Could 2016 see Australians at the polling booths early?

Following the recent royal commission into trade unions, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has said if the Liberals want an election
Via News Corp Australia

Following the recent royal commission into trade unions, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has said if the Liberals want an election about industrial relations, they should “bring it on”.

In response to recommendations by Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has flagged the reintroduction of an Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC).

The Turnbull government has vowed to re-establish an ABCC when Parliament resumes in February, after a previously unsuccessful attempt to vote the legislation in during August.

However, Employment Minister Michaelia Cash has stopped short of calling for a double dissolution election if the legislation is blocked again.

“Are we prepared to fight for transparency? Are we prepared to fight for a better deal for the workers? Absolutely, we are prepared to do that”, said Ms Cash.

Before adding, “that does not mean it will be a double dissolution, I want that to be very, very clear”.

In response to the Liberal agenda, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has stated that Labor is ready to fight an election platform concerning industrial reform.

“If Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals want to fight an election putting his record against mine standing up for Australian workers, then I welcome that any day of the week”, Mr Shorten said.

“Labor will always fight for workers and the conditions they rely on; Mr Turnbull and his Liberals will fight for big business and cuts to penalty rates”.

In an even stronger statement, Bill Shorten also Tweeted: “If Mr Turnbull and his Liberals want to fight an election on industrial relations, bring it on. We won on WorkChoices & we’ll win again”.

Do you think Australians will see a double dissolution election occur? Who do you trust to protect the rights of workers and their families?

    • He is good to his name, short-on just about everything, ideas, morals, brains, integrity..

    • YYYYES Maggie greaves lets get the liberals out before they destroy the crime gangs like the CMFEU ..unless shorten stands up and condemns all proven criminal behavior he will never be taken seriously… IT MAY BE TRUE BUT THE ROYAL COMMISION WAS BIASED so ignore its findings is not the answer of a statesman ..remember Maggie this all has to go through the courts.. if they are found guilty will you still support them Maggie .will you march with the cmfeu when one of their leaders is arrested and surround the court and try to intimidate the police ..OR WILL YOU SAY WE DONT WANT CRIMS RUNNING OUR UNIONS ..remember most of the charges are about crimes that have robbed union members and filled the pockets of UNION BOSSES AND EMPLOYERS can that be ignored ??

  1. Time to replace that 3-word slogan “Bring it on”. It’s been done to death and there are many other ways to express yourself. If you can’t think of any, call me – I can give you dozens!

  2. Not happy with our PM who we did NOT vote for or all the things he is trying to bring in, so bring on a election and lets see who gets kicked out this time.

    • you people are so funny, don’t you turn on the news? Turnbull has the same policy as Abbott.. nothing has changed, except for a different head on the snake. I bet you are a disgruntled Abbott suporter

  3. Bullshit Billy is at it again all politicians are not listening they will tell you anything to get in how about listening to the Australian public. Help the farmers our elderly our homeless our mentally ill stop giving money away overseas stop refugees

  4. Bill Shorten and his party have been complicite in supporting some of the most appalling legislation that this government has bullied through the House. Time to move past the two party duopoly and demand government in the interests of the ordinary Australian, not just the wealthy and the corporations.

    • Perhaps dreaming Peter, but it really is time to get rid of the duopoly and go back to government for the people

    • Peter Burakowski Not me. You, however, have apparently not been paying attention since you decided to vote for Labor in your rebellious teens.

    • This election will be all about wresting the top job away from the lnp… The lnp are the more dangerous of the two parties and if labor just could have kept a united front at the last election they could have fallen back on their achievements… 3rd best economy in the world, given AAA credit while in office, plans for the NBN which was going to be the envy of the world, their GFC strategies saved us from a recession again to the envy of the world, leading the world in climate change strategies, etc, etc but no, shorten had to manipulate proceedings until he was LOTO and labor had lost two very loyal and battle hardened pollies… shorten has to harden up and fight a bloody good fight… The labor party faithful deserves his total dedication to achieve this end… Not sure if he’s up to it and I think he likes just being the LOTO as he has many close friends in the lib party as doesn’t ruffle too many feathers…

    • People are complaining about a two Party Duopoly.Hello people we live in a Democracy, dont whinge like a bunch of poms.As John Kennedy famously once said, “do something”

  5. As a labourer the trade union which I been apart of & who Bill Shorten has been alined have not helped me So why would I trust them enough to vote for them

    • A bit harsh Noel. I can’t make comment on your particular situation Keith as I don’t know your employment details but unions have established some very good conditions for workers and continue to do so.

    • O fred please, please, most of that was won when the union movement was run by true and honest workers themself, about 75 plus years ago. Now it all gone too far, and you have priced yourself and us right out of work… Bunch of DEAD WOOD, just like local government where most are bred and hone their useless bludging ways..

    • Fred Davies …… Fred it’s now a 38 hour week, you forgot to mention RDO’s, leave loading, long service leave …… that’s also what the unions fought for and got for the workers of Australia …… people seem to forget that thanks to unions we have all benefited from the above 🙂

    • Labor and the Unions have done more for the Aboriginal peoples! What has the LNP done? Please refresh my memory!!!

    • That’s not true Edwin, nothing has changed in the way unions are run, you just didn’t hear about it back then and besides it is not as big an issue as you seem to think, corruption is everywhere, I wish we could see a government that would behave less corrupt and look into other organisations other than those they see as a political threat.

      Some of these conditions came about in the last 30 years and less and you know it.

    • Who said anything about corruption??? Like i said please,, you are all a joke, and cant see the forest for the trees, YOU have priced us out of a job , we now all live way above our means and importance in the world market. I left school at 13 and 10 months never been out of work now 62, PLEASE dont preach to me about working or working conditions, i doubt you really have a clue..

    • Edwin, you have absolutely no idea of my working career and conditions so the first thing you need to do is stop making up comments that you can’t substantiate. I have had a great deal of exposure to hard work and conditions and am grateful for the support that unions have given in providing safe, healthy and respectable work places, I would hate to think what the alternative would be, perhaps that’s something to think about.

    • I do agree with Fred in that you can’t comment on other peoples unless you know I’ve been called an idiot and accused of being Liberal? I could tell of my dealings with union but why bother when just get accused Very sad

  6. Quite frankly I don’t have a lot of faith in either party at the moment. In my opinion they all belong to the same club. They are all only interested in feathering their own nests.

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