One of your favourite stores could be on the chopping block

First it was Masters and Home Timber & Hardware. Now, it could be Big W that Woolworths takes the axe

First it was Masters and Home Timber & Hardware.

Now, it could be Big W that Woolworths takes the axe to.

Retail analysts and consultants are predicting the retail giant could sell off another of your favourites.

So what makes them think it could be the case?

Well, retail consultant Brian Walker told the ABC there were signs that a sell-off was under consideration, such as the head office of Big W relocating.

“I noticed that they have started to separate and isolate Big W, both in an accounting sense and actually in a real sense,” he said.

“It’s a question for the board and the executive.”

Retail analyst Anton Tagliaferro also told the ABC Woolworths might not be able to fix the troubles with Big W.

“At a time when Woolworths has to concentrate on turning around the supermarket division, you know its probably too hard to be trying to turn Big W around at the same time,” he said.

And it’s not only Big W that retail experts are telling us is in danger.

Those Woolworths petrol stations you’ve been getting discounts at could also be in trouble.

Apparently, Caltex is interested in the supermarket chain’s $1.6 billion fuel market.

So is there any good news at all for Woolworths in this?

It turns out, there is.

Woolworths shares have shot to a 10-month high, up 3.9% to $25.17.

But investors seem to want more.

They’re reportedly hoping CEO Brad Banducci can turn Woolies into a streamlined grocery machine, focusing on refurbishing stores and improving service.

What do you think about this? Are you worried about the future of Big W?

  1. Greg Hills  

    Well, when a core business of a big corporation is under performing, then they need to first and foremost get back to what made them great I the first place. For their supermarkets that was lower prices, variety of brands, excellent service.
    The subsidiaries will have to wait or go by the wayside. Sometimes you can diversify just a little too much.

  2. Val  

    Big W is THE most difficult store in which I have to shop, at times.

    Why is the Lay-by counter at the back of the Store?

    Why are goods, so untidiy on the shelves?

    Why are the various ‘sections’ just so dis-organized?

    Personally, they’ll be no loss!

  3. J Taylor  

    My closest town has a a Woolies and a Big W. For years Woolies was the only supermarket except IGA. service- terrible, they struggled to keep stock on the shelves and were understaffed. I once rang the manager to complain politely that I had waited iat the check out for 46 minutes to be served and HE attacked Me saying they were busy because it was the Mothers Day weekend. Politely I informed him it comes around the same time every year so staffing should by planned.Then came Coles and Aldi within months of each other I vowed never to shop there again and haven’t.
    In the same centre is Big W like Woolies run down and dowdy, air conditioning rarely works in summer so you are lucky to last 10 minutes in there, price check machines rarely works clothing stock is poor quality, poor styling and dismal colours STAFF – what staff. Sell Big W to someone who cares about it and cares about the customers. There’s new development all around us, the area is booming but if they haven’t got their finger on the pulse they don’t deserve our business.

  4. I actually like Big W – they still stock a broader range of things than the tightly controlled K mart model. Kmart is fine if you like “Homemaker” brand & don’t mind having the same stuff in your home as everyone else. I see Big W as somewhere between Kmart & Myer. It might be different in smaller towns – here I have Kmart, Target, Harris Scarfe, BigW, DJs & Myer in the one centre.

  5. Khris  

    I used to always hop at Big W but alas, management changes have created a situation where they have gotten rid of things I and a lot of others used to go to them for.
    We won’t even go and talk about big girls stuff which is just overpriced CRAP!
    Why there was a need to to seperate Office and general stationary stuff is beyond me.
    And HELP in the store…..FORGET IT!
    Trying to save money at the expense of store basics is NOT going to get you anywhere.
    Time you woke up to yourselves.

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