Commonwealth Games mascot revealed

The 21st Commonwealth Games will be held on the Gold Coast in 2018 and with preparations heating up the games’

The 21st Commonwealth Games will be held on the Gold Coast in 2018 and with preparations heating up the games’ official mascot has been revealed in a live spectacle at Burleigh Beach.

Borobi the surfing koala was winched down onto the beach from a helicopter and greeted by hundreds of cheering spectators and former professional surfer Mark Occhilupo.

According to folklore, as a child Borabi was constantly told koalas couldn’t surf but he didn’t listen and now he’s living his dream as a master of the ocean and the waves.

He has received mixed reactions from people with some saying they love the cute blue koala and his surfing lifestyle.

Others though were a little more skeptical.

“Exactly how is a blue koala a representation of Australia?” asked one observer.

“That red nose makes him look like he has a sinus problem,” responded another.

Borobi was chosen out of more than 4,000 entries into a design competition for the official mascot and is said to be “determined”, “a warrior” and a “little champion”, not to mention “tenacious”, “energetic” and “up for a challenge”.

He was created by Brisbane school teacher Merrilyn Krohn, who explained a little bit about the the koala’s personality to Sunrise.

“He was only born with one thumb so he knew he was special,” she said.

“He couldn’t climb the trees properly because of his missing thumb but he saw all the surfers. He wanted to go and have a try at surfing.

“So as he went out, did a lot of surfing, he dipped in the ocean and that’s changed his grey into blue.”

Borobi the surfing koala.
Borobi the surfing koala.

Borobi’s hands feature indigenous designs and his name is from the local Yugambeh language.

Today marks two years until the Games begin.

What do you think about Borobi?

Do you love or hate this mascot? Is it a good representation of Australia?

  1. Pamela Dorman  

    Welcome Borobi!! What a cute, energetic fellow you appear to be, and what a great choice for Australia’s 2018 Commonwealth Games Mascot. With your blue fur you will attract much attention and be a wonderful advertisement for Queensland (Blue skies and Blue water) and your yellow shorts for the sand. And the excitement begins, Hooray!!

  2. R Roberts  

    Everything just gets dumbed down further and further. It doesn’t surprise me this was dreamed up by a teacher. What does surprise me is that the intelligentsia chose it. Or were the others even worse.

    • Peter Rylance  

      And your contribution Mr Roberts ???? I thought so

  3. Trish L  

    Not sure….For one we don’t get waves that big very often except in cyclonic conditions so not true representation of our coast line here in Qld or anywhere in Aus and we don’t wish to have locals or tourists swimming in cyclonic conditions. Two..what about the outback and inland areas from which so many of us Aussies are raised ?….Where’s the representation depicted ? and Three….Since when do we dye our animals in order to attract more tourist dollars to the Gold Coast or anywhere in Qld ?….

  4. Joy Rizzo  

    I love it!! So Gold Coast, that is where the games are!!

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