Climate change is real: 200 countries agree after 20 years!

It is a proud moment that we can all hold onto with hope.  The air our great grandchildren breathe might

It is a proud moment that we can all hold onto with hope.  The air our great grandchildren breathe might have a chance of being similar to today’s thanks to the world leaders who have finally, after 20 years of debate reached a climate change agreement that is worthy of celebration.

The most momentous agreement in the history of the climate change debate has occurred this morning with 200 countries agreeing, if somewhat tenuously, that now is the time to act.  Paris has been the perfect location for more than 20 years of climate change meetings to come to a head and form an agreement  set a new goal of reaching net zero emissions in the second half of the century.  It could be that it signals an end to the use of fossil fuels with the establishment of ambitious goals that holds governments to account for limiting rises in temperatures and hitting emissions targets.  Or, it could be that the world just agreed that we have a problem and we don’t quite know how to tackle it yet. For the sake of our grandchildren, I hope it is the former… Do you worry about climate change?

The new treaty just formed has promised to keep temperature rises below two degrees celcius and contain many commitments for how it will be done, however media are already speculating that it is a pretty optimistic outlook.

“To say that Paris will get us to 2°C is cynical posturing at best. It relies on wishful thinking. It’s like going on a diet to slim down, but declaring victory after the first salad,” said Bjorn Lomborg in The Australian.


The one thing that is not in doubt is that clean energy economy is coming, in a big way, if it wasn’t already and it marks an exciting opportunity for us all to have hope that the world we live in can improve on its handling of emissions and environmental issues.

“I see the room, I see the reaction is positive, I hear no objection. The Paris climate accord is adopted.”

The French Foriegn Minister, Laurent Fabius used a special leaf-shaped gavel to signify the agreement’s formalisation while the audience of world leaders cheered.  “It is a small gavel but I think it can do a great job,” Fabius said.

Harry Butler, who the world lost yesterday, a long time Australian environmental change crusader would be happy up in heaven we think.

US president claimed the success American, tweeting just after the accord was  signed…  “This is huge: Almost every country in the world just signed on to the #ParisAgreement on climate change.”


Our own Julie Bishop made a statement too.

“Our work here is done and now we can return home to implement this historic agreement. This is a pivotal moment,” she said.

“No country would see this as the perfect outcome. Certainly it does not include everything that we envisaged. However this agreement does give us a strategy to work over coming years and decade to build the strong and effective action the world needs.”


  1. We the people no longer have any say. We voted at the last election and overwhelmingly said we do not want this. However Malcolm Turnbull took away our rights. Why bother voting when you get dictated to ?

    • Reality is not optional: what is, is; what is not, is not.
      Human caused climate change is happening – that is reality and how you vote does not alter that fact. Just as what you want or don’t what has no effect on reality.
      The only thing that can limit climate change to non-disastrous levels is for us to accept reality and change accordingly while there is still time.

    • The overwhelming majority of us want a habitable world for our grandchildren. Thank goodness we have not mindlessly folded to the will of the big polluting companies who were in TA’s ear.

    • Thank goodness the world is listening to the experts in their field and not you then.

      • Kempe  

        Is this this he experts that say what they have to say to have continued funding?

    • You are so right Debby . This climate changing has been going on for millions and millions of years , wonder where the $$$$ came from to settle it in the past .
      Oh well !! I guess the farmers didn’t clear the land in the OLDEN
      days .
      The world is well aware their are scientist for this natural change , and scientists who want to make a name for themselves , saying it’s drastic . What is DRASTIC ?? It’s been going on forever !! It’s like a revolving door .

    • None so blind as those who will not see. The man made aspect is proven BEYOND DOUBT. Time to stop wasting breath on those who fiddle while Rome burns.

    • U all must b on Drugs if u believe all those Government scientists who don’t want to rock the boat & lose their jobs,look at the research of scientists not on the public purse 99% say its all. B S. A left wing Religion

    • Watch the great global warming swindle and listen to what the scientists are saying in that documentary ! You can find it on YouTube! Enjoy

    • and I really do believe in climate change, it was 37C on Friday and yesterday 24 and today 23 yep that sure is climate change haaaaaaaaaaa

  2. I certainly hope so! I wish Australia was doing more but with so many dinosaurs in the LNP doing something is an achievement. All those for who “climate change is BS” seem to miss the value of doing this just to make the world better. Less pollution, a value on forest beyond just its timber. Insanely Tony Abbott tried to kill the renewables industry and science, how many of our top scientist are somewhere else now.

    • Barbara, have you not heard that (under the “dinonsaur” LNP) Australia has exceeded it’s goal – which was higher than Labor promised? Even with all that, World Climate will not alter until countries like China (the biggest – & aiming to get bigger – polluters) work to cut down. They won’t because it will harm their economy – so what we do amounts to picking up a bucket of sand from any beach & saying how much we have cleaned up the world

    • Michele it was a pretty pathetic goal and have you not heard that they didn’t really achieve it at all they just paid our taxes to projects that had already been well under way and weren’t NEW initiatives at all. Yes every country has to do its bit but we are languishing at the bottom despite being the worst polluter per head of population. China and India can see the need to change in their pollution, so they will push ahead and cleanup their act.

    • Nobody is suggesting they are clean yet or will be in the next few years, India I am less sure about, but China is already acting to reduce greenhouse gases but they do admit they may get worse before they get better. Carolyn Brown did you not actually read or comprehend what I wrote. I guess not!

    • Wendy Perrins no just dumbfounded that so many who comment never actually read what is written, so desperate are they to call others fools and in doing so demonstrate their own foolishness. Did I ever suggest either India or China are clean now.

    • Wow all you Libs are so quick to condemn the Senate when it knocks back Liberal Party policy. It works in reverse too you know Peggy Knowles. Maybe Australia would be bounding ahead of the pack if Labor had got its policies through. I guess you are living proof that the research showing right wing voters are less intelligent than left wing voters is spot on. That scary science stuff again.

    • Wendy Perrins I can see nothing nasty in Barbara’s comments – I actually think she is holding it together rather well.

    • Thanks Jeanette Southam but I just lost it. I do try to be civil but I am sick of people throwing insults.

    • Barbara Easthope If LNP voters are so stupid and ALP voters so smart, why do ALP voters rely on the taxpayer handouts from the LNP voters? Why do the LNP voters live in leafy suburbs while the ALP voters live in squalor?

    • John Green what a leap, I am a self funded retiree as is my husband. I’ve almost always lived in blue ribbon liberal seats, but never succumbed to that elitist bully mentality of some of my neighbours who as Liberal voters strive to feather their own nests at the cost of the less fortunate in the community. I am just stating what some uni found in their research. Comments on many of these topics do tend to show us leftards keep to the topic more than those on the right and I think on almost any topic if you count up the abusive or irrelevant comments they’ll be on the right. I can respect a counter opinion if it is a different interpretation of basic facts, but not when ‘facts’ are invented.

    • Were the questions too difficult? Actually you wander off topic because you have little tolerance for alternative views – check definition of a bigot.. You have your version of the facts based upon your own prejudices, same as everyone else . Only you choose to try to align it to your political agenda. Meanwhile, try to rationalise these. Why are the best schools in LNP electorates? And why is there less crime in LNP electorates?. But stick to your uni research if it is any comfort to you.

    • Oh, and BTW being and ex government worker (federal or state) on a taxpayer funded pension is not a self funded retiree. That term is reserved for those who have made a significant personal contribution and sacrifice to their super. Perhaps the holier than thou attitude comes from working in a (tax payer funded) sheltered workshop for 40 years.

    • John there is just a better class of crime white collar criminals, the mr bigs, crime bosses. You sound a bit like an old boss of mine whose son went to one of these ‘best schools’ who confidently told a police officer we were working with that their were no drugs in his sons elite school. The copper could hardly keep a straight face. One of my sons basketball mates from the same school got kicked out of school for selling his dad’s drugs. There are no versions of facts, a fact is a fact how we interpret that fact or if we look for other relevant facts may vary. From the snobbery and elitism of your comments I guess the ‘best’ schools are in the green leafy suburbs because you need work to keep that sense of entitled privilege in your children. Some ALP voters may live in squalor as do some LNP voters and vice versa. One day John when comments go up on one of these topics put aside your politics and prejudice and look at the responses, for a comprehensive understanding of topic, relevance, insults, snide comments. Why would I need any Uni research to comfort me I have no insecurities about my left leaning political views.

    • John Green you are a self righteous prat, private investment in property and shares make up most of my income. There is a difference between a government super pension and old age pension, unless you get both we don’t get pensioner’s benefits.

  3. Not while our governments continue to cater to the big coal producers. They give them exemptions.

    • I live near a coal mine (Russell Vale) and EPA are currently looking into whether they can expand. It will be interesting to see if it gets through. Many in our area have put in objections as it is foreign owned and they have had many fines etc for not adhering to practice. It is near a water course and that is the principal objection the the expansion. However, shortly after moving here there was a flood and everywhere lower than the mine was covered in coal sludge – and they want to add towers as well as excavate much lower.

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