Bronwyn Bishop has something to say about Sussan Ley

Taxpayers still haven’t forgotten about Bronwyn Bishop’s infamous helicopter ride and subsequent downfall and it looks like Bronwyn hasn’t let
Sussan Ley has found a friend in her fellow Liberal.

Taxpayers still haven’t forgotten about Bronwyn Bishop’s infamous helicopter ride and subsequent downfall and it looks like Bronwyn hasn’t let go of it either.

Following Health Minister Sussan Ley’s decision to step aside this morning over questions around how she used taxpayer funded money, Ms Bishop has jumped to her defence and blamed socialists and alcoholics for scrutinising her.

Ms Ley was under pressure to resign after it was revealed she bought a luxury apartment on the Gold Coast while on a work trip and used taxpayer money for flights to fly to the beach-side city to celebrate New Year’s Eve two years in a row.

In defending her fellow Liberal, Ms Bishop unleashed an extraordinary attack on her critics, saying she didn’t know exactly what had happened, “but I do know that there are socialists out there who want to attack free enterprise and anyone who sticks up for it. And I know that socialists, like alcoholics, will blame anyone but themselves. And whereas alcoholics can damage their own families, socialists can destroy the whole country.”

She went on to tell Sky News the investigation into Ms Ley should be able to happen without her “being attacked by people behaving like a pack of dogs”.

“But let’s understand that there are people out there who wish to destroy free enterprise and those who stick up for it. Whereas socialism, which is always on the march, if you expose it, it can be defeated. And be under no illusions, whenever you see some of these arguments come to the fore, there will always be an ideological component.”

“But what’s this got to do with socialism?” she was asked by host Laura Jayes.

“A lot, a lot. Socialists will always blame anyone but themselves.”

Later, she attacked Labor for sending out Penny Wong to comment on the incident.

“I found it pretty, pretty disgusting to see the Labor sending out a woman to attack another woman this morning. I don’t think that’s a good look either,” Ms Bishop said.

“And to be blunt, if you look at the socialist side of the Labor Party, you look at the people in there and the blokes who have…done many more things like that and, quite frankly, nothing happens. So I think there’s one rule for some and a different rule for others.”

Her words have left many people scratching their heads, but others say she makes a lot of sense and that Ms Ley is being treated unfairly.

Do you agree with Bronwyn Bishop here? Or is she way off track with this one?

  1. Newton Hill  

    Bronwyn Bishop needs a reality check and look at the facts. Goes to show how out of touch she is and probably always has been. Politicians are so disengaged with the rest of us, they are becoming aware that if one breaks the rules another rule breaker will support them. Where the hell is Turnbull? Heaven forbid he have an opinion and show some leadership. Another one that hopes this whole thing just goes away.

    • Barbara Provis  

      I agree with you. Bronwyn Bishop has no idea but Ms Ley sure knows how to use and abuse being in public office, using monies for her own pleasures that we the Australian citizens have paid for, not for own personal use. SHAME SHAME SHAME Ms. Ley and also to Browyn Bishop for sticking up for her!

  2. Roy Bridges  

    What disgrace,Bishop these comments are about you justifying what you did . You should not have waited for Tony to ask you to go .
    To blame the people who work for you that they make travel arrangements rubbish, your must agree to them otherwise you would not go??
    You should hand back your pension !! So out of touch with every day people.

    This is about your ego and self interest ,

    • Christine Rumley  

      My god didn’t this lot could get any worse .Bishop and Ley have only themselves to blame for trying to rip off the tax payers Shamful

  3. Barbara kahi  

    Seriously why are we listening to Bronwyn Bishop who still wants not admit abuse of taxpayers money. In the private sector would be dismissal and maybe even charges laid.

  4. John O'H  

    Dear Ms Bishop

    You are equating free enterprise with the using of public monies for personal gain. Public monies are to be used solely for the benefit of the common good; not to further your own financial state, to do so in FRAUD.

  5. Jean Baker  

    What a load of crap and drivel coming out of Bronwyn Bishops mouth.
    Susan Ley has rorted the system just as she herself did.
    If you want to combine your own business while on Company business , which is what she did , then pay the costs yourselves not using taxpayers money.

    They are all tarred with the same brush, only in it for all the perks they get and what they continue to get even when they leave.
    The system needs to be changed but you can bet not one them from any side will vote Fiori that to happen.
    The rich get rich and the rest if us get poorer.
    Disgusted with them all.😡

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      Totally agree. Many people want ALL RETIREMENT PENSIONS AND PERKS ENDED. Turnbull says “te age of entitlement is over” well that should apply to Politian’s as well.

  6. Louis  

    A bitter and twisted old woman who is still pissed at the fact that she was caught out.

    • Pamela McCormack  

      And making such a fool of herself, denying she had done anything wrong. The more these leaches get the more they want. Their thinking is “I’ll keep what I have (my kids will get it eventually)”, using the taxpayer funds for their lifestyle. But they expect the lower class (us poor underlings) to downsize and not think of our children. Talk about double standards.

  7. Faye Dapiran  

    Sounds like she has lost it to me. What have socialists and alcoholics got to do with this at all?

  8. Andrew  

    Free enterprise! What does Bishop know about free enterprise? She was a pig at the tax payers trough. Free enterprise is about earning your own keep not being a dependent of tax payers money which is what she was. If anything Bishop is the socialist as she wasted taxpayers money in droves!

  9. Nick Raicevic  

    Bishop is delusional–in fantasy land. A disgrace. Too many politicians- and ex pollies- living off the public purse. They should be ashamed of theselves- but they are not- “I am entitled”. What do the hard working pensioners get!! NIL!!

    • Guy Flavell  

      $22,700 pa (plus heaps of free benefits) … and what is a “WAHST” ???

  10. Guy Flavell  

    If this article is in any way accurate, then yes, Bronnie was waffling. Susan Ley really must stand down as a Minister even if she was acting within Parliamentary guidelines. A very bad image
    for struggling Australians.

  11. S McAlpine  

    What on earth is that woman on? Biggest load of dribble, could she make more of a fool of herself, how embarassing.

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