aren’t left scratching their heads. Prime

The Turnbull government has proposed some major changes to Medicare, and for once Australians aren’t left scratching their heads.

Prime Minister Turnbull would like Medicare resources pooled, to help people suffering from chronic illness or pain. Mr Turnbull believes this comprehensive approach could reduce system inefficiencies.

Establishing “Health Care Homes” could better coordinate medical, allied health, and out-of-hospital services for patients, Mr Turnbull says.

The government would also like to improve digital technologies, to ensure patient information is carefully collected, safely stored and used in a non-identifiable format to improve health services.

According to Dr Steve Hambleton, who advised the government about these proposed changes, a more holistic health system would ensure patient treatment is coordinated by just one doctor.

Dr Hambleton also believes these proposed health reforms could engage patients’ families and carers, as “partners” in their ongoing care.

The government will trial Australia’s first “Health Care Home” next year, where up to 65 000 people will have access to a broad cross-section of services.

Mr Turnbull hopes this more comprehensive approach to chronic illness could reduce the rate of preventable hospitalisations in Australia.

However the Opposition has criticised Mr Turnbull, saying his plan for healthcare reform is still unclear. Labor has said the government’s plan sounds good in theory, but unrealistic in practice.

“There’s no money attached to it, no starting date (and) no detail about who is going to eligible”, said Opposition health spokeswoman Catherine King.

Do you think health reforms should help people living with chronic illness and ongoing pain? Do you welcome PM Turnbull’s proposed changes to Medicare?

  1. Jeni  

    What about rewarding those who look after their health so the “system” is not further burdened !!!!!!!!

  2. Carolyn Janson  

    Catherine King is right: this is no more than a thought bubble, thrown out before the election, not thought through, not costed, not even detailed. “Health care Homes”- does that mean more giant medical centres? We have them already. Turnbull is once again doing nothing and pretending he knows something. But what???

  3. Neta Williams  

    Mr Turnbull is asking the family to nurse their sick or perhaps passing member at home instead of them receiving health care in a hospital with trained people to look after them. I nursed my ill husband at home {cancer} and I swore never to do it again. I am not qualified to give pain relief injections and know nothing about preventing bed sores and many other medical things. Just another joke about something he knows nothing about. We should be allowed to die with dignity.

  4. Judith Leslye Talanoa  

    I thought we already had this through our Drs & Medicare. Unless he means to make it without restrictions. But almost anyone can have a Health Care Plan, through their Dr to have 5 free (or in some cases – almost free) visits to many different health care professionals per year. Now if he’s going to extend that it could be very interesting – but it sounds to me like he really doesn’t know what’s already in place.

  5. Claire Hancock  

    This sounds like another pie-in-the-sky thought bubble popped out by our illustrious leader. The provision of Chronic Disease Management Plans for the complex care of the chronically ill and elderly already exists. If family members wish to be involved in the care of relatives, then they will ALREADY be involved without sticking a new label on a program of care.

  6. Khris  

    The article I read makes reference to people seeing 5 different GP’s and this way they will now only see one!
    Who the hell sees 5 different GP’s???

    • dorothy  

      i go to a small doctors clinic (3 to 4 doctors ) so see whoever is available , mostly one of two , depending on how urgent it is ,sometimes doctors in these places have specific areas of interest , so you see whoever is best qualified for that problem ,that makes sense ???gone are the days when you rely on one family doctor and become dependant on them

  7. Darrell mears  

    What is required is people should have a choice of covered by Medicare or their private health insurance. If they choose the private health system then no Medicare levy should be charged. Dr visits should charged and again covered by private health if you choose that way.

  8. lurch  

    Reads more like “what if” I do not like the term “Health care Homes” are they going to build a hospice for the patients and the family member or members. Just another thought “I am a carrier for my wife” so if things go wrong who is going to look after me or my wife

  9. Turnbull doesn’t give a dam about the chronicle ill or our pensioners he believes that they are a waste of time and money the next thing he will want to do is put them down like they do with sick animals

  10. If a Labour voter then of course you will down this proposal and if a liberal voter you will be in favour of the proposal. Doesn’t matter who is Prime Minister not everyone will be pleased with his/her ideas and will complain.

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