Breaking: Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died

It seems to be 2016 is the year for high profile deaths. This time, there are reports former Cuban leader
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It seems to be 2016 is the year for high profile deaths.

This time, there are reports former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died.

State TV is Cuba is reporting the former president has died aged 90, according to the BBC.

Castro ruled the island nation for almost half a century, up until 2008 when he handed power to his brother Raul.

There are no reports at this stage as to how Castro died, although his health had long been rumoured to be in decline.

Earlier this year he addressed his health in a rare public statement, CNN reports.

“Soon I will turn 90 years old, never would such a thing have occurred to me and it’s not the outcome of any effort; it was fate’s whim,” Castro said back in April.

“Soon I will be like everyone else. To all of us comes our turn.”

Do you remember hearing or reading about Fidel Castro growing up?

  1. rikda  

    I thought he was some sort of a monster, until I found out about his country was used as a brothel by both Mafia & politicians.
    He survived more than a half dozen murder attempts by American authorities who eventually ordered a worldwide trade boycott against his country & his government.
    The people have had to struggle for everything they have achieved which is the 3rd worlds leading source of doctors & a 99.8% literacy rate.
    He was a proud Cuban. RIP.
    God, not propaganda, will be his judge now.

  2. Guy Flavell  

    One less rotten Commie in the World, good riddance !!!

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  4. Rosemary Lynch  

    Perhaps Castro showed that it is possible to overcome widespread corruption, by explaining how and why the very rich get richer, corporations rip off, criminals are not contained, and why a society has the resources within it to change that. Castro’s Cuba educated Medicos for the poor in much of South America, and the Cuban poor, through their education system became literate, for the first time ever.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Rosemary, WHAT UTTER NONSENSE !!! Cuba was a totally failed state under Castro. It was a perfect example
      of why Marxist ideology is now considered completely abhorrent throughout the World. People like you would see
      Australians wearing drab-green clothes and caps, marching along mindlessly chanting their Commie doctrine and
      in total submission to the 1% Socialist elite. NO rich (apart from the Commissars), NO poor … and NO future !!!
      Wake up woman and stop living in the 1950s.

  5. Marriam  

    Evil man.
    Hope he’s burning in hell.

    What he did to his people is beyond the pale.

  6. Joan Marshall  

    Like every one Dictator or not does do some good and some evil for the people of his country. Castro did do some good such as Hitler did however, sometimes the BAD out weighs the good. Castro did get rid of corruption and did educate his people to a large extent.

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