Britain may ditch this royal tradition, so should Australia do the same?

In a seemingly un-British move, MPs in the UK have voted on whether or not England should ditch ‘God Save

In a seemingly un-British move, MPs in the UK have voted on whether or not England should ditch ‘God Save the Queen’ in favour of a new national anthem. Australia has also toyed with this idea in recent years, with some suggesting we swap ‘Advance Australia Fair’ for a more emotive song to inspire pride when we sing along.

While many of us grew up singing ‘God Save the Queen’ at school every day, the tradition has fallen by the wayside with many Australians struggling to get past the first verse of ‘Advance Australia Fair’ before they forget the lyrics.

The song has only been our official nation anthem since 1978, so some would argue it’s too soon for a change. But with many of us never even learning the words is it time for us to choose a more modern tune to sing along to? While other nations belt out their national anthems with pride, Australians are often caught on camera at sporting events mumbling along to the song as they try to remember the lyrics.

Some of the more unconventional suggestions for a new national anthem include, ‘Working Class Man’ by Jimmy Barnes, ‘Love is in the Air’ by John Paul Young, and ‘A Pub With no Beer’ by Slim Dusty.

Members of the royal family have already responded to the parliamentary bill, with Queen’s cousin Maragret Rhodes saying the idea of changing the anthem is “rude”.

“We have been happily singing God Save the Queen for ever – I don’t see the need to change it. The Queen has always said she’s only there for as long as people want her, but I should think they’d think it’s rather rude. As far as I’m concerned it’s a silly idea,” she told Sunday Express.

Do you think Australia should have a new national anthem? What is your top pick for a new anthem?


  1. Michael D. Mason  

    I agree – a silly idea. When there are so ,many things of importance to consider – this shouldn’t even make the list !!!

  2. Susan Barnes  

    I always thought Australia should have “We Are One” written by Seeker, Bruce Woodly….. Perfect

    • Robyn McCarthy  

      Yes I think we need something with clear wording and not so high pitched as Advance Australia Fair which is quite difficult for even professional singers to reach. There have been times when it has sounded like that awful performance of Rozanne Barr singing the US anthem!!

  3. Helen Miles  

    I always get goose bumps with Advance Australia Fair…..and is all this crap another excuse to spend MORE money on triviaol thing when there is so many more USEFUL things to spend money on.

  4. I actually really like Advance Australia Fair. I always feel really proud when I hear it and always sing along.

  5. Patricia  

    No ,why change it now , wait until her reign is finished ,then they can do what they like ,she deserves that respect .

  6. This is a bit misleading. From what I heard on ABC radio this morning, the Brits don’t want to drop God SaveThe Queen as the national anthem. It’s that the English want a sporting song for when they play Scotland or Wales, who already have their own sporting anthems. One suggestion is the old tune Jerusalem. It’s nothing to do with ditching the Royals.

  7. Dorothy potts  

    I always thought Waltzing Matilda a good choice.Reminds us we are ALL immigrants,if not all convicts!

  8. Rose  

    Nothing wrong with Advance Australia Fair, when you think about it the words are very true, including the second verse that is never sung.. I find it so ironic that countries not as wonderfull, safe or free as ours sing there long anthems with great pride and we can’t be bothered with our 1 minute verse.

  9. Maszki  

    Who really cares? Good question.
    In our modern world, tradition means nothing.
    Dump the queen…let’s have a president
    Dump the flag..let’s have a new one
    Dump the anthem…let’s have something different
    So what next? A president? Think of what it mean. Selection, election, what will be his or her powers? Accommodation, staff, travel? Has anyone thought it through? Can you imagine Australia with Obam as president..or going through a presidential election every 4 or5 years?
    A new flag? What flag? Eureka flag? The abo flag? Don’t you understand that aborigines DID NOT have flags before white invasion/conquest/colonization? So what flag?
    Anthem? I still call Australia home? ‘Tie me kangaroo down’! How about a Muslim ditty? I know, let’s have ‘livin’ next door to Alan’. What a load of crap
    We are Judeo-Christian nation, we have our roots in the UK, one expanding into a mixed European culture. We have migrants recently from Asia who have lived within our base culture but ADDED to our culture with the best of their culture
    Now? We have an invasion by a culture that wants to replace our developing culture
    I know.
    Let’s have an grand mufti as our unelected president, the Muslim prayer chant as our anthem and the ISIS flag as our pennant
    You heard it hear first
    Live with it

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