Brussels bomber left a will behind

Police in Brussels have discovered a suicide note and will left behind by bomber Ibrahim El Bakraoui in a garbage

Police in Brussels have discovered a suicide note and will left behind by bomber Ibrahim El Bakraoui in a garbage bin.

The note was written on a laptop and was found in a bin near the airport where Bakraoui blew himself up, killing scores of people and injuring even more.

Police have released excerpts of the note which say: “in a rush … I don’t know what to do, hunted everywhere, no longer safe” and “I don’t want to end up in a cell next to him”.

The ‘him’ in the note is believed to be a reference to Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam, who is reportedly linked to Bakraoui, and who is in custody in Belgium after being captured last week.

Ibrahim El Bakraoui, 29, and his brother Khalid El Bakraoui, 27, have been named as the bombers at the airport and the metro train station, while a third suspect, known as ‘the man in white’ remains at large.

As information about the bombers continues to surface it has been revealed that Ibrahim was deported last year from Turkey after being detained near the Turkish-Syrian border and sent back to Brussels.

Belgium has been accused of ignoring the warning signs and failing to acknowledge that he was a militant fighter.

Speaking about the bombing yesterday, Malcolm Turnbull said Europe was failing to protect its citizens due to lax border rules and protection.

“The attacks are an unfortunate reminder of the current challenges facing Europe, where violent Islamist extremism appears to have reached a crisis point,” he told the Lowy Institute.

He also said European governments were effectively contributing to violence and terrorism because of their lack of control over borders and refugee migration.

Do you think Malcolm Turnbull is right about this issue?

Do you think terrorism can be stopped? Would you still go to Europe or does this make you want to stay away?

  1. Maggie  

    I think our PM has nailed it – the face of Europe is forever changed .

  2. facebook_elda.quinton  

    We are lucky not having any land borders. I don’t know what will happen in Europe. They can hardly built walls around every country.

  3. June Sharp  

    I think MalcolmTurnbull is right there needs to be control at the borders and control over economic migrants in Europe get the situation in Syria sorted hard task then send them back home I would still go to Europe or Britain cant let the terrorist win the scum of the earth

  4. Australia is looking good. I will not go to Bali ever. I might be a scardy cat but if I am going to get killed it can be by a bus in my own country

  5. Marie van Eijk  

    That is easy said when you live on a island and don’t get more than a million refugees last year rushing to get in.

    • Australia is a Continent, not an Island! New Zealand are islands!

      • JB  

        Please don’t nitpick Henry. Australia is indeed a continent (contained within an island).
        This is not the problem Marie is talking about. Please broaden your horizons!

  6. Turnbull should learn from what’s happening in other countries and STOP allowing Muslims in and should deport all the ones on their “watched” list

  7. shalong  

    WELL, STARTSATSIXTY, yahoo and all you other media scavengers….you have given these MURDERING, CRIMINALS exactly what they wanted(and would NEVER achieve legitimately because of their lazy, useless lives)….PRESS and HEADLINES about their WORTHLESS SELVES and in doing so YOU “MEDIA” …so-called journalists….what a joke!…have made certain that there will be other copycats geting their names/photos in papers/internet worldwide!!! I hope you are all proud of yourselves ….and the grief you will no doubt cause others!!!…just to sell a few ads!

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