Woolies loss is another’s gain, and it’s not who you’d think

The current battlefield of supermarket competition is defiantly good for the consumers, it is also benefiting independent grocers. While Coles

The current battlefield of supermarket competition is defiantly good for the consumers, it is also benefiting independent grocers.

While Coles and Woolworths battle it out with each other, while also trying to put a halt to the juggernaut that is Aldi, they are turning off consumers who are looking to spend their grocery dollar elsewhere. This is something that IGA is welcoming.

The chief executive for IGA Fred Harrison told News.com.au “If you look at the independents’ like-for-like sales, we are actually outperforming Woolies,”. This claim is backed by a rise of like-for-like sales between IGA and the big stores from a 0.7-percent in the previous year to a 1.4-percent this year. “There is more confidence in the independent camp than what it has been in the last five years,” Fred said of the growth.

Are IGA nervous about Aldi? Fred isn’t. He believes that Aldi caters to a different market than they do and that what IGA provides can actually compliment Aldi shoppers. Fred said, “Our model is working: we have found our niche and it’s all around points of difference.” This is shown by the IGA stores focusing more on boutique and health food options including selling supplements and protein bars.

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Will it be the more boutique options that keep IGA in the game or will Woolies have a look at their playbook to see if they can bring customers back?

Do you shop at IGA? What other products could they offer to compete against Coles & Woolies?

  1. bruce carter  

    The biggest problem with IGA, is not are they the most expensive, they are run by family and friends of the owners, and quite frankly they don’t want to be there. Most are rude and definatly not helpful, I have given up on them.

  2. Maggie  

    I agree Bruce, my local IGA is expensive and the staff are the most unhelpful I have encountered, they even give the Reject and Red Dot shops a run for their money in this. While the one 10 mins down the road is the exact opposite so I guess it is the owners and their lack of apathy that is the problem.

    I am not impressed with Aldi in WA, expecting to find it the same as NSW but the lack of stock and same pricing as other shops means I won’t be shopping there except for specials.

  3. Bruce and Maggie. Probably a bit far to travel but the IGA in Victor Harbor is the most pleasant place to shop. Can’t do enough for us.

  4. Jenny P  

    IGA Ulladulla NSW is a great place to shop. It may be slightly more expensive , however the fruit and veg are fresher with a greater variety of ‘unusual’ fruits and veg’s. Boutique local produce is available right throughout the store and our local FRESH milk makes the best custard and to top it all off the store is within walking distance of where I live. Oh, and the staff are very friendly!

  5. John Brants  

    “supermarket competition is defiantly good for the consumers, ”

    How many people can still spell ” definitely “?

    It most definitely is not ” defiantly” nor even “definatly”.

    Happy to be a PITA given that English was not my first language.

    My nearest IGA is mostly like a graveyard .However,their specials are excellent .

  6. Geoff Murphy  

    My IGA here in Romsey Victoria.the staff are wonderful and helpful no problems. But the cost of items can be cheaper .their slogan says they match the big supermarkets not all items are matched. They can do better .how about it IGA company.

  7. Joy Anne Bourke  

    I agree Bruce and Maggie, they are far too expensive for pensioners and low income. I prefer Aldi but have now gone back to Woollies’ for the MILK THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS EVEN ALDI. FARMHOUSE GOLD CREAM ON TOP UNHOMOGENISED AND IT IS FANTASTIC, reminds me of early days when the cream was on the milk delivered to home.

    • John Brants  

      The third pint school milk and one pint home delivered bottles were wonderful with the cream on top.
      Lovely memories.

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