Cardinal Pell breaks silence over church sexual abuse allegations

Victims and the public alike have been waiting for Cardinal George Pell to respond to recent allegations as well as

Victims and the public alike have been waiting for Cardinal George Pell to respond to recent allegations as well as the furore over his absence at the royal commission into sexual abuse. Now, Australia’s highest Catholic leader has spoken out.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Cardinal Pell insisted that he would ‘of course cooperate’ with Victoria Police’s new investigation into allegations that he sexually abused between five and ten boys.

He is the subject of a year-long investigation by Victoria Police for the alleged sexual abuse of up to ten minors from 1978 to 2001.

He reiterated that he is “holding up” in spite of the damning allegations and told the Daily Mail “I can’t travel on my doctor’s advice”, in reference to appearing in court to discuss knowledge of sexual abuse in the Church.

The Herald Sun also approached the Cardinal at midnight last night and he said, “Probably not a lot to say until the show is over, I’ve nothing more to say at this stage,”

When asked if he would now travel to Australia to face his accusers he added: “No, not this weekend for sure.”

Asked whether he would ever return home, Cardinal Pell responded: “I don’t know.”

“I think I have said enough now already on this, I have co-operated”.

Perhaps what upsets victims more is that despite an ongoing investigation, Cardinal Pell has continued to deny allegations that he sexually abused minors in Ballarat, and cares more about initiating a public inquiry into how the Herald Sun leaked the story than telling the truth.

Melbourne’s Archbishop Hart believes the story’s leakage is ‘designed to do maximum damage’, as the Cardinal’s scheduled date for giving evidence to the Royal Commission by video link approaches on February 29.

‘The allegations do not reflect the man I have known for more than 50 years,’ Archbishop Hart said.

Cardinal Pell said, ‘Who knows?’ when asked who spread the rumours that the 74-year-old sexually abused minors.

The allegations span four decades, with the Ballarat-born cardinal accused of abusing children — now adults aged in their late 20s to early 50s — between 1978 and 2001.


  1. This page is not found, but no it is not good enough, now there are allegations that he groomed young boys between 1978 and 2001. I have no idea if this is true or not , but he has plenty to answer for covering up the pedophile activity of these sick Priests

    • After reading that my answer has not change with the exception that hopefully Pell will never come home, his name is forever tarnished here and there are many people who will never forgive him

    • William Hewitt if you mean more should or would come out about this , then I agree with you I think we still don’t know the full extent of Pells involvement

    • Strong words Rosalind. Cardinal Pell must be the most hated man in Australia. I believe he should come back and face these allegations. If proved to be true he should be jailed. However I think his sense of self worth and pride will keep him in Rome. He would not like to face public humiliation.

    • I don’t feel that his actions in any way follow the teachings of Christ Nita, I am not a believer but I have read the bible and I never saw a single sentence about how Priests should abuse young boys

    • Libbi Elliot you and everybody may have an opinion on him ,he is only a single drop in the ocean of wrong doing ,the trouble is evidence is needed ,this the system we have, proof beyond reasonable doubt ,may it stay like this for ever,
      When the Irish found out with the evidence ,to teach them a lesson,they made same sex marriage legal, this was a country who lived and breathed religion now the churches are empty .

    • How anyone in authority in the Catholic Church could say that they didn’t know it was going on, is beyond me. Absolutely EVERYONE ELSE knew it was going on & were appalled by it. The real shame is that they did this while hiding behind the name of Christ. Jesus had strong words for those that harmed children “better they had a millstone put around their necks & be cast into the sea”

    • I know it is world wide issue William and I am afraid what we do that affects others usually bring consequences, if you get chance Look at the movie Spotlight and another movie that affected both Ireland and here , and it was a horrific part of my life right here in Australia is Philomena, it is about the Magdalene Laundries.

    • William Hewitt I don’t get your point ! What has same sex marriage got to do with child abuse within the Catholic Church ! Same sex marriage was voted in by the people of Ireland,not the church. If I was a believer and a Catholic, I certainly would abandon the church too.

    • William Hewitt This is only the tip of the iceberg. That is why he should be released from the Vatican to answer the laws of the country he was head of. Any ordinary Australian would have been dealt with earlier than this. He is not beyond the law just because he is Pell.

    • Cynthia Irving I have always had a notion that he was corrupt, years back something surfaced and it was swept under the carpet. That is why he took off to Rome when he knew the commission was set to investigate child exploitation.

  2. Makes me feel sick in the stomach whenever I see his face….he is an evil man….why would the Pope defend such a vile person….

    • I think there must be a “Vatican Mafia” who control & defend these vile disgusting human animals – hope they go to their hell

  3. It was interesting how the Vatican got him out of Australia when he knew he would be called to give evidence. I’d say the who Catholic Church has much to answer for.

    • Watch the film “spotlight”, based on true events, and you will get an idea how the Catholic Church organisation operates. Many similarities to what has happened here in Australia.

  4. Even before all this sexual abuse allegation within the church and despite him being a high ranking member of the church this man has never appealed to me. There is something dubious about his character and the way he presents that stirs doubts about his intent.

  5. Pell is a man who encourage Paedophile Priest to sexually abuse young people, mainly boys, by not reporting them to the police, there are many damaged people out there because of Pell. From recent reports he was doing some fiddling himself with these boys, he is a sick man

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