Do we really need another Pauline Hanson? Jacqui Lambie crosses the line again

She’s been called the new Pauline Hanson, but how can she be when Pauline Hanson is still around spreading vitriol

She’s been called the new Pauline Hanson, but how can she be when Pauline Hanson is still around spreading vitriol about Muslims and refugees? Just yesterday Jacqui Lambie put her two cents in about national security and it’s left many shaking their heads at her poor choice of words.

On ABC radio yesterday, Senator Lambie said the Grand Mufti of Australia should be monitored using an electronic anklet, and incoming Syrian refugees should have more rigorous security checks.

She again talked about Sharia law and how she thinks new citizen should swear they will follow Australian law instead.

Lambie told ABC radio on Wednesday morning that new citizens should be made to swear to uphold Australian law rather than sharia.

“We do have the right and duty to discriminate on the basis of whether prospective citizens will accept and uphold our democracy and culture, our Australian laws,” she said. “Therefore, a key test of whether people are worthy of our compassion and are suitable for citizenship is their opposition to sharia or terrorist law, as we call it.”

She also suggested that she was suspicious of the Grand Mufti, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed and “Maybe the first person who should have an electronic device put on them is the bloody grand mufti. We’ll be able to monitor him, where he’s going and what he’s doing”.

“Security vetting process has failed in France and other western cultures including our own and it must be fixed so our citizens come first,” she said. “Australians should always be put first”.

On the back of the government’s announcement to allow 12,000 humanitarian visas to be issued to Syrian and Iraqi refugees, Ms Lambie said, “these terrorists are infiltrating in with the refugees”.

Her latest remarks come just days after her relative equal Pauline Hanson gave one of her most controversial interviews yet, saying “Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim” and “These refugees may be cells that have been brought out, who have been planted by ISIS… to become refugees who will end up in Australia, on Australian soil.

“People don’t want another 12,000 refugees in Australia. People of Australia don’t want more Muslim refugees in Australia who may be ISIS plants”.

The question we have is do we really need two of these women spreading these messages to the greater public? Is one enough?

At a time when we need more love than hate, the general consensus seems to be that they should be ignored, but why are so many listening?

We’d love to know your thoughts today…


  1. This is just stirring up trouble I think Australian’s should take their lead from the Prime Minister.

      • What a ridiculous theory that love will conquer a 1400 year old barbaric ideology that’s hell bent on taking over everything in its path. Grow up!

      • Sorry Raymond…my comment wasn’t supposed to have been directed at you 🙂 But I agree that we don’t have a credible leader!

    • I don’t vote Liberal Raymond but in this instance, I think Turnbull is doing his best not to incite racism

      • IsNot liking Islam is not racist because Islam I.S. N.O.T. A R.A.C.E. lslam is an ideology like any other.
        Ideologies control politics, spirituality, marriage, diet, sex, personal hygiene, fashion, home education, schooling, difference, sexuality, travel, gender inequality and a lot more.
        Communism did that.
        Fascism did that.
        Islam does that.
        Just facts.
        Nothing personal.

    • Libbi Elliot we should not take the lead from the prime minister. Politicians are voted in by us and they should take their lead from US.

      • WE the people DIDN’T vote turnbull into office get your facts straight, how could anyone trust this traitor

    • why bother having elections Chris Wallis if we are just going to ignore our leaders?

    • Turnbull is following the advice of ASIO, and you people think you know more than them? so why aren’t you on the payroll Chris Wallis?

    • How funny is this, I won’t be voting Liberal but I do think Turnbull has this right, so now an ALP voter agree with a Liberal PM and is told off by people who probably voted Liberal hahaha

    • Libbi Elliot You ask “Why bother having elections” We have elections to choose our leaders- 57 people out of 24,000,000 chose Turnbull-the other 23,999,943 did NOT choose Turnbull.

    • Raymond Connors that is not my problem, I did not vote Liberal and it was The Liberal Party who ousted Abbott., you need to take that up with them

    • I agree with you Libbi, I’m very much a SWING VOTER, and in this instance I believe Turnbull is doing a far better job than Tony Abbot which most of the time just incited hatred and we don’t need more people like that, neither in or out of Politics!

      • Tell me in which country with a Muslim majority is there peace and tolerance towards other races and religions

      • thats right keep patting each other on the back, I guess someone needs to make you feel warm and gooey

    • I have stopped commenting on these post, some don’t seem to think very rationally..I agree with you Libbi.

      • ……………..I was going to make a comment on the above article, but looks like the topic has been hijacked by another…

  2. No, we dont need another pauline, We need another million of her.

    • Pauline is very correct in her policies. That’s why Howard got rid of her thru the back door and stole half of her ideas.

      • Randall Dean  

        Howard stole at least 70% of Paulines ideas.

    • Noel is right, another million or so of her would be perfect.

      • Jill Edmonds  

        God help us and these people are afraid that we are going to be over run by Muslims – preferable to 10.000 Hansons and Lambies.

    • I’ve had a little crush on Pauline . Lol . I like her honesty and how she tells it like it is . A much vilified woman who , in my opinion , was treated very very badly by many others . Go Pauline !!!

    • Oh Wendy….. i agree with Pauline on this but you are way out of line with that comment

    • Wendy Watts
      Why have a personal attack on Ann simply because she doesn’t agree with you. Her comment was not a personal attack on you or anyone else.
      This is the sort of thing terrorists do. They make personal murderous attacks on anyone who doesn’t think the way they do.

      • Claire Hancock  

        Well said, Ruth. Keep it civil, people. This is supposed to be a democracy we live in, and people should be able to express their opinion here without nasty attacks being made against them.

    • Truth talkers in politics its hard to vision but pauline is as honest as the day is long ..what these evil minions have done to her and she is still strong to have a go just shows how really aussie she is

    • David I couldn’t agree more ! She’s an Aussie through and through . She cares about our beautiful country and she is strong – no one will keep her down !

    • Too right Ruth Hourigan and Judy Cameron. Wendy Watts, if you don’t agree, state why. To insinuate that someone needs medication because you don’t agree is a sad indictment of a few people in society. This is a social page where people are encouraged to put forward their opinions on the subject matter not display rudeness to someone you have never even met. My opinion is that Pauline Hanson is correct and has been so ever since her maiden speech in Parliament.

    • With you Ann Margaret Romain. Keyboard terrorist – attacked you for nothing shows the intellect. “Tells it as it is” rubbish she has never made a factual statement, makes it up as she goes along.

    • our bleeding hearts are going to be the end of us… how much more can we tolerate in this world, people are angry, especially when people wont stand up for themselves and we send our troops overseas to fight the fight… while they seek refuge elsewhere,, women and children yes, but not always the young men in the thousands who could be helping our troops at least…. We need to have a voice too, its long becoming that we cannot have a voice in our own wonderful country…….

    • What another million bigoted racist fish shop morons about as politically savvy as a piece of Flake .

    • David Petrie Really…..your idea of “truth” seems as distorted and twisted as the ISIS view of “truth”

    • Ruth Hourigan how in the hell can you say that people who have an opinion on something are like ISIL come on… you really are “out there”…………… these people kill women, children, behead people and kill and murder… there is simply no comparison and you should be ashamed of that comment…. what it is saying here is that we need to be tougher and tougher it will be,, but we need the “world” to join in, and of course there are only a fdw countries who don’t seem to want to help out,, and where are they????? think about it.

  3. These two females and throw in Andrew Bolt and we would have ‘Game On’. Three people totally lacking in common sense and some spaced out cadets who take notice of him.

  4. They are just saying it straight up no pandering around the truth, People including myself are tired of polly talk in the nothing language, being nice to some rag bag get you know where, just be honest with you opinion and stick with it, that is how simple it is.

  5. Go for it Ladies you are only speaking the truth that everyone is thinking and not have the guts to say it I am all for it and if people don’t like it get stuffed.

  6. Caution is the word. Care is far better word than ‘love’! – my thoughts are it is bandied about to mean many emotions.

    • The people who came by boats could pay their way. They aren’t like the refugees who the government are taking in now. The first lot who came to Perth the other night had been living in camps, true refugees, not economic refugees.

    • I know that how about all the homeless people and the X service men and women are not being locked after

    • I wonder if people know about the homeless? Maybe they prefer to live that way, when I was in the USA I spoke to homeless Vets they said they prefer it that way, and the government there do have programs to help their Vets, .

    • Helen Joan Harmon Can you please tell me why the majority of refugees are very well dressed young men is there only men in that country I find it amazing that they have the latest of all communication equipment and the latest in fashion True refugees have the clothes on their back and they are usually tatty from having to wear them for so long

    • They Come Here Because They Don’t Don’t Need Any Paper Work It’s Throwing Over Board

      • Ian Walsh  

        And because of them doing that, we don’t know who the hell they are.

    • Abbott stopped the boat and paid Australian taxation $ to have the people smugglers take some back to Indonesia WHAT A PACK OF GEESE THE LNP ARE!!!!!! Here’s an idea Why don’t they pick out the troublemakers here stirring up trouble and ship them to an illegal emigrant detention centre to make room for a decent appreciative real refugee who want to settle here and become a good citizen instead of a trouble maker

  7. Neither of these women are in a major Political Party, both of them are trying to get votes, many mainstream Australian’s won’t vote for them so trying for the racist element in this country. Pauline got attention and now Lambie is having a shot

    • It’s not racist. It’s about preserving your way of life. If you don’t take these actions, you and your children will be wearing burkhas and housebound in order to prevent rapes in the next 20 years.

      • Jill Edmonds  

        What a lot of rubbish – I am shocked the bigotry spewing forth on these pages.

      • Jill Edmonds  

        I am saddened that there is so much bigotry and racism being displayed on these pages. I thought Australians were known to give people a fair go. What would our country be like now if we had not welcomed migrants in the past? A provincial isolated dump.

    • Lizzical Naulls the Muslims have been in this country for over 100 years, long before your family came here, and none of us are wearing Burka’s, that is just scare mongering

    • wake up Judy Cameron..look in the mirror and see if you are wearing a burka, if your not then this is all BS isn’t it

    • No a lot of people voters are lazy, worst thing anyone can do is mark above the line and they then use your preference’s for their own gain into power. Where ever yo live in Oz mark your local candidate you want then take the time to put your preference’s you want and we might get a real fair dinkum people vote

    • I will never vote for anyone who gives their preferences to The Liberal Party Steve Screaton and both of these women will

    • We have had Muslims in our community for over a hundred years and in the last 7 years have returned to wearing burqa, kaftan and skull cap. These are people we went school with our friends who we didn’t consider any different to the rest. Why do they need to do this?

    • No idea Terry Green wood I am not a Muslim I am an Athiest I think it is all a load of crap, but I do know know one thing, wearing clothes never killed anyone

    • Judy Cameron if you want to start a personal vendetta, take it elsewhere..don’t tell me I am not interested and David answered the question you asked, I can see no attack

    • I thought this was to be a friendly page where we can share opinions. Leanna, Answers to my comments always seem to have a sharp edge attached. If you think this is a personal vendetta on my part then you are sadly very wrong

    • I am not going to continue to a argue with you Judy Cameron over nonsense, I am trying to answer as sensibly as I can people are asking questions, if you want to continue you on with this put it on your own post , you are trolling mine, with things that have nothing to do with this topic

    • I am trying to add my opinion /query without being told to wake up and look in the mirror.

    • Its not racist to want a safer Australia. How do you know who is a genuine refugee or IS. Sharia law does not belong in Australia. We want people coming in who respect women not treat them as 2nd class.

    • Jan Dodson , we all want a safe Australia but isn’t that why we pay ASIO and the intelligence agencies to monitor that situation and keep Australia safe? I have confidence in them. Sharia law will never be enforced here, think rationally, The Liberal Government could not get the pension cuts passed, how on earth would anyone ever get Sharia law passed?

    • Terry Greenwood Do you know what’s the different if there are 0.01 % of the population muslims, or 30 %? Read the Quran and you’ll be surprised.

    • 24 million people in Australia only 2 million of those are Muslim, they have not one chance in hell of Sharia Law ever being in this country

    • Well Leanna, ASIO and intelligence agencies,or the Govt. haven’t done a very good job so far, because TERRORISM is already in Australia, or maybe you didn’t notice while you had your head in the sand, or hugging a tree, both of which have probably already been sold to Asian developers.

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