Bruce Springsteen’s strong Australian message to back home

He might have been "Born in the USA," but the boss had a message for the Leader of the USA while rocking out in Australia.

There is good reason that people call Bruce Springsteen a GOAT.  It’s not due to any facial hair or an affinity for eating cans but instead an acronym that stands for “Greatest Of All Time”.

Affectionally known as “The Boss”, Springsteen has rocked arenas around the globe since his album Born in the USA  sold 15 million albums in the US and over 30 million albums worldwide.  He is also known to be political.  Famously took part in the No Nukes protest in the 70s, he has performed and done benefits for some of the biggest politicians in history.

As his tour kicked off in Australia, he had a special message for the Australian people and “the boss” of his own country the United States President Donald Trump. Springsteen opened the show at AAMI Park by saying he stood before the crowd as an “embarrassed American.” Before playing a song referencing the recent issues between President Trump and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, or Trumble as Trump’s spokesperson called him, and sending a “letter back home”.  Springsteen played the 1962 hit song from The Orlons Don’t Hang Up.

The boss continued to rock the crowd with hit and hit showing that 67-years-old the musician is still in his prime.  He rocked, and he sang his heart out to the arena that wasn’t nearly as full at the start of the show as it should have been because Tickettek printed the wrong time on the tickets. 

Springsteen once again referenced what was happening in the US and around the world describing it as “f—ed up shit.” Before focusing back on giving the audience what they wanted.  Escape from the world for a little while enjoy one of rock ‘n’ rolls GOATs.

What do you think of what Springsteen did?  What’s your favourite song from “The Boss”?

  1. Jill McMahon  

    I went to see him in 1985 in Sydney and have loved his music ever since. He puts on a great concert. 👍👍👍🎼🎼🎼

  2. Why do celebrities have so much to say, yet the ordinary person is not listened to. Quite frankly, Bruce, just sing and stop the bleeding heart stuff. It always bemuses me when millionaires like Springsteen whine from their soapbox. Further, I don’t think he is all that good, in that, he offers nothing to Australia, but that’s another debate.

    • Faylanes  

      Because he has opinions and cares, just like the rest of us.
      He is entitled to express himself publically just as you are doing on this site.
      You don’t have to agree with him but don’t rubbish him because he is prepared to express a point of view for goodness sakes!

  3. Tammy  

    Bruce is right. I have been a fan of Bruce since 1975. I am embarrassed for the United States, too. We are a part of a very disturbing time in our country right now. I am glad to hear him speak out for us Americans. He is a great guy. Like someone commented on social media who also likes Bruce stated, old # 45 is so spiteful, I just pray he does not do anything to keep Bruce from getting back into the US.

  4. Joan Marshall  

    Celebrities are abusing the fact that they are who they are. The ordinary person is seldom heard. Entertain and shut up. They should not get involved in airing their opinions on politics People like Madonna are an embarrassment and so are many others. I thought a lot of them said they would leave the USA if Trump came in and they are still in the USA. I wish they would leave and never come back. Thank God Hillary Clinton did not become President.

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