Coles and Woolies shoppers unhappy at Christmas

There was a whole lot of online grocery shoppers left empty handed this week and a fair few Coles and

There was a whole lot of online grocery shoppers left empty handed this week and a fair few Coles and Woolies seafood buyers too. Social media is peeling with anger aimed that the major supermarkets after hams, seafood and turkeys that were due to be delivered on Christmas eve failed to show up and families were left without alternatives. It is also full of complaints about seafood that was poor quality or off.

People thought they were being clever ordering their prawns, hams and turkeys in advance to be delivered on the day before Christmas, only to have their shopping arrive without their pre-purchased Christmas meal staples or were disappointed at the quality they were given. Do you think this is right?

The complaints on the supermarkets’ Facebook pages far outstripped any comments of delight. The most vociferous grumbles seemed to be about the poor quality prawns and items that didn’t show up in online orders

In a year when there was a known turkey shortage, it is a tough thing to find a turkey on the day before Christmas if yours wasn’t delivered.

Do you think people should expect things to go a little wrong at the busiest time of year or should they demand, as they have, a better outcome?

Pre ordered full leg of ham and 2kg Prawns from Vincentia store. Was contacted to pick up our order. Went to the Deli…

Posted by Heidi Sutton on Friday, December 25, 2015


Coles you lied. We ordered $178.00 worth of seafood which included 3 kgs of LARGE tiger prawns from coles spring hill…

Posted by Fay Lorraine Lehmann on Friday, December 25, 2015


Pre ordered full leg of ham and 2kg Prawns from Vincentia store. Was contacted to pick up our order. Went to the Deli…

Posted by Heidi Sutton on Friday, December 25, 2015

Yes, I am another who’s Christmas grocery order was incomplete. My son lives 600km away from me so I had decided a great…

Posted by Cheryl Butler on Friday, December 25, 2015

  1. I shop in person not online. 2 days before Christmas my back was playing up badly and I could barely walk. The staff at Coles were wonderful. So courteous and helpful. And a young woman shopper, busy herself, offered to take my list and do my shopping. No I didn’t take her up on the offer but I so very much appreciated the thoughtfulness. No, this Coles shopper wasn’t unhappy.

    • That just the point i think you were not well but still managed to go do your shopping I think some people are to lazy to get off their backsides & go to the shops then they might get what they want instead of relying on others to do it for them

    • I agree Robyn. It’s one day a year and if your busy you need to take the time to make sure your organised.

    • Online Shopping Is Necessary For People Who Cannot Leave The House. It Does not Behove The Stores To Send Them Inferior Products. You Would Not Buy It From The Shelf, So Why Should The Person At Home Be Loaded With Food That Is Substandard.

  2. Unless you are sick or elderly go and shop yourself rather than get some pimply kid select for you shop opening hours have never been longer

  3. I bought my prawns frozen from Coles a week before Christmas, they were delicious. I like to see what I am buying.

  4. Anonymous  

    I shop almost every day at Coles nearby…was there on the 23rd and today the 26th…no problems, good service. Haven’t tried online…no need to.

  5. I prefer to shop in person and I have always done the bulk of my shopping at Coles but I have found particularly in my store at Victor Harbor the aisles are blocked full of stands that make shopping an obstable course and not enjoyable and their deli meat of late has been poor quality. It’s making me glad when Aldi opens up and gives them a bit of competition and maybe they will lift their game. Woolies are a second to Coles as I find they’re arrogant in the way they treat their customers, the staff at Goolwa are absolutely but their management leave a lot to be desired

    • I’ve always thought so until recently unless it’s just the manager of this particular store, it’s very off putting for customers to have to manouveur around display boxes and endure poor quality meats etc

    • Carol Reid…..I think you are making a very sweeping statement…..have you shopped in every Coles store?? Some stores are better managed than others, some have better staff than others….exactly as Aldi and Woolworths…or any other store which has multiple branches…. you care to name….

    • I have shopped in Coles Salisbury downs, Mt Barker, Marion, Noarlunga and Victor Harbor, anything else you would like to know, oh and Elizabeth in SA, it is always the store of my preference and have been shopping there for over 30 years

    • I have shopped in Coles stores in NSW & also some in QLD No Janice D’AMbra I haven’t shopped in every Coles Stores I have shopped in some Woolworths stores & Aldi I just don’t like Aldi & yes I have been in to Aldi it’s not for me

    • I’ve been happy shoppung at aldi .don’t get all my stuff there .they do have more Australia made products ….just not the brand names we’re used to.and there are savings to be each their own I guess

  6. Serves your selves right for dealing with these greedy traders!!

    • Okay you come up here and try to shop elsewhere, in most large towns we only have Coles or woollies and if there is another store it is usually 5star and a quite considerably dearer. We need an Aldi to punch a hole in them.

    • Where’s “up here” ??!! Outer Mongolia or Outer Siberia ?? I’m in Gympie which is only a medium size town & we have Coles, Woolworths, (which I won’t touch with a 40 ft barge pole) IGA & Aldi’s.

  7. My COLES on-line store is VERY OFTEN out of stock I order lately, although I prefer to do my shopping myself I have had a lot of surgery over the past 2 years because of server Arthritis and can’t cope being left to stand in queues at the checkout. To overcome that I started shopping on-line, in the beginning Coles were amazing however over the past 6 months I have had one complaint after another and it appears the store that delivers to me which is ENDEAVOUR HILLS IN VICTORIA does not care. I have recently had to go back to shopping in person. I will still order all my HEAVY ITEMS on occasions as I can’t carry the heavy items but only at times that suit me.

  8. Get off your fat arses you lazy lot of whingers. Seriously! People complain about anything these days and are always the bloody victim.

    • How insulting are you, after having major surgery I can’t be on my feet for long or lift heavy things, home delivery has been a god send for me as for many people, it also saves me cab fair having to get it home because I no longer drive & delivery is much cheaper, so keep your pathetic insults to yourself when you don’t know people’s personal circumstances

    • He’s just a lowlife troll Lyn Bradford. By responding to him you are giving him exactly what he wants. He’s using up enough oxygen, don’t let him waste yours too

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