Cancer survivor’s story brings the PM to tears for a very personal reason

We don’t often see a pollie openly weeping, least of all the PM. But it was the usually stoic PM

We don’t often see a pollie openly weeping, least of all the PM. But it was the usually stoic PM who broke down today, showing emotion in Parliament House during a moving speech.

Malcolm Turnbull, as well as Bill Shorten, listened to Anne-Maree Muldersone talk about her battle with ovarian cancer at the Teal Ribbon Day event in Canberra.

“The courage in which you have battled this disease and the courage in which you told your story here is quite unforgettable,” Turnbull said, reports Yahoo!

“Every single person here has been moved by it.”

Mrs Mulders shared her personal journey of fighting ovarian cancer and how it affected her life and family.

“18 months ago a new thing barged unexpected and uninvited into my life,” she said.

“I went from being a relatively fit and healthy working mum, to being a bald, weak, exhausted patient”.

It’s shocking when you think about the statistics of this seldom talked about disease – nearly 1500 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year.
Mr Turnbull added, “statistics tell us but one side of the story…They don’t describe the impact such a diagnosis has on each woman, their family, their friends and their subsequent journey after hearing the news sent out,” he said.
Mrs Mulders spoke of her doctor calling her to discuss her ovarian cancer diagnosis, and how the only things she had in front of her were a big white envelope containing test results and a red pen.

The mother of two said she madly started scribbling notes.

‘By the time she was diagnosed she was, as is so often the case, in the very advanced stages of the disease,’ he said. Mr Turnbull said the fact the woman’s daughter didn’t have an inkling still haunts her to this day.

‘Greater awareness is a critically important step in the road to early detection,’ he said.

Opposition Leader Bill Shortenexpressed that he was also moved by Ms Mulders’ story.

‘You are reluctant conscripts in a war which you never sought,’ he said. ‘Your story does remind me how much I hate cancer’.

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  1. And actually, I don’t think it’s rare. Whether genuine or for effect. I remember Gillard weeping over tragedy, and Rudd also. I also remember Abbott’s response of ‘shit happens’ so maybe it is unusual for a liberal.

  2. And yet his Government wants to cut medicare, where was his sympathy for people suffering when he took Osteo panadol and a lot of other medicines off the PBS?

  3. I know how it would effect me but who knows whether his emotion was genuine. He certainly is not showing it in his policies and that tells all as far as I’m concerned.

  4. I can’t believe these emotions are genuine, not with the cuts that he and his bloody GOVERNMENT have made to Medicare, Pathology, Radiology and even Pain killers required by suffering elderly people. He better get use to it because he is going to be seeing many more people who can’t afford the very test which are suppose to prolong their lives.

    • crocodile tears are common in govt. They do it to get sympathy, make them look human HA! meanwhile insidiously tearing we the people and our country and freedoms to shreds ….. this guy is ugly inside and out.

  5. Yes, he may have been moved, but that doesn’t sit right as he’s been trying to make cuts to everything someone with cancer depends on…… Pathology, radium treatment, X-rays, Medicare and trying to make pensioners live like paupers.

  6. Fake as. Cuts to Medicare pathology is needed when you have cancer?? Doesn’t make sense. Crocodile tears!!😡

    • Looking for sympathy as his polls dont look to bloody good and he thinks that we will fall for this false shit bloody slim bag people hate him

  7. They are human and have emotions like the rest of us. I do not find anything amazing in the fact that Mr Turnbull and Mr Shorten were moved by this woman’s story. Just because they are politicians does not make them some sort of subhuman species.

      • Maria Crystal-Paige  

        no, but they are human beings who wield a hell of a lot of power & have no qualms in using it to cause terrible suffering to millions…not the kind of humans I have much respect for. A man crying in response to something tragic is no indicator of his ability or more importantly, willingness to use his power to alleviate the pain & suffering of his fellow humans.

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