Aussie TV commercial slammed for being ‘one of the worst’ is causing some to feel ‘humiliated’

A humorous ad during the Super Bowl has caused some social blowback. What do you think?

One of the biggest sporting events in America, The Super Bowl, not only brings the best gridiron teams together for a great game but makes advertisers bring their “A game” to their ads. 

Australian wine company Yellow Tail threw their hat in the ring with an ad that was to promote Australia and their wine.  The ad which features the “Yellow Tail Guy” a man in a bright yellow suit that is carrying wine everywhere, has had come harsh criticisms thrown on it online.

One Twitter user stated, “I’d drink moonshine made in your felonious redneck cousin’s bathtub before I drank Yellow Tail wine.”

While some felt that the pushing of a kangaroo cooking on a bbq and then DJing a party was slightly embarrassing.  One tweeted, “The Yellowtail Super Bowl ad humiliated my country more than Trump ever could.”

It has even made a list for one of the worst ads of the big game.  With one reviewer saying “This American ad for Aussie wine brand YellowTail has to be one of the worst tv ads I have ever seen. Period.”

What do you think of the ad?  Do you think that it’s showing Australians in a good or bad light?

  1. Keevin logan  

    What a load of crap, to me it looks more like a lampoon against AU.

  2. Graham  

    I watched the video before it was performed at the Superbowl. I think it was a bit tasteless, and relied too much on a kangaroo. Can’t we get past this and use the talents that we so have in Australia to actually show that we have class?

  3. Natasham_Atthews  

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  4. Nancy Brenton  

    Cringe worthy for sure.

  5. Russ Moffat  

    I agree it is pathetic, but that’s just how low the bar is in the advertising industry these days. 90% of ads are so terrible they should never be allowed to go to air

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