Bronwyn Bishop’s emotional statement “I cry for the country”

With there still no clear outcome in the Federal Election can cause most to become frustrated with the whole thing. 

With there still no clear outcome in the Federal Election can cause most to become frustrated with the whole thing.  Former Speaker Bronwyn Bishop is taking it a lot more personally.

In an interview for Sky News Bronwyn said “I have got to say today I weep, I cry, I cry for the country. It desperately needs free-enterprise government, and it’s not getting it”.  She said it was a campaign that she wouldn’t have expected with there now campaigning putting the focus on Bill Shorten and the unions.

Another issues that Bronwyn was surprised didn’t dominate the campaign was boat arrivals.  She found it incomprehensible how the entire campaign could solely be focused on Medicare.

It is in her opinion that it was a mistake that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull didn’t call the election back in March.  She believes that if he had called the election then and focused on the unions and boats as she feels “Those are areas where the Labor Party is weak” that it would have been a clear victory for The Coalition.

Bronwyn also believes that this is the time for friend and former Prime Minister Tony Abbot to return to the front bench after he was ousted from the top job last year.  She feels that the demand for his presence as an elder statement is needed now more than ever.

That could be a difficult situation as the Nationals will be demanding stronger representation on the front bench after they had an excellent performance in the election.

What do you think?  Do you think Bronwyn is right with her strategy to win the Election?  Do you believe that it is time for Tony Abbot to return to the front bench?  Do you think that she is only playing the game of hindsight after the fact?




  1. Cathy Howat  

    The last thing we need is “free enterprise government” unfettered capitalism is what’s screwing the USA!

    • Annie  

      Free enterprise government! You certainly were enterprising, free helicopter rides, huge superannuation benefits, the list is so long for all the “free enterprise” perks politicians enjoy while they play Punch & Judy theatrics in parliament. You have contributed to the parlous state of affairs, well may you cry. Tony Abbot may well be Elder but no Statesman, more a gutter-mouthed street fighter.

  2. B Halley  

    You were not worried about the country while you were happily spending hard earned taxpayers money flying around in expensive helicopters and even though you are not in government you will continue to suck the money from the less fortunate taxpayers by receiving generous pensions and perks that ordinary workers are not able to access.

    • Penny  

      Hear, hear! Most unprofessional.,

    • nev  

      V/good reply B Halley. I heard the other day, that her weekly pay, is/will be around the$4,ooo-oo dollars a week. not bad if you can get it.

  3. Lyn  

    Starts at 60 – Tony Abbott will not be an “elder statement” – please proof read your posts – I am tired of reading the mistakes. And I am not posting too quickly – I can type very well.

    • Penny  

      Hear, hear!! Most unprofessional.

      I keep getting told stupid and untrue things by this website as well, Lyn. It has been going on since it started and it is so annoying. …you type too fast … You e posted that before, etc.

  4. Lorraine  

    If she feels so badly for the country, why doesn’t she do some volunteer work down at the
    Local hospital,or school, to give back to Australia for all the comfort and wealth she has gotten from aUstralia, instead of wrapping herself in furs!

  5. rikda  

    This explains exactly why we are in a rut.
    These people have no real plans, except to prepare for elections.
    “A free enterprise enterprise government” & small government of course, is a contradiction in terms.
    Free market economies can’t regulate themselves .
    What you would get, under their theory is 3rd world markets where production costs don’t include anything & only provide the skimpiest profit margins.
    At best, you get a corrupt political system.
    These leaches can’t get out of the lime light unless they are lobbyists.
    Go back to sleep Bronwyn you tricked us long enough.

  6. the only reason she is crying , no more dipping into the public purse no more free helicopter rides , try to retire gracefully Bishop , your actions probably cost the libs thousands of votes, freeloader,

  7. Greg Crews  

    I don’t know Bronwyn Bishop but after so many years in public life in the one electorate must mean that the job she was doing for her constituents was worthy of their vote time after time. Like Tony Abbott, she would have been active in volunteer service already for hospitals or recognised charities in her electorate to make it a better place for her constituents. The demands on a local member either State or Federal are enormous with very little free time to yourself or family. I put it to any of the detractors on here, who would want to work 70+ hours a week without some form of financial compensation? I think Bronwyn’s heart was in her job but the press are very eager to highlight any apparent over-the-top expense like the helicopter incident. But you from the left are not squeaky clean, need we highlight Tony Burke and the first/business class travel for his family while on holiday?

  8. Kerry  

    Bron, I cry for the country too. On what you take home on your retirement pay, we could better house women who need to escape domestic violence, proved funding for legal services to assist low income or no income earners. Your tears are like crocodile tears, pure rhetoric no emotion. Go out and put some time into helping people who are very much less fortunate than you. Better still, donate some of that retirement package to single mothers who are now on Newstart instead of being with their kids after school.

  9. Ken Bottrell  

    You bloody hypocrite Bishop, all you ever did was such us dry and feed your ego !!

  10. Robert Graham  

    She was one of those pollies that was on the public tit

  11. Mike Adams  

    There is no such thing as free enterprise. It is an imaginary state as we have restrictions on all aspects of enterprise. Starting in schools where we don’t encourage alternate thought. We encourage children to think in a simliar fashion, do well in tests as if that is all that matters. Free Enterprise is controlled by the big end of town. New ideas that would challenge big business are squashed and never see the light of day.

  12. Ian gration  

    I believe Bromwyn Bishop is an old crow and should mind her own business do the country a favour and find a corner to crawl in

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