Customers raging after supermarket changes the name of an Aussie classic

There’s been an increasing trend lately to take what’s old and try to turn it into something trendy and new,
Are they serious?

There’s been an increasing trend lately to take what’s old and try to turn it into something trendy and new, but shoppers are saying one supermarket took it too far after messing with an Aussie classic.

Coles customers have been venting their rage online after the supermarket released a photo of cricketing legend Merv Hughes holding a sausage in bread and branded it as the ‘great Aussie taco’.

“Whoah whoah whoah… When did Australia agree on calling a snag in bread an ‘Aussie Taco’,” wrote Leon Sjogren.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never heard a sausage on bread referred to as a ‘great Aussie taco’,” said Marco Cimino.

The offending ad. Image:
The offending ad. Image:

A sausage in bread, a sanga sandwich, or whatever you want to call, it is considered one of the Australian greats – up their with fairy bread and Arnott’s Shapes – and people are royally peeved at Coles for trying to mess with it.

To many, they’re the best part about turning up to vote on election day and a staple at school fates around the country.

Some can’t take a trip to Bunnings without picking one up out front and many say that if there is one invention that defines the Aussie barbecue, it’s a sausage in bread.

So you can imagine the outrage Coles has caused, right?

It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this though. For the past few years, ‘hip’ cafes and restaurants have been trying to pass of simple meals and ideas as radical cool inventions and charging exorbitant prices for them.

Mashed avocado on toast sells for $16 at many cafes, while others sell ‘deconstructed’ meals (that often just look like a mess on a plate) for crazy prices.

One cafe was even caught serving up breakfast in egg cartons because it apparently “looked really cool”. Ha!

How you're supposed to eat it, we have no idea. Image: Herald Sun.
How you’re supposed to eat it, we have no idea. Image: Herald Sun.

So is it time to stop this madness? Many are arguing there’s nothing wrong with the names Australia already has for its food and the way it serves its meals and are telling the ‘trendy’ people responsible to give it a break already!

What do you think? Does this all sound ridiculous to you? Or do you like new food trends?

  1. maureen mcilwrath  

    A sausage sanger is a sausage sanger not a mexican TACO

    • judy sherrin  

      a sausage in bread is just that, how dare Coles go and change the nameof that great Aussie icon.

  2. Thea McKelliff  


    • Guy Flavell  

      Yeah, well I bet you some smart Yank will pick up on this and make millions flogging the
      ‘Great Aussie Taco’ in his own country.

    • Audrey Jackson  

      I whole-heartily agree. We are AUSTRALIAN lets stop copying the U.S.A. on everything.

  3. Una Slatter  

    WE ARE AUSTRALIA, leave us that way. So sick of losing our identity.

  4. Karen  

    I am nearly 69 yrs of age, and I have been well and truly pissed of at Australians changing our decades old products for some stupid yank replacement. i.e. cup cakes instead of patty cakes, pick up any old Aussie recipe book. bud instead of mate. happy holidays instead of merry christmas. and why does Australians celebrate halloween, we have solicitors not lawyers. it’s yank stupidity. there are dozens more that I can’t bring to mind. it seems Australians more and more want to copy the yanks. why ? they are arrogant and rude. obsessed with money and their looks, and why when they open their mouths they are all teeth.

    • Diane Bellette  

      Our money is not called bucks or 10K. either. We are Australian & proud of it why start calling our stuff by FOREIGN names.

    • Angela Shannon  

      Totally agree Karen! Another is the date… it’s 14th January not Jan or January 14

    • Graham  

      Karen, Hallowe’en is an old Saxon(?) religious custom. Too many people think it’s an American invention. It has something to do with the souls of dead people. Too lazy to look it up, but it has been going on for 1,000’s of years. I do have to agree with you on other points tho’. I’m 73 and have seen our ways n traditions slowly change over the years to peer pressure. Have a great Australia day.

    • Mark  

      I take umbrage at the term ‘yank stupidity’. These are American terms and customs. Surely the stupidity comment is better directed at those Australians who are pretending to be American.

    • Kerry Clark  

      How about apartment instead of flat or unit, pavement instead of footpath, elevator instead of lift, ADDress instead of address, parent to instead of parent of and the very worst one of all? Bathroom instead of toilet. I always laugh out loud on flights when the flight attendants refer to the bathrooms (ie no smoking in bathrooms) onboard.

      • Elaine Henderson  

        I laugh when I read a description of a house having 2 and a 1/2 bathrooms. Really?? It’s 2 bathrooms with an extra toilet. Grrr

    • Lillian Wallace  

      Ketchup instead of sauce.bathroom instead of toilet or loo which is Aussie

    • Kate MARSHALL  

      We should cut out all Americanisms.
      Toilets, not bathrooms, holidays, not vacations, died, not “passed away”, hello not hi and mate, not buddy,skip the meaningless “have a good day”

  5. Joanne  

    I often ‘pop’ into my local Bunnings’ on a Sat morn JUST to get a snag, onions’, & BBQ sauce!
    It supports a local School Group etc, & the taste is just THE most!
    Messy, & yummy! Can’t beat it!

    Leave OUR Aussie ‘food loves’ alone!

    • Guy Flavell  

      Is calling it the “great Aussie Taco” going to inhibit our enjoyment of these yummy sangers?
      I reckon it’s a great new name that the ‘septic tanks’ might associate with and pick up on ?

      • Gregory  

        Why should we change the name?
        If the yanks live here, they accept what WE call it!

        Yet another trying to be ‘catchy’ for a minority!

  6. Alan Heeps  

    It is so typical of Coles (and the other one) to try their best at fleecing us of extra money. These companies are a blight on the landscape of Australian decency. Bring back the local corner stores, at least there we were treated as intelligent people. Keep American marketing out of our shopping trolley.

    • Jude Power  

      Sorry Alan, but that’s not going to happen. If the corner stores had been able to complete with the big supermarkets they’d still be there.

  7. Noelle  

    So who are Coles trying to please now no need for a change

  8. Jenny Cullen  

    Leave our snag in bun alone!!!

    • Jude Power  

      “Bun”? You’re as bad – that’s Macca language for a BREAD ROLL

  9. Marie  

    Coles=dumb, & dumber!

    • Guy Flavell  

      No Marie, comments about this ‘nothing’ subject are “dumb and dumber”.

      • Marie  

        You’ve made a couple of comment’s, so……….

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