Eat this carb every day and lose weight Oprah says… Shocking!

Oprah has shocked the world by saying she has lost 26 pounds and ate bread every day to do so.
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Oprah has shocked the world by saying she has lost 26 pounds and ate bread every day to do so. It has sparked a furore and sent the Weight Watchers share price rocketing would you believe? But do you agree with the possibility of losing weight if you’re eating bread every day? 

For most of us, as the middle aged spread creeps in, bread has become a luxury or a weekend treat, or even forbidden. It is certainly confronting to hear our favourite yo-yo dieter advocating the possibility of losing weight while continuing to enjoy it.

Suspiciously, the exciting announcement of Oprah’s weight loss and the enormous and far-reaching promotion of it comes not long after she has announced a 10 per cent investment in Weight Watchers in October 2015 valued at $43 million. In the days after her announcement, the share price rose over 90 per cent on the sharemarket.

So we have to ask today “should we believe her?” Can you eat bread every day and still lose weight? We took a look around at what people were saying:

Oprah says people should read the label, anything with the words whole grain or whole wheat is best.

On Good Morning America, Dr Jen Ashton, their senior medical contributor indicated that Oprah’s advice is not incorrect.

“To lose weight you need a negative energy balance, for most people that means cutting 500-700 calories per day. What you consume, as long as it is under the caloric deficit,” she said.

And the USA ABC News Nutritionist Maya Feller says it is possible too. She warned that people should not get carried away.

“Don’t be afraid of carbs – but know what you’re eating. … If you pay attention to portion, you can lose weight,” Feller said.

Oprah advised that people should read the packaging labels on their breads, adding that any breads described as “whole grain” or “whole wheat” are best for weight loss.

Oprah’s weight has been an issue for her whole life, during which she has been through several significant phases of weight loss. In 1988 she dropped herself to 145 pounds and celebrated by pushing a wheelbarrow with 67 pounds of fat in it onto TV to inspire others and show what she’d lost.

Do you eat bread and do you believe that bread makes it more difficult to lose weight?