The sad tale of Solitaire the most played computer game ever

You might have played it today or you could be playing it now.

If you have had a computer in the last 25 years than you have no doubt played Solitaire. The game has been included in every version of Microsoft’s operating system Windows since Windows 3.0 in 1990. 

The game was originally intended to be a training tool to teach new computer users how to use a mouse but has grown to be one of the most played games in computing history.  Ironically the game that cures a lot of people’s boredom was developed out of boredom.

Wes Cherry is the man that created the game while he was an intern for Microsoft.  A new interview with Wes exposes the origin of the game. He told Great Big Story, “I came up with the idea to write Solitaire out of boredom really”. Wes added, “There wasn’t really many games at the time, so we had to make them.”

Because Wes was an intern at the time he hasn’t made a cent for his creation. He can be happy with the fact that Microsoft head Bill Gates thought the game was “too hard” when he first played it.

The number of total hours dedicated or wasted depending on who you speak too, to playing the game had to amount to something.  Wed jokingly added, “I can say that right after Solitaire was released in 1990, there was a world recession”.  Well played, Wes.

Do you play Solitaire on the computer still? What is your favourite computer game to play?

  1. Harry Youngberry  

    How can Microsoft claim to have invented Solitare??? I learned to play in the 1950’s using a pack of cards. Their version and several others. Bill Gates thought it too difficult??? I was about eight years old when I first played it. All the kids played it. All Microsoft did was translate, not invent.

  2. Gary  

    Where does it say he invented the game “Harry Youngberry”, it only says that he came with the idea he wrote the game so that it can be played for Microsoft. Read the article properly………….facts not false reading

    • Kim  

      “Wes Cherry is the man that created the game while he was an intern for Microsoft.”
      That is what it says … Created/Invented … the meaning is the same. Harry Youngberry is correct!

  3. I also agree that Harry is correct.. Gary you surely are the one not reading it right so YOU are false reading!!!!

  4. Dina  

    Yes, I got the impression also that he was taking credit for patience!

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