Crowdfunding campaign raises thousands for Aussie dad

Duncan Storrar became a bit of an Aussie hero when he took on the panel on Q&A on Monday night.

Duncan Storrar became a bit of an Aussie hero when he took on the panel on Q&A on Monday night.

Duncan was in the audience for the show and asked the pollies on the panel how they could justify cutting the tax threshold for people who earn of $80,000 when low income earners are doing it so tough.

His question was aimed in particular at Assistant Treasurer and Small Business Minister Kelly O’Dwyer.

“I’ve got a disability and a low education, that means I’ve spent my whole life working for minimum wage. You’re going to lift the tax-free threshold for rich people,” Mr Storrar told the panel.

“If you lift my tax-free threshold, that changes my life. That means that I get to say to my little girls, ‘Daddy’s not broke this weekend, we can go to the pictures’.

“Rich people don’t even notice their tax-free threshold lift. Why don’t I get it? Why do they get it?”

Ms O’Dwyer’s response left Duncan and the whole country baffled when she launched into a lengthy explanation about how her policies were in fact good because they helped cafe owners buy $6000 toasters.

“We have a company tax cut with small business with a turnover of $2 million and $20 million … it creates more jobs,” she said.

“One of the cafe owners I spoke to the other day has got a turnover of just over $2 million. As a result of our change … he will have access to the instant asset write-off, which means he can invest in his business, a $6,000 toaster.

“[It] means he can get more customers through his business on a Saturday, when there’s a bottleneck … ’cause toast is that bottleneck he needs to clear in order get more people in.”

Thousands of people watching the show immediately jumped on social media, first to ask “what on earth is Kelly O’Dwyer talking about?”, and second to show their support for Duncan.

Viewer Samuel Slammer Fawcett decided to take it one step further, setting up a GoFundMe campaign for Duncan and his family with the goal of raising $6000 for them – exactly the price of Ms O’Dwyers infamous toaster.

“Hey — Duncan seems like a good bloke and every little bit of cash goes a long way,” the campaign states.

“We reckon he deserves a bit of a helping hand so we’ve decided to buy him a new toaster.

“6 grand oughtta (sic) cover it. And if he has a little bit left over, maybe he can take his kids to the movies or something.”

By this morning the campaign had raised close to $10,000 with more nearly 500 donations.

It is understood that Duncan and his family will be given the money when the campaign ends.

If you want to contribute, you can do so here.

  1. Cheryl  

    Its a shame the people who Govern this country arent as generous and sympathetic as the people they supposedly represent. If they were, he would get the kind of help that he needs long term. The fund raising is fantastic, even though it will run out one day! I hope Duncan and his family get loads of enjoyment out of it. Well done him for speaking up, and shame on those who refused to take it seriously.

  2. Neta Williams  

    I do not see how having a $6000 toaster is going to help this café because the people who would like to go there cannot afford to and it is probably to ground level for the rich to use. This gentleman could use the tax cut for all the right reasons such as helping his family where the rich will just use it to get richer. The government needs to come live with some of us lowly people for a while but I doubt it would help them see things differently as they are blinded by money for the rich only.

  3. Cua Laoeq  

    Is this about crowdspeaking or crowdfunding? They are both very different industries.

  4. liz tant  

    The liberal government have no concept of how people on low incomes live.They don’t know they exist and therefore never make any offers of help.If you are high income or a business owner they cannot help enough with tax breaks a.There is never a trickle down effect the rich just pocket the extra money they make a.Do people realize that all medical tests and G.P visits will have a copayment under liberal as they slowly dismantle OUR Medicare.

  5. Brucimus  

    Why should a Liberal government help low income people. They do not need much help because they do not drive cars. They have just got to live within their means so that the PM can drive around in his luxury BMW and fly all over the place in his business jet. That gives him time to dream up innovative things like ordering 12 subs over a 30 year period at a cost of 50 billion that will be out of date before they are launched.

  6. David Gregory  

    The problem with our system is that Political Candidates are not selected by those whom they seek to represent but rather by the faceless people who run the local branch of whichever party they belong to. Politicians these days have no idea what the problems facing their constituents on a daily basis are. In addition, I might add that Kelly O’Dwyer is a GOOSE!!!

  7. facebook_elda.quinton  

    He said exactly what I’ve been saying all my life. The fairest way to lower tax is to raise the tax free threshold. Everybody benefits but the rich don’t notice it……he’s dead right!

  8. cee  

    No matter how hard I try I am always out of money before my next carer pension day, I am struggling with being able to afford transport costs to get me to chemotherapy and back and it puts me under a lot of stress….. Stress I don’t need right now… I challenge just one politician to come stay at my place for a week to see how the lower end lives!
    We all know no-one will accept this challenge don’t we as it would take them out of their comfort zone!

  9. Elizabeth Watson  

    How about all every politician live on the basic wage( which is no near $80.000 a year ) for I month and see how they cope no more free lunches no more free travel see how they cope

    • Pauline Dunn  

      How about the politicians live on 25k for 1 year and they will really feel it then

  10. Politicians get into government for the perks and forget about the people who voted them in. I would love for Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten to stop spending tax payers money to roam around the country and sell their policies and actually do the job they were voted in for. “Do the job and we’ll vote for you” should be the Taxpayers’ slogan.

  11. Lynne Highfield  

    David, you do geese a disservice by including Ms. O’Dwyer as one of them.

  12. Roberta Hiskins  

    My understanding of the new $6000 toaster being used as an example is that more people would be needed to serve the extra customers which this business would be able to provide for by turning out more food in a quicker and more efficient way. This would allow for more of the unemployed to get a job. Sounds logical to me but I am sure someone will disagree.

    • Jean Lunt  

      It’s the people out there who are struggling like Duncan and his family. I wonder if any of the businesses with the $6,000. Toasters will take him on? Sadly still in 2016 it’s still a “I’m alright Jack pull up the lifeboat” world!!! How’s your life going Kelly?

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