Breaking news: memorial rally cancelled

Following a last minute court action by the NSW Police Commissioner, a Supreme Court Judge has prohibited a memorial rally

Following a last minute court action by the NSW Police Commissioner, a Supreme Court Judge has prohibited a memorial rally that was planned for this weekend to mark the 10-year anniversary of the Cronulla race riots.

The far-right group Party for Freedom, led by Nicholas Folkes, was organising the memorial, which they insisted was not about violence, but would celebrate Australian culture.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the protest that took place after two lifesavers were assaulted on the South Sydney beach. Thousands of people joined the rally and people of Middle Eastern appearance were targeted in violent clashes.

Justice Christine Adamson agreed to ban the planned event, which QC Ian Temby, appearing for the NSW Police commissioner, argued would incite more violence and further promote division.

Ian Temby QC, appearing for the NSW Police commissioner, told a court hearing on Thursday that the planned rally risked sparking fresh violence, Fairfax reports.

A separate application to prevent any other groups or individuals from commemorating the anniversary is being considered in the Federal Court, according to the ABC.

Before the ruling Mr Folkes, who is the founder of a the anti-Islam party, told the ABC the memorial was about celebrating Australian culture, not violence.

“I believe it’s an important time when Australians did stand up,” he said.

Do you think the right decision was made? Are the Cronulla riots something that should be commemorated?

  1. Yay, A judge has finally made an intelligent decision. If this rally was allowed to go ahead, it would end up as another ‘RACE RIOT”

  2. Yes i do think the right decision was made. The way things are going in our society now i think if this had gone ahead there may have been another riot.

  3. Yes I do, we don’t need a repeat of the violence, and it is dangerous for the Police. It was a dark stain in Australia’s history, brutish thuggery and violence, so why commemorate it?

    • They were the first to stand up against the aggressors and the problem has only got worse.
      Good for those who tried to show just what they are turning us into

  4. Regardless of what the judge has ruled I think this (sadly) will still happen.
    On a positive note, the police will be well within their rights to do what they have to do.

  5. I don’t like the idea of stifling expression of opinion BUT there was too much potential here for unbridled violence.

  6. Great these people don’t come from Cronulla they just like causing trouble. If you think you should be able to protest only comment if you come from the Shire. I came from their many years ago it is a lovely place, outsiders leave them alone

    • sadly most of these people don’t come from the area’s they are protesting in, they bus them in and if there is a riot..I hope not..look for men in masks, they are too cowardly to show their faces

    • Not a Gd thing but if ur daughter was spat on and assaulted by a group of muslim boys . Would u think different.

    • For me, the courts are never strict enough on violence, regardless of the perpetrators! But commemorating a riot like that will only cause more trouble. Why don’t they do something useful like trying to get laws changed?

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