Dick Smith divides people over his joke about an Aussie icon

Dick Smith is often regarded as an Australian legend, but his latest gag has made more than a few people
Dick Smith has had a dig at the Aussie icon.

Dick Smith is often regarded as an Australian legend, but his latest gag has made more than a few people angry after he took a dig at another Aussie icon.

Mr Smith is well-known for campaigning for Australian made and owned products and has spoken out against companies selling off to overseas buyers.

=One sale that has long been a thorn in his side is that of the Aussie classic vegemite, which was sold off to American company Kraft.

Mr Smith’s friends decided to play a little prank on them and took advantage of their Christmas special where you can order a personalised jar with your name on it.

Instead of putting his own name though, the group had “NOTAUSSIE” printed on it instead.

The jar that divided fans.
The jar that divided fans.

“The US-owned Kraft started a promotion where customers could send in a name to put on their own jar of Vegemite,” Mr Smith told News Corp.

“Unbeknown to me, a few of my friends sent in the attached name and, believe it or not, the jar of Vegemite was sent back to me, as per the photo.”

While most people laughed along and thought it was all a bit of fun, others have arched up and said he should get over it and move on.

Over the past few decades a whole host of Australian companies have been sold off overseas and while many people are angry about this, it seems there are some who think we should just move on.

Australia has a strong exportation industry and some say it’s strong enough to mean we don’t need Aussie-owned companies like we used to.

Others though say it’s a crying shame we haven’t held onto our own businesses and land and that we should stop allowing so much foreign ownership.

What do you think? Can you see the funny side here? Or has Dick Smith taken it too far?

  1. rikda  

    Those that say he should get over it, are apathetic anchors.
    Dick hits a nerve when he expresses a need to take action on injustices.
    Trying to ignore his call is their way of feeding their apathy.

    • Talking about Vegemite, is it still made in Ossie, why is it so expensive to buy when it would be the top selling food item. Let’s stop buying it, then they might consider the cost. Is there a reason for it to be in glass?You are correct. Governments in Australia have lost the plot. They truly don’t appreciate the richness of there country.. Let’s get rid of state Governments, and let Council do the state job. Have Senate & Parliament, then all the States would be same education, same health and same welfare funding. These dum politicians need to wake up that it is the middle/lower income people are the cash turnovers in this country, the wealthy just keep the label companies in business and bank there money or just keep buying buildings. Is it to late ti turn this country around. The should be cutting the huge amounts of money we spend on defence and become peace makers. Trouble is we are tainted with not being able trust in people any more. Even friends. Dick would never make it in parliament, too many rogues in there to get rid of him, but he would be a great politician. Where was the interviews with Turnbull this morning with regard to the bombing in Canberra, I believe was last night.
      Keep fighting Dick.

  2. Glen Nickolls  

    I agree we should not be selling our industries to foreign owned organisation’s as most dont careabout australian unemployed. All there interested in is profit which amounts to pure greed, and those australians that are selling thier organisation to overseas companies have no concern for thier country but only see money which again amounts to pure greed.

    • duncan affleck  

      you have said exactly what i was thinking but its not just Aussie, we have the same problem in NZ. it all started going downhill once the banks were sold then we had free trade agreements

    • Marion Wilson  

      We cant help it – they keep offering money for our icons. And we only care about money, living within our budget, keeping wages down, cutting funding to the ABC, to education, to Health, to disability recipients, reducing expenditure, cutting welfare, cutting the dole because they cant get work, got to reduce the deficit, sell Telstra, Medibank, Commonwealth Bank, roads, just give us money and we’ll sell the reef, the opera house and our souls.

  3. Ted Jaeger  

    Go Dickie! Any Aussie who thinks we need foreign ownership should leave our country! We used to be a great nation; now we are a subsidiary of China, thanks to our limp dick politicians!

    • Hmm….do you remember where Dick Smith bought this shop stock to build up his Empire? Asia….enough said about this grating Aussie “icon”.

  4. Mark  

    Good on you Dick Smith, of passing interest is that it also has been certified halal and I have read that money for that certification goes to fund terrorism.

  5. Noela Whittaker  

    I agree with all of the above. Good on you Dick Smith.

  6. Andre Ambard  

    Dick Smith speaks for Australia. His heart is in the right place, I love the man

  7. Kevin  

    Thank you for fighting for Australia Dick Smith.
    We lose a fortune and jobs with foreign ownership or manufacturing going offshore.

    That’s why Donald Trump won the election against all odds. Jobs and prosperity for Americans. (I would not have voted for him, but that explains why he won)

    We need the same here. It’s too easy to become simply retail “stores” for Chinese or other country’s goods.

    Long may you represent us, Dick Smith!

  8. bernadette  

    Dick Smith for Prime Minister Aussie Aussie oi oi oi

  9. Joan  

    I hope those who have supported Dick also buy Australian every time.
    It’s called putting your money where your mouth is.

    • Judith  

      But often, there is not an Australian variety of what you want to buy!
      And I always find it strange that he is constantly on the “Buy Australian” bandwagon when he made his considerable fortune by importing and selling electronics from China.

    • Bev Chapman  

      I agree he is a TRUE Aussie I just wish there were more like him, I try to buy his products when ever I can

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