Could this mean Pauline Hanson might get a Senate seat?

Pauline Hanson has had a renaissance of sorts. Years ago, she was ostracised for her views on immigration and religion,

Pauline Hanson has had a renaissance of sorts. Years ago, she was ostracised for her views on immigration and religion, and now her views are accepted by more and more Australians…and it might mean she could get a seat in the Senate.

Clive Palmer’s party is no more and that means his Senate seat is available in Queensland.

So why is she running again, aside from her chances of getting into the Senate? “People feel they are not being listened to,” she told the Inquirer. “The Labor Party, the Liberals, the whole lot of them … they’re not in tune with grassroots Australia. They talk another language.”

When asked by The Australia how many times she has stood for elected office, she said “I’m not sure. This might be the 10th or 11th time”, but it is her 12th campaign.

She has attempted unsuccessfully for the Senate in 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2013 while trying to get a state seat in NSW or Queensland in 2003, 2009, 2011 and 2015.




Miss Hanson is convinced she will win this time. “I keep going because our voting system is corrupt and I have been cheated,” she says. “I am hoping this time it will be different.”

“Don’t shut me down by calling me a racist, for whatever reason,” she says. “We need to debate these questions about what Islam stands for. I make no apology for it. We need to know what’s going on. Let people have their say.”

In a post to her Facebook page on 19th May, Miss Hanson said, “In 45 days, Australia will go to the polls to elect the 45th Federal Parliament. In 45 days, our national borders will again be tested by illegal, economic migrants, arriving by boat from Indonesia.

There are thousands of them waiting in Indonesia on the outcome of this next election.

Bill Shorten talks tough on illegal boat arrivals, yet 25 of his candidates have now said they would welcome refugees by boat to Australia.

In fact, Labor have indicated they will increase the intake of refugees to 27,000 if elected. That’s almost double our current intake.

Behind the scenes, Labor are also closely looking at preference deals with the Greens who have promised to increase refugee numbers to 50,000 if they help Labor form Government.

Increasing refugee numbers to Australia will create economic mayhem.


Time will tell what the people will decide. Tell us: should Pauline Hanson get a Senate seat?



  1. Rob  

    Yes A resounding YES. She is saying what the majority of Australians are saying and what our politicians are not listening to.

    • bruce taylor  

      Surely the people of Australia could not elect such a self proclaimed racist to public office. That would put us on the same level as the KLU KLUX KLAN.

      • Chris  

        She is not a “self proclaimed racist”. She is not a bigot. She is not an islamophobe. She is simply saying we, as a nation, need to have this discussion about Islam, and whether or not it is compatible with our society. Our way of life.

        Your comparison to the KKK is false. Last time I checked, she wasn’t denigrating anyone based on skin colour, which I’m sure you should already know is one of the KKK’s problems. She hasn’t hanged anyone. She hasn’t burned crosses on anyone’s front lawns. She simply states, without the political posturing of the major parties, what many average Australians are thinking.

      • Henry  

        All people are racists ! Don’t kid yourself.

    • M. B. Johnstone  

      Definitely YES. She is probably the only honest politician to enter any Australian government in the last 100 years.
      She says what the ordinary Australian is saying and the majority of One Nation’s policies have become law under the other parties anyway. Pauline is not a racist, she is a genuine Australian. Pauline for PM.

  2. [email protected]  

    yes she should and I hope she will

  3. Voice of Reason  

    Many of her views are supported – especially with regard to Islam. However, Pauline is not the person to represent us in the Parliament. She has been there and did nothing – like Shorten, her presence in Parliament will add nothing to the security of Australia. Her thoughts about immigration and Islam should be regarded though.

    • Henry  

      You are correct about her not being the right person. She has a trait of hysterics and sounds like a nervous cry baby.

    • Margaret  

      She didn’t do nothing. She was blocked on every angle. She tried to change the system and the system failed her and the people of Australia.

  4. Mary Smith  

    I believe in what Pauline Hanson stands for. With a bit of luck she will bring back capital punishment as today it can be proven who the guilty party Iis through DNA instead of clogging up our jails and having them treated better than a lot of our pensioners and costing the taxpayer thousands of dollars. If the illegals can pay thousands to get on a rickety old boat to get here they can afford to do it the right way. As for the children in detention their parents obviously didn’t care too much about them risking their lives to get them here, OK the child probably shouldn’t be punished for what their stupid parents have done but where do you draw a line? I guess they could be brought here and orphanges set up for them, then at least they would be bought up the Australian way or even adopted out.

  5. Pamela  

    Now – is Paula’s time!

    Good blessings to Paula!

  6. Pam Nicholls  

    What on earth is happening in Queensland that people like Pauline Hanson and Peter Dutton can stand up and incite such division, fear and envy because refugees are forced to look for safe havens for their families. For Christ’s sake be the face of compassion, walk a mile in their shoes before you stand to be elected representatives in one of the best democracies in the world.
    No, Pauline should not stand for the Senate again.

    • bruce taylor  

      Surely the people of Australia could not elect such a self proclaimed racist to public office. That would put us on the same level as the KLU KLUX KLAN.

    • Barry  

      What is wrong with stupid people like you , country shoppers are not refugees , look at the safe countries these parasites have by passed to get here , people with stupid opinions like you will leave this country like a third world rubbish dump , because people like you think we have an endless supply of everything ,

    • Marg Stleone  

      We have homeless vets, families living in cars indigenous living in terrible conditions in communities. Pensioners not able to afford medications, farmers doing it tough. What about the Australians who are refugees n there own country. Bleeding hearts will bring this country to its knees. Are you going to foot the bill. Look at the problems they are having in Europe, un-employment will rise, you need the infrastructure and security checks. Only stupid people open their doors without the correct supports. Charity starts at home.

    • David Walsh  

      Have you been living under a rock. Maybe you should take the time to look what compassion did for Europe.

    • Judy cupper  

      Pauline is Australia’s hope.
      You need to wast have the hidden truthful videos mainstream media is hiding from the Australian public.

      I can assure you you will NOT want
      Our country to end up like France Amsterdam, and other countries who were big heArted enough to open their doors to fefugees.

    • Greg H  

      U mean walk a mile in their Nikies……they bypass “safe havens” they are all trash, just ask the people who care for them on Manis….. anyone who has cash when they land here is not a genuine refugee….wake up u stupid woman or better still let them live with u and see the truth

  7. Betty Mac  

    No! There are too many racists in government already. If we take in refugees we are helping people in need., we are a rich country and we have much to share. Once they arrive our economy will grow to meet the needs of a bigger population. I think we also have enough to do more for the poor and homeless who live here already, it doesn’t have to be a matter of choosing one group over another. We would have even more to share if we made the big mining companies pay some tax!

    • bruce Mclennan  

      And how long do you think we will stay a rich country,we have our greatest debt ever,the so called refugees dont work so up goes social security,stop?look,and listen.

    • Why is she a racist. She’s just saying what a lot of people have been thinking for yeas but were to scared to say In case people like you called them racist.

    • Barry  

      Reffugees , wake up lady , look how many safe countries they have to bypass to get here , country shoppers is all they are , the country is already being destroyed by stupid people like you !!!

  8. Margaret  

    Yes we need some one who believes in Australia and being Australian

  9. Go Pauline you say what most of us think they come here and try to change us . Plus we need to clean our own back yard up first . Both parties don’t listen & greens are a waste of space

    • Carol  

      I agree with Pauline, the majority of Muslims are not compatible with us. When we take refugees they should be capable of assimilation with us. Look at what is happening in Melbourne with muslim gangs rioting in the streets, that is how they show their gratitude.

  10. Ivy haeusler  

    Yes Pauline the people of Australia needs someone who will listen to them the liberal and labour party’s dont care you warned them years ago what would happen did they listen NO they did not now we are suffering the conquence soft their stupidity you have my vote

  11. Mia Van Der Stam  


  12. If she is elected of course she should get a seat. I hope she does. Ms Hansen was the early warning system no one listened to. We need a return to right wing conservatives to stop the Left destroying our society.

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