Can we trust Malcolm Turnbull on this contentious issue?

It’s been back and forth for months now, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he has made his final decision

It’s been back and forth for months now, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he has made his final decision on the GST and will no longer campaign for an increase.

He said modelling showed that increasing the Good and Services Tax to 15 per cent did not deliver the economic growth he had hoped it would. In fact, the PM said it delivered growth “somewhere between nil and very small”.

The news was no doubt met with a sigh of relief from many Australians who strongly opposed the proposed increase. However, there was a shadow cast over Malcolm’s announcement by cabinet minister Michaelia Cash who said the proposal was well and truely still on the table in the Liberal Party room.

So is this another case of history repeating? Or can we take Malcolm’s word for it?

Over recent years, Australian politicians have shown a tendency to say one thing leading up to an election and then change their minds when it’s crunch time. We saw it with Julia Gillard and the Carbon Tax, with Tony Abbott’s funding cuts, and with party leaders deposing each other over and over again.

Since becoming prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull has campaigned on the notion that he leads a steady government that will not backflip on public issues and give fodder to party in-fighting or outrageous antics. So far though, he has lost five ministers since taking office in September.

Only time will tell when it comes to the GST. Many Australians are hoping they have seen the last of the proposed increase, but others say you only have to look at our political history to see you can’t always count on a politician’s word.

Tell us: what do you think?

Do you believe Malcolm Turnbull when he says the GST is off the table? Do you trust our politicians?

  1. Question. How can you tell if a politician is Lying? Answer. His lipa are moving.

  2. You can’t count on a POLITICIANS WORD REALLY????? I wonder why you would get that idea. They are LIARS and that is what POLITICS is all about these days. Of course their going to tell you what you want to hear before the ELECTION and then EXPECT all that to change again soon as the ELECTION is over, THINK VERY HARD BEFORE YOU VOTE.

  3. I agree with you Trish. No wonder they want to go into Politics cause the taxpayers are paying for them the rest of their lives. They are like prostitutes screw us all for money.

    • youd be better off giving your tax money to prostitutes at least you get something in return

    • Stella  

      That is being unfair to prostitutes…they at least give some value for the money. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for those wankers in Canberra

  4. There wasn’t supposed to be a GST introduced when Howard won office, and surprise surprise all of a sudden he said he was given a mandate. They’re full of shit.

    • Susan Bell  

      He only said GST was off the table for the next election, so GST can be changed after the election.

    • I agree Vivienne – its all about looking good so that they can get back in – then watch out.

  5. Remember the Australian Democrats who would never support a GST and sold their soul and almost all their support in a massive back flip. Politicians do what is right for themselves first, what is right for their financial backers and mates second, a distant third comes Australia and its people. Away from an impending election a GST might resurface again.

  6. He is a liar just like all the rest of them, and the silly part about the whole show we allow them to do it.

  7. All I am going to say in this , never forget the last election, you were lied too then and you are probably being lied to now, there is nothing to stop them from bringing in a rise to the GST if they are in Government again

    • exactly right..we have been lied to now by all recent pollie parties…never forget the “no carbon tax” and “no changes to (whatever)”…we are caught whichever way we vote…time to change the 2 party system

    • Politicians only look after their jobs and the very healthy pension they get when they decide to give it away. No other Australian get this in the work force. Disgraceful.

  8. Not increasing the gst and broadening its base is mistake that will come back to bight us all.

    • Other countries have lowered their VAT (gst) to increase production.People buy less with a GST increase – and buy more (boosting production) when the GST is lowered. Car dealers would be wanting the GST lowered All service trades would want the GST lowered. People like me, put off painting, repairing, new flooring or furniture etc all things which increase jobs. Liberal’s idea of raising the GST by 50% guarantees more redundancies increasing unemployment costs.

    • Leone O’Sullivan by how much did you reduce your consumption when the GST was first introduced? I don’t remember mass redundancies when it was introduced. In Oz it currently applies to only 47% of the items we consume. It should apply to everything except fresh unprocessed food and be at least 12.5%.

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