Celebs lashed by Trump supporters over ‘pathetic’ video

We’ve all heard the opinions of celebrities about the election of Donald Trump. And in the wake up of Meryl
Natalie Portman is among the celebrities to appear in the I Will Survive Video: Source: WMagazine/YouTube

We’ve all heard the opinions of celebrities about the election of Donald Trump.

And in the wake up of Meryl Streep’s at the Golden Globes earlier this week, Hollywood’s A-listers have been copping plenty of flak for their political views – including from some of you here at SAS.

Now, a group of A-listers has been slammed again by Trump supporters and this time it comes down to a video they’ve appeared in ahead of his inauguration.

The celebrities, which includes Natalie Portman, Emma Stone and Matthew McConaughey, recite the lyrics to a song you may very well remember – Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive.

The video was released by W Magazine, who wrote on YouTube “with the inauguration fast approaching, an all-star cast of Hollywood celebrities come together to improvise the 1979 hit “I Will Survive.”

So, the video has gone viral and some area laughing and singing along with it.

But Trump supporters aren’t happy with the latest celebrity outcry at their future president – and they’ve taken to social media to have their say.

Some have labelled the video as ‘pathetic’, while others have slammed the celebrities as “Liberal snowflakes”.

“Liberal Snowflakes are melting down again. Another awful video and this time with the worst singing ever,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Unbelievable. The liberal Hollywood snowflakes made ANOTHER pathetic video called, I Will Survive.” another wrote.

Watch the video below and see for yourself.

What do you think about this? Is it pathetic? or is it just a bit of light hearted fun?

  1. Terri  

    With enough snowflakes you get a blizzard.

    • Dawn  

      Fake actors reading from a fake script for a B grade movie

  2. Yana giamov  

    This was painful to watch let alone listen to. Whats with these loopy hollywood celebs? Is not enough adulation poured on the pathetic twits that they have to mix themselves up in politics and then banding together with that hidious song and we are supposed to think wow they are so cool. Go back to yr movie scripts etc you bunch of over rated legends in your own heads and may God bless America bcause the rest of the world think you are a bunch of morons.

    • John Brants  

      PS, hideous is spelt with an e .Cheers and all the best.

    • Fayed  

      Actually I am part of the rest of the world, and nine of us think these people, standing up for what they believe in – are morons. Most of us, rest of the world, are worried, and feel sorry for America. Trump is a worry and a narcissistic person, who could do great damage. Good on these film stars for putting themselves out there.

    • F Hudson  

      Some people can not get over to loose. Get over, I tell to everyone including the Celebrities. God bless America I say and let Donald Trump do his job. Lets trust him!!

  3. No- I’m afraid it’s Trump groupies like you that the rest of the world think are idiots.What goes around ,comes around. Trump was relentless in his persecution of, and lying about Hillary Clnton. Those that despise him, and are concerned about the damage he will continue to do are now going to be relentless about exposing him for the liar, and crook that he is.

    • Annette Strong  

      Trump is not a worry, he actually knows a lot about the way the world is headed for disaster with the one world government movement. Those who still think that Hillary Clinton is innocent, watch this space. Trump has already brought back jobs and corporations are remaining in USA to give jobs to the many millions of people who are forced to live on food stamps and those who want to gain self respect by working for a living.

      • Glenda  

        Well said Annette, a lot of people will be eating their words by the end of the year. Keep watching the ASX.

  4. Mrs. Puddles  

    Trumps tweet that Meryl Streep was ‘overrated’ has more than annoyed the hell out of me – and I have been strongly in his corner, despite his numerous ‘gaffs’. I’ve respected that the American people ‘revolted’ against the establishment and placed their votes elsewhere and where better than a self made billionaire. But if he angered me, then I can well understand how enraged the ‘collective’ stars of the big screen, must feel – but this video is woeful for such talented people, and certainly not entertaining. Amy Adams and Emma Stone were the exception.

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