Bob Katter slams Terri Irwin over her “greenie” views

You might remember reading on Sunday about Terri Irwin calling on Queensland MPs to rule out culling crocodiles. Well, her
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You might remember reading on Sunday about Terri Irwin calling on Queensland MPs to rule out culling crocodiles.

Well, her comments have drawn the attention of federal MP Bob Katter and the North Queenslander isn’t happy!

In a statement, Katter said Irwin should “start living in the real world” where crocodiles were ripping humans “to be pieces”.

Nine News reports he was critical of Irwin’s “greenie” views.

“And I don’t care if she’s St Gabriel’s mother, we’re being eaten and ripped to pieces (the most savage death imaginable ) so that she can keep her spiritual belief system intact and get herself a lot of publicity at our expense,” Katter said in the statement

The debate, which began after a woman was taken by a croc in May, was sparked after the Queensland LNP announced they would form a crocodile management plan before the 2018 state election.

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Irwin said people should learn to co-exist with the crocs.

“Crocodiles are an apex predator and crucial to the ecosystem, keeping water ways and wetlands healthy,” she said.

“It is much better to educate people about croc safety than destroy one of our tourism icons.”

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But Katter is having none of it.

He compared Irwin’s comments to asking humans to “move out” of their homes to make way for crocodiles.

In fact, he believes the eco-system was being affected by the growing crocodile population in far north Queensland.



“The dingoes, the goannas and gropers. There was equilibrium in nature. If you are a respected naturalist you would know that this was the territory of man, not the territory of crocodiles,” he said.

“The catch of 60 croc eggs would keep a First Australian family going for a while – and similarly with dingoes, the goannas and gropers.

“Now we have an unnatural environment and things are out of whack.”


  1. Mrs. Puddles  

    We’ve lived in NQ for decades – but have moved south. On a recent trip as far north as the Daintree – there was no way that I would get out of the vehicle and walk along the beaches alone or take a quick dip in the rivers (without a rifle that is).

    Crocs are now as far south at the Mary River and reportedly seen as far south as Warwick.

    Crocs in the Mackay/Whitsundays used to take children riding their horses to school. They were culled. Now due to the massive increase in numbers there is a Croc watching river cruise in the Whitsundays, and has been for some years. A friend was stalked by a croc while beach fishing the river mouth. Baby crocs have been reported coming out of drains in Cairns during the wet, and I’ve witnessed a Council mower man in Cairns City a few years ago, abandoning his ride on mower as there was a reasonable sized croc in the drain he was mowing. Yes, in the city environs.

    With all due respect to Terri Irwin – due to the sheer increase in numbers and the fact that young males have to move on to new territory, the time has come for serious discussion about culling. In northern Australia swimming and fishing in the ocean, rivers, creeks and dams has always been the most popular past time. The Crocs at Australia Zoo are contained – so until Terri Irwin lets the crocs roam free in the zoo – my sympathies are with the hoards of North Australian inhabitants who have no such luxury.

  2. Guy Flavell  

    The deaths from crocodile attacks is very disturbing. Yes, sadly I think there should be
    ongoing, selective culling done in an extremely humane fashion. We have been forced to do this with koalas for many years without much outcry from the animal activists.

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    • Diana  

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  4. rikda  

    I would like to hear what blokes like Matt Wright (Outback wrangler) has to say about this.
    What he does is quiet complex in dealing with these animals & when he says something, we should listen.
    “We’ve gone from about 4000 crocodiles in the wild up to about 140,000 in the last 40 years.” Matt Wright.
    Worth some thought Terri.

    • Algernon  


      Learn to spell!
      It’s not that b@&&$- difficult!

  5. It should be remembered that Terri Irwin’s late husband convinced a group of people in the Northern Territory some years ago, when a similar proposal was suggested that it would be a bad thing, & as they say ” you reap what you sow”, so Terri Irwin should stick to running a zoo, & leave wild life management to people who know what they are talking about. Because as Bob Katter says she should “start living in the real world”.

  6. Imogen  

    Wouldn’t be bothered with what either of them has to say!

    He’s always got verbal ‘diarrhoea’.

    She’s just money-hungry.

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