Masters fire sale only sparks outrage

Masters needs to shut its doors for the last time on the 11th of December, until then what was supposed

Masters needs to shut its doors for the last time on the 11th of December, until then what was supposed to be a fire sale that was supposed to bring customers hundreds in savings.

This doesn’t seem to be the case.

While the aim to clear of $970 million in stock by the final day, the promise to the customers was up to 50-percent off products with a sale price minimum of 20-percent. However, many have taken to social media to show that while the savings are not what they are cracked up to be but in some cases, the prices have been hiked up by 40-percent.

One image showed a sale price of $149 over a regular price of $79. The user posted to Facebook “This is how Masters are conducting their sale. Hiking up the price and then taking 40% off. $149 price at the front and $79 price at the back. Despite their sale tickets saying 40% off lowest ticketed price, they refused service. They’re still ripping people off. I wonder how Consumer Affairs Victoria and ACCC Consumer Rights would feel about this”.

Masters has apologised to the user online, and the liquidation company said that if there was a mistake that it was a human error only. With one a spokesperson coming to the defence of the liquidator GA Australia saying “”GA has been doing this for a long time, it is a huge established company, they don’t play games, we are here to do the right thing by Woolworths and the customer.”

Another buyer doesn’t feel that this is the case as he went to Masters’ Facebook page claiming that he purchased two shelving units $35 each only two weeks ago. He entered the store during the fire sale to find they were now $67 each. He wrote on their Facebook “It is totally unethical that during a closing down sale Masters would increase prices”. Once again Masters promised to investigate and apologised to the buyer.

In another interesting turn, Masters has taken all pricing information from its websites and cut phone lines to stores so that all transitions and queries must be taken up with the individual stores.

Have you seen any evidence of price hikes? Have you gotten a great deal during these sales?

  1. gary hutchison  

    i sure have. they are not selling goods cheap at all and an investigation needs to be launched.

  2. David molloy  

    Bunnings still cheaper than there discounted prices waste of advertising revenue

  3. linus  

    I bought two market umbrellas for total $85.00.on Sunday, They were $68 each ,marker said 30% off but check out gave another 10%. Much cheaper than Bunnings. I am sorry they are closing. But would prefer all stores including supermarkets to be smaller, our legs are not getting any younger!!!

  4. Recently purchased garden plants and seeds with supposed 10-40% off.
    The prices were more like 50% more than Bunnings the was range less and condition of plants not as good.

  5. Kim Bailey  

    Nothing like a bargain priced mistinted paint. NOT AT MASTERS!
    A $45 tin of paint has been wrongly tinted and rejected by the purchaser.
    The sticker on the lid of the paint tin say “rusty inside”.
    Reduced to $42.86.

  6. My husband and I went and had a look around, and walked out again as nothing was what was said to be a fire sale, we walked out and will not be going back, we were disgusted

  7. Ian  

    This is how liquidators work ,the vultures of business, if they sold everything straight up they would do themselves out of their fees which will no doubt run into millions. Bloody parasites they are have seen it so many times

  8. Nick Drodge  

    Sounds like sour grapes don’t like it go somewhere else.

    • lurch  

      Been there and not very impressed with the visit, staff were helpful but their hands are tied when it came to markdowns on shop soiled stock Ie, damaged back on a storage cupboard, next need a few more of this item, told “sorry but we are not restocking.’ My problem I am stuck with what I brought a couple of months at Masters and now can only hope Bunnings or some another store might have some left in stock.

  9. Sandra  

    Feel so sorry for the staff,still having to put on a happy face knowing that they won’t have an income so close to Xmas and the near future,especially in regional areas like Coffs Harbour,hope Woolworths are going to look after them with the big profits they make. Definitely no “Fire Sale” happening Bunnings still has lowest price.

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