Calls for over 60s to be given less power in elections

An opinion piece published online has sparked the ire of over 60s across the country thanks to its radical proposal
100821: Polling Day Imagery, Adelaide.

An opinion piece published online has sparked the ire of over 60s across the country thanks to its radical proposal that the votes of seniors should be less valuable than those of the youth in future elections and referendums.

The article was written by Dr Piero Moraro, a lecturer in justice studies at Charles Sturt University, who says seniors shouldn’t get as much say in the future of the country because they won’t be around as long to deal with the outcome.

He proposes that people who are under 60 years old should be granted more votes and older people fewer votes.

According to Dr Moraro, politicians pay more attention to older voters and don’t have enough policies geared toward the younger generation.

“As we witnessed yet again on the lead-up to this election, the two major parties tend to ignore the interests of young voters in favour of those of the older ones,” he writes.

“Younger voters are less concerned with ‘economic management’, superannuation, border protection, and are interested in rising university fees, job insecurity, unaffordable housing. Not only does this disparity impact negatively on their engagement with politics; it is seriously unfair.

“Younger voters should rather receive more attention from politicians, because they will have to live longer with the consequences of the electoral outcome.”

This view is in stark contrast to that of many seniors who say they feel they are largely forgotten by politicians as they struggle with low pensions, high costs of living, and difficulty finding work.

Besides, just because younger voters don’t care as much about their superannuation and the economy does it mean the whole country should forget about it?

Surely we need older voters to be thinking about these things, while the younger voters focus on what interests them? Isn’t that the whole point of a democracy?

The article has divided many with some throwing their support behind it and others ridiculing the writer for his suggestion.

What are your thoughts?

Should over 60’s votes count for less? Or is this a bad idea?

  1. Norah  

    Perhaps we should all should start using our vote for what we believe is best for the country rather than ourselves

    • Pam Parker  

      Perfect suggestion!!

      • Dawsie  

        I am an over 60 and that’s just why I voted for Labor. Their policies were geared towards the young with a reduction in negative gearing to new housing, raise revenue by making sure corporations pay their fair share of tax which could be used for health, education, child care. There was absolutely nothing mentioned by either of the major parties to attract seniors. I firmly believe the Labor policies were geared to help all Australians, not just business. Jobs and growth! I got sick of hearing it especially as no one could tell us where these so called jobs were coming from.
        As for the above article perhaps the writer should go back from where he came from and take his advice with him..

  2. Les Elso  

    There is some merit in the argument, but older voters have had greater life experience; therefore it could be argued that it is up to these senior voters to show the way to those who are younger and less experienced.

  3. Irene  

    Why don’t our younger generation just pop us off at a certain age – maybe when they have finished with us and can get no more out of us but they need to remember their turn will come – just think this doctor needs to pull his head in!!

  4. janette  

    Don’t agree we r forced to vote . Or . Pay a fine so age shouldn’t have anything to do with it

  5. J Taylor  

    I have always voted for what I believe is best for my country, when I had children it was what is best for my kids and make our country have a strong economy. Now I am a pensioner I know I will have a pension health care so I vote for the strength of the economy, making sure my grandchildren have jobs and not pay for the debts incurred over the past 10years. I want my grandchildren to inherit a 21 st century workplace and economy.
    I believe the our governments are moving too slow bringing our country into the 21st century, embracing modern technology and I am frustrated at our outdated laws and especially our outdated voting system and counting of votes. I find I am more progressive thinking than many of my children’s 40 yr old friends.

  6. Don’t be so ridulous. My vote counts just like any one elses, I still live in this country and pay taxes, do all the younger voters pay taxes or are they studing and professional students or on the dole, a lot spend time protesting, single mum’s who got so much over the years. Give me a break. These so callled Academics need a lot to be desired. I wonder how the Academic feels about going home and tell his parents this unless he has dumped them in a nursing home. So, much for respect. Of course the older generation gets a say, it is because of them that the younger generation are able to live like they do now. I am not sure if this a joke or a follow on from the Britex. “What about me” or “The give me generation” do they really believe the oldies don’t care how we leave the world behind, gee, how narrow minded. Well guess what, younger generation, you will be 60 one day, if you live long enough after drinking and the drugs some of you are on, or ones that want everything yesterday and perhapes their next younger generation feels, that the oldies should be euthanized, as it costs to much to keep, you see it might just come back and bit them in the rear end. I find this whole coment from the Academic and those that agree with him disrespectful and very callous.

    • Louise Carroll  

      Maybe no younger generation should be able to vote if they are NOT working and Paying Taxes, because after all what gives them the right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! University boffins who won’t go out to work and pay taxes until goodness knows what age, kids dossing about after leaving school drinking and drugs….Yikes and they are supposed to have a vote, not the older generation who have worked all their lives and paid taxes. I started work at 15 full time 9 – 5.30 and it did me no harm, we molly coddle them nowadays and look at how we get regarded in return. Pft!!!!! Plus I can say I had no idea at 18 about Politics….nor do these young ones nowadays…. Although I suppose I would worry about my Ibiza raving hols at that age ….wait…no I didn’t but I know how important it is these days………..

  7. Excuse me, are we heralding the end of ‘democracy’? …. I agree with the above writers, anyone who isn’t working/receiving sickness, disability pension or government super & paying taxes doesn’t get to vote … ie forget it students & unemployed if that’s the way you want to play it ….

  8. jan  

    Why dont they just pop us off we are forgotten in so many areas, pension health and welfare etc who was it that fought for their freedom that they have today, guess thats one forgotten fact… Its a very sad world that as soon asyou turn 60 your out, maybe they need to take a lesson in how to care for your elderly like so many other countries do like Asis Japan etc.. I give up with this country…

    • Jean  

      Yes, the younger generation think they know everything better than those old demented seniors ! When a senior has a car accident suddenly all old people should lose their licence ;, when older people request voluntary euthanasia, the younger generation is determining what is good for them or not . Why does the current generation has such a need to control the old . Many thousands of senior are NOT demented or ignorant . We have worked hard and paid taxes all our lives , grew up with very little luxury . I can’t remember ever having a birthday party at home when I was still in school . Sure some of us (not me) live in million dollar homes but that is because of the economic situation where real estate prices have gone through the roof . Some politicians have suggested to force these people out of their homes and live of that income instead even though they have lived there many years , raised their families there and have established a social life in the area .
      Just a sad world if we are now going to be discriminated because of our age !

  9. jan  

    Why dont they just pop us off we are forgotten in so many areas, pension health and welfare etc who was it that fought for their freedom that they have today, guess thats one forgotten fact… Its a very sad world that as soon asyou turn 60 your out, maybe they need to take a lesson in how to care for your elderly like so many other countries do like Asis Japan etc.. I give up with this country…

  10. Sue  

    As an ‘older’ voter, I am still concerned about housing affordability. Not all of us have the privilege of owning our own home. Tried that once, but was too stressful. Economic management is still very important for everyone. Does this also mean that we won’t get fined if we don’t vote?

    Why don’t we have a youth parliament of under 30s and see how they would run the country any better than the older generation. To be an MP, you need experience, and not be wet behind the ears and just earned their first or second job.

    How would they have the knowledge and wisdom @ 25-30 to be able to do the job, seeing that most of the Gen X & Y are still living at home, how would they have the life skills to be able to handle the country better than our current batch of politicians?

    My other question is: Who would be around to look after the kids in such a stressful job as being a politician if the over 60s are not around? There are some of us the current day unpaid babysitting services.

  11. Peta Slaney  

    If this happens then they must also get rid of the older politicians, and all their lurks and perks…What’s good for the goose and all that! And seeing that will probably never happen I suggest this suggestion should not either

  12. bruce taylor  

    Think Dr Moraro needs to learn a bit about life. For ages past mankind has looked to the elders for leadership. This was because of centuries of learning and development.
    Now he is suggesting that we throw all that away and give inexperienced people more of a say than the experienced ones. Sounds to me like he has spent his whole life inside the system and never experienced what really goes on out here.

    • Robert Green  

      Exactly Bruce. The jumped up twit thinks his book learning gives him more wisdom than that earned by years of actual living. I can see what a mess our country would be in if the “me, gimmee gimmee” generation had more of a say!!! Go back to your books Doc and wait till you have more life experience before you give advice!

    • Don Lerwiis  

      aren’t bureaucrats responsible for giving us the extreme lefty problems like political correctness, sex confusion to primary schools, wanting older people to give up their homes for the I want generation amongst other crazy ideas. I believe bureaucrats should be seen and never heard and be disqualified from voting themselves

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