Breaking: Bill Cosby to sue victims for “emotional distress”

He has been accused by more than 40 women of sexual assault and faced a “trial by media” because the

He has been accused by more than 40 women of sexual assault and faced a “trial by media” because the alleged crimes are out of date and therefore beyond the statue of limitations, and now Bill Cosby has filed a lawsuit seeking damages for “emotional distress”.

The BBC reports that Cosby filed a countersuit after seven of his accusers took him to court for damages; he says the women have lied for financial gain and have caused him emotional distress by tarnishing his reputation.

Cosby described the women’s accusations about him as “nothing more than an opportunistic attempt to extract financial gain” from him. How much money he is seeking is unknown.

The Cosby Show star has repeatedly denied the accusations and has never been criminally charged. Most of the incidents occurred too long ago for the actor to be criminally charged.

The accusers say Cosby gave them alcohol, drugged them and sexually assaulted them. Cosby admitted in a deposition that he obtained and gave women the sedatives Quaaludes, but that the women took them willingly.

Cosby’s lawsuit contends that the women “engaged in a campaign to assassinate” his reputation and character.

Since almost 50 women have come forward with claims of sexual misconduct, many stars and institutions such as Boston University and Disney theme parks have distanced themselves from the actor. Even his close friend Whoopi Goldberg was forced to admit “It looks bad, Bill.”

Netflix and NBC also dropped plans to develop television projects with him.

A lawyer representing the women said Mr Cosby’s action “stinks of retaliation”.

“To suggest that these ladies – each and every one of them – got together and orchestrated a campaign against Mr Cosby is hard to fathom,” said Joseph Cammarata.

Does it shock you to learn that Bill Cosby is counter-suing his accusers? What impact do you think his actions will have on the victims?

    • If he is guilty! Surely it is not for us to judge his guilt or innocence, that will happen in court in US.

    • I think these women should be charged they all knew what they were doing why else would they be going to his bedroom..

  1. I am not defending Cosby but if 40 women accused me without proof of sexually abusing them, and I was innocent, I would sue. It would never happen to me I hardly have the stamina for one woman let alone a harem of 40

    • I think you are making light of a serious situation, why have all these women come forward, it is not easy to do

    • I think he is guilty. So many women? To put themselves up publicly? There is a lot of shame and embarrassment felt when one has been sexually assaulted and my thinking is that this is the womens way to take their power back. I believe the women…too many of them! Imo, he is one sick bastard.

  2. What if he is not guilty? He has been ruined. If he is guilty their lives have been ruined. Someone said that so many would not have come forward unless these events happened. In a society where people sue for almost any reason. I can believe that there are people who would falsify information. Unless there are witnesses who can come forward it is always going to be he said she said. It also makes it hard for those who have been the victims of sexual abuse.

    • It has been trial by media and not in the courts as it is all outside the time frame. If you honestly believe a group of people male or female would not get together and jump on the bandwagon for a multi-million dollar payout then you have more faith in the human race than I do. It does not matter what country you are in you are entitled to an opinion. All I am saying is there is no proof, either way, it is hearsay. The tragedy of media circus events like this is that it makes it difficult for persons who have been assaulted to come forward. This is the one crime where people can pop up many years later make an accusation and ruin a persons life without any proof except their word. Bill Cosby was a powerful man who spoke out about many wrongs he saw in the American System and was also very outspoken about the fact he wanted to be treated as an American, not as a black American. This made him many powerful enemies. He received death threats from white extremists and black activist groups on a regular basis. I don’t know whether he did or did not assault these women and apparently neither does anyone else as there is no independent corroboration. This is the one crime where the precept of innocent until proven guilty is thrown to the winds: and one person’s word is accepted over the other parties because he is a male.

    • Well said Linda Morse! look at the Maggie Kirkpatrick case. She has been found innocent but her life is ruined.

    • So true and look at the media event that became but when the verdict was announced it was hidden in the back pages. The media today appears to be rarely interested in the truth only in a sensational story that sells the newspaper or promotes an on line presence.

  3. If innocent,why isn’t he sueing them all!?!? seems like a smoke screen

    • Because these women have collectively ruined his reputation they were all guilty they knew exactly what was going on. Times were so different then.

  4. I hardly think 40 women would do this unfounded. Cosby is a very clever man and just by doing this action he is creating doubt in people. Now they might beleive him. Bastard!

    • No I disagree with you with respect all of these women were aspiring starlets who thought that they were going to sleep their way to the top – they knew what they were getting into and the times were different then. Their collective claims have absolutely destroyed Bill Cosby but his wife of many years has tuck with him and that should count for something.

  5. I have not followed the case but in my opinion the courts should decide, it is not up to me judging anyone especially in another country

  6. They shouldn’t have tried to sue him if they can’t prove anything. We don’t know the truth or degree of truth of any of this, but you don’t go to court with nothing. Sounds like a great big ‘lawyer fest’ to me on both sides….greedy vultures smacking their lips in anticipation of massive payouts.

  7. This individual is as guilty as sin He has to say he has suffered stress to gain a bit of sympathy, and get some attention from all this His domineering money hungry wife no doubt planted the seed in his brain They are both as bad as each other

  8. “Mandies” used to be sold on the streets as a hypnotic in the 1970’s when he is accused of these assaults – at the “tender” age (??) of 33 or more in those years, I can only wonder what his motivation for giving these pills to women might have been. If indeed he is as guilty as some say, this law suit of his may well back-fire and prove him so! Guilty or innocent though, somebody needs to get this into court so the air can be cleared one way or another!

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