How this woman dealt with bad Telstra service is purrrrr-fect

So you have signed up for a new internet connect, you are told the date that it’s going to be

So you have signed up for a new internet connect, you are told the date that it’s going to be connected, and when the day arrives, nothing. Next day, still no internet and this goes on for fifteen days. During that time, you call the customer service and are continually promised that it’ll be “sorted out” within 24 hours and are constantly disappointed. What do you do? You could call customer service again and take out your frustrations on the luckless customer service personnel that answered, but that’s not fair to them. You could cancel the service and go with another company, or you could do what one Sydney woman did and make social media gold!

After trying to connect with Telstra for her internet social media manager Laura Carrie decided to take to Telstra’s Facebook page with a blog series about how she was using the without the web to bond with her cat.

While the days dragged on Laura and her cat tried new activities.

It looked like the end of her wait was over with Telstra telling Lara that she would be connected within 24 hours. Finally, Kittie Smalls and her would finally get to watch some Netflix, but no. The day ended with one sad kitty.

The saga continues with still no connection and people urging Laura to cancel with Telstra and go with another service by as Laura stated on Facebook “I’m irrationally, emotionally connected to Telstra now”.

Laura is handling this situation with class and a sense of fun where many people would get angry and abuse the customer service. As Laura points out, and some need to remember, “You guys [Telstra] who have to deal with these posts are people too, you’re not just a faceless corporation.”  Great point, Laura. Or did Kittie Smalls sit on the keyboard?

What are your tales of service woes? How did you handle them?