Cher unloads angry attack on former PM Tony Abbott

Singer and actress Cher took to Twitter overnight, giving Australian former prime minister Tony Abbott an absolute bollocking. However, it

Singer and actress Cher took to Twitter overnight, giving Australian former prime minister Tony Abbott an absolute bollocking.

However, it turns out the 70-year-old unleashed on the former PM by accident, mistaking him for the man who famously led the United Kingdom Independence Party and orchestrated Brexit, Nigel Farage.

In a photograph of Abbott standing next to the UK’s newly appointed foreign minister Boris Johnson, the Pop Goddess went into an all caps rant about the two men.

“IN THE US THEY’D BE TWIDDLE DUMB & TWIDDLE DUMBER. IN UK… THEY’RE TWIDDLE TOSSER & TWIDDLE W***ER” she tweeted to her 3 million-plus followers.

Of course it wasn’t long before someone pointed out that Cher had got Tony Abbott and Nigel Farage confused.


Cher then took to Twitter again to make an all caps apology for the mix up, acknowledging she had little familiarity with the former Australian PM.

It appears Cher has some very strong views about Boris Johnson. Earlier in the week she described the former mayor of London as a “f***ing idiot who lied to the British people and didn’t have the b***s to lead them once the ‘leave’ vote won”.

Have you ever mistakenly taken your anger out on the wrong person? Do you think Cher’s online abuse is justified?

  1. Michael  

    She should put her brain into gear before she opens her mouth. She should stick to singing; which she’s not much good at either.

    • John  

      She was still spot on with the descriptions

  2. Colin  

    I’ve always found it strange why journalists give so much time/space to “celebrities”(?)..former movie actors, sports stars, etc. when they clearly are not very bright. It surely couldn’t be just to sell more newspapers, magazines, social media time, etc. ??? Not our “we always get it right” left wing journalists? Surely not?

    • Susan Meyers  

      …….and I have begun to wonder why they call themselves ‘journalists’ when in fact so many of them are only commentators expressing their own opinions rather than factual information.

  3. Richard  

    And what has she done for the world?

  4. Charles  

    These actors get real life mixed up with their movie roles, and think they’re experts on everything. They’re also hypocrites, they spruik about global warming etc while flying all over the world in their private jets.

  5. stnc  

    and how many of this commentators have NEVER made a mistake? such negative beings living the ultimate negative lives, how sad!

  6. Caroke  

    She should butt out of our politics but maybe get it right in the first place! She should worry about her own country! Look at the mess it’s in too!

    • Susanne Otto  

      I would not presume to criticize US or UK politicians. It is not my business! These people should at least get their facts right before shooting their mouths off!

    • Anne Wolski  

      She was right anyway … Abbot is a wanker

      • Don Lerwiis  

        at leasty he isn’t short arse shorten

  7. Sandra Kirby  

    I would’nt take too much notice of a worn out has been !! Stick to taking your clothes off to try and sell a record luv and leave the politics to the politicians Who’s your claim to fame? Sonny!! And now your an expert!!

  8. Craig  

    She certainly wasn’t wrong calling Abbott twiddle dumb or twiddle dumber, in fact, he is probably twiddle dumbest.

    • Adela Barisic  

      He is one of the more saner politicians and a true Aussie at heart. He makes me feel a lot safer than most of the politicians in Australia. He takes important things a lot more seriously. It’s thanks to him that Australia will be having a plebicite on marriage instead of a few idiots in Parliament making such an important decision for the whole of Australia.

  9. W Mathew  

    It shows clearly who is stupid now!! Ignorance is no bliss! One blind leading the 3 million blind – to ignorance and stupidity!!

  10. We can all make mistakes I accept that BUT how can she deride another countries pollies when the USA have someone like Trump running for President that is laughable Cher. Love your music so stick to it, don’t comment on subjects you do not know all details

  11. Bruce Dobbie  

    So many members of the entertainment industry believe they are gifted beyond belief and that they should imbue everyone else with the benefit of their perfect knowledge. Cher is no different to that dill who thought he could sneak his dogs into our country and avoid quarantine.

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