Labor’s Policies not as positive as they think

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is running on the platform of “100 Positive Polices” but many believe that Labor is doing

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is running on the platform of “100 Positive Polices” but many believe that Labor is doing nothing but running a campaign of fear.

Is Labor’s campaign about fear mongering when it comes to Medicare? Jennifer Westacott of Business Council of Australia told The Herald Sun “There’s no doubt about that … and they are forgetting this simple thing: Australians are proud people, they are aspirational people, they work hard, they want a good job and good life for their families, and most of them work in a business or own a business, and we should respect them”

One of the key points of the campaign being the economy and what Labor will do to maintain Australia’s AAA rating. A rating that some, including NSW Business Chamber head Stephen Cartwright, think would be at greater risk under a Labor Government. Cartwright said “A Labor government would put the rating at greater risk because they’ve said they are going to run bigger deficits over the next four years. That’s assuming their deficits are significantly deeper”.

While there are always going to be opponents of any politician’s policies the real decision has to be made by you the voter. That decision is made at the polling booth.

Do you agree that Labor is running a campaign of fear? Do you think that there is a smear campaign against Labor?



  1. bruce taylor  

    In the campaign following the dismissal of the Whitlam government we had a shadow treasurer named John Howard. There had been rumors that if elected the coalition would abandon Medibank which was the forerunner to Medicare. In a television interview Howard uttered these words “I guarantee the Australian people that if you elect us WE WILL NOT SCRAP MEDIBANK. Any suggestion of that is a lie”
    What happened? Coalition elected Medibank scrapped and privatised so that it became just another health benefits company.
    Why should we believe this version of the coalition is any different when they have already tried to undermine patient subsidies?

  2. Jenni king  

    No I do not think this is a fear campaign. Liberals will not dismantle Medicare but they will force doctors and oaths,I gusts etc etc to charge do much more by taking subsidys from them until the only thing people can do is turn to private health insurance. Bingo, that is the aim of this government to help more big business get ahead. They do not care for the Australian people just their buddies in the corporate world, especially ugly that lying despot rupert Murdoch.

  3. Peter  

    The Labor revealed that they would run bigger deficits than what the LNP. Is this because that Labor are being realistic with their figures as the LNP has run deficits more than double their predicted amounts.
    The LNP claim they won’t privatise medicare but it doesn’t mean it won’t by destroy by them.

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