Eddie McGuire’s said sorry for ‘drowning’ reporter joke but now Pauline Hanson unleashes

This morning, Collingwood AFL boss Eddie McGuire came under fire for joking that he would pay $50,000 to see a

This morning, Collingwood AFL boss Eddie McGuire came under fire for joking that he would pay $50,000 to see a woman journalist drowned.

He has since apologised saying, “[I’m] really disappointed that these comments have led to these feelings from people.”

“I apologise and retract them in the spirit of what we’re trying to achieve, which is to look after women and children in our community,” said Mr McGuire.

His apology and retraction came after he initially said the comments were made “in the spirit of the fun on the day and who would be next going down the slide”, reports ABC.

While MrMcGuire has taken back what he said and apologised, Pauline Hanson has now come forward to “defend” him.

Ms Hanson said the comments about AFL reporter Caroline Wilson were obviously made ‘in ‘jest’ and that she had similar thoughts about journalists during her time in the public eye.

“Some of these journalists, I’d drown half of them,” Ms Hanson told the Seven Network on Monday.

“Some of them, what they write, sensationalisism [sic]. They just don’t have regard for anyone else,” she said.

Ms Hanson, who is seeking a Senate seat for Queensland at the July 2 election, said she had been subjected to many similar comments over the years and people needed to “toughen up”.
“I remember years ago when Tim Fisher said “she should be burnt at the stake” – they printed that.”

“I just think it’s ridiculous. There’s other things in life to worry about.”

Mr McGuire made the comments during an interview about Wilson potentially taking part in next year’s ‘Big Freeze’ event – where a number of a AFL personalities slide into a pool of ice water to raise money to cure motor neurone disease.

Mr McGuire was one of the celebrities to take part in this year’s event, and made the remarks moments before taking the plunge, reports Daily Mail.

“In fact I reckon we should start the campaign for a one-person slide next year. Caroline Wilson. And I’ll put in ten grand straight away- make it twenty. And if she stays under, fifty,” said the The Collingwood president.

He then asked other people on the Triple M broadcast – including North Melbourne president James Brayshaw and former player Danny Frawley – if they were ‘in’ on the joke proposal.

“Yep, Straight in,” Brayshaw said.

“I’ll be in amongst it Ed… I’ll actually jump in and make sure she doesn’t – I’ll hold her under, Ed,” Frawley replied.

McGuire even said some fans would be willing to ‘chip in’ for Wilson to jump into the ice pool.

Some people think Ms Hanson is just trying to get more publicity to herself while others believe she had a valid point. What are your thoughts?

Is it okay to make jokes like this?

  1. Robert Graham  

    When PH makes herstatements , it reminds me of a notice written on a concentration camp in Berlin , Fascim isn’t a German disease

  2. Lyndel  

    I’m right behind Pauline in this…so sick of people getting offended by Australian larrickinsome….that’s what it is and who we are so get the broomstick out of your …….ses!

    • Jungle  

      Spot on Lyndel, Eddie may be a lot of things but an offensive prick he is not, a Larrikin certainly and one with a grasp of Aussie humour that some people who call themselves Australian do not understand.

  3. Carol  

    Sadly, Caroline Wilson has had to put up with a lot of so called ‘ jokes’ about her from other football commentators over the years. She handles them with dignity always. Eddie McGuire seems to think he is a comedian but to me he is a sexist, egotistical bore.

  4. Nig  

    Carroline playing the gender card ? A leaf out of Julia’s book i think.

    • Susan Bell  

      How dare you, “the gender card”. When Julia Gillard spoke about her abusive treatment it was not playing the gender card it was a statement about the the vilification of women. McGuire has a long history of racist and anti women statements, he is always forgiven by the AFL, the apologists for female vilification and the media. McGuire has a long history of bullying and put downs of Caroline Wilson. He should be sacked. Such ignorance about the treatment of women leaves me wondering if you are as wilfully ignorant as you seem or whether you enjoy being sexist.
      The broadcaters Hadley and Jones should have been arrested and tried on charges of inciting violence and death against Gillard.

  5. Mary  

    I can’t stand Eddie McGuire, but in this case he has nothing to answer to. I agree with Pauline, some people just have to toughen up. Caroline Wilson needs to pull her head in. What a sook !!!! I also agree with Pauline, most journos should be drowned anyway for their biased and sometimes false reporting.

    • Greg meek  

      If she said it about him I believe people would laugh it off. We shouldn’t be thin skinned

    • Jennifer Young  

      Caroline Wilson can hand it out but cannot take it when the boot is on the other foot. Some of the stuff she says and writes about people is all okay. But something is said about her, all hell breaks out.

  6. Sharon Ryding  

    Oncee again it’s Pauline being down to earth and realistic. Women want to be treated equal but just dont seem to be able to suck it up. The boys cop it Caroline. Why don’t you?

  7. Jeanette Savill  

    I agree with Pauline on this one. Caroline want’s to be part of a male dominated arena (football) as I see it should perhaps expect some criticism from sporting peers, mind you not saying it is right. Caroline would have I gained more respect (from her peers)if she had not made an issue of the comment.

  8. Jon Lawrence  

    More publicity for a convicted felon that should not be involved in politics. She makes a living running for office and fails in every way. The footbrawl boss should be well and truly castigated (with a dull butterknife ) for his mysoginist comment about the Lady sports reporter. The Hanson unit is just trying to make some political mileage with her fellow racists.

    • Cassandra of Troy  

      You’ll find Jon Lawrence that Pauline will be one of the first 6 senators to elected in Queensland because she calls a spade a spade.

    • Nigel Nunganungasteen  

      One Nation..The only political party that isnt being funded by the federal reserve owned multinational conglomerates that are buying off our politicians……If you think any other party is going to put your average Australians priorities first, you better pull your head out of your arse and look around at whats going on in this country (and the western world)

  9. In our current era apparently joking is forbidden. People are offended by everything.

  10. I agree with her. Toughen up. We are all like precious little cupcakes. Australia used to pride itself on being tough. Not any more. It’s so politically correct it’s irritating and pathetic.

  11. bruce taylor  

    Don’t often agree with Eddie but surely as the rudest most self opinionated journalist around Caroline Wilson must expect to have many people who disagree with her bad manners.

  12. Chris  

    At last a woman ( dare I say lady) who is an Australian first and can mix it with the guys. I agree Pauline, was not an issue and was said in jest nut the politically correct will have a go at gagging us all if they could

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