Dick Smith confirms he will run for MP… but on one condition

Our readers have expressed in the past that would love Dick Smith to enter politics, and the man himself says

Our readers have expressed in the past that would love Dick Smith to enter politics, and the man himself says he will – on one condition.

Dick Smith has confirmed he will contest the Liberal seat of Mackellar as an independent if Bronwyn Bishop is chosen as the candidate.

But it’s not looking good for the former Speaker – she’s been deserted by a colleague as well as the former PM, Tony Abbott and NSW Premier Mike Baird.

The Australian revealed last week that company director Walter Villatora has entered the race with references from the two men, severely damaging Mrs Bishop’s chances of being chosen as the candidate.

Mr Smith is urging preselectors in the northern beaches seat to “give someone new a go”. “That’s one of the reasons why I’m supporting Walter. I don’t want to run because I’m as old as Bronwyn,” he told The Australian yesterday.

In a surprising twist, Mr Smith and the former Speaker grew up in the same street in the area and attended the same primary school.

“I’m going to do everything I can to try to convince Bronwyn, ‘look, let someone younger come along, please’,” Mr Smith said, pointing to the generational change in Coalition ranks. “Bill Heffernan’s resigned. Warren Truss — he’s a bit younger but he says it’s time for someone new.

“So there’s a really strong message out there from very long-serving competent politicians that it’s time to go.”

“If Bronny gets the preselection, I’m still planning to run” – no doubt because he feels he could take her on.

There are strong fears that Mackellar could change to an independent seat if Bishop becomes the candidate and Dick Smith is an option – is seems her travel expenses and dramas last year are still fresh in voters’ minds.

Tell us, would you vote for Dick Smith in the upcoming election if you could? Do you think he’ll get a shot? Would he make a good PM?


  1. Peter Smith  

    Tricky Dicky’s got MY vote All the way

  2. Deanna  

    Yes I would vote for Dick I have faith in him to do the right thing, it may be hard on us to start with but someone has to take control.

  3. Leslea Downing  

    I am all for Dick Smith for PM. He is one great Australian who has ALWAYS tried his hardest to help ALL Australians. We buy Dick Smith products as often as we can because we want to help keep Australian farmers and other workers in a job. He donates the profits to charity – he knows about us battlers and cares. That is what we need in politics – more caring and less stabbing other pollies in the back. DICK SMITH FOR PM!!!!!

    • Wayne lovett  

      I totally agree go dick look after the Aussies for a change

  4. Ken  

    Motor mouth Smith ? Australia’s biggest hypocrite ? You must be joking.

    • graham hourigan  

      you must have been living under a rock for the last few years Dick Smith has tried to help Australian producers and consumers and is one of the most genuine people around I would vote for him if I was in his electorate.

  5. I would welcome the opportunity to vote for Dick Smith if I were in his electorate so I hope those in his electorate get behind him so we outsiders get a chance to vote later on. He is a true blue Australian and a very honest man..

  6. Jean Kiem  

    Yes…..I’m in favour. A man of integrity.

  7. Steve Paris  

    Dick, I just wish you would have put your hand up 10 years ago. Of coarse we will vote & support you Dick. Get our amazing country back on the rails.

  8. john  

    he would def get my vote .i like the way he thinks

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