Boat people to be “banned for life” from entering Australia

New laws being rushed into parliament next week could bring a huge change to Australia’s asylum seeker policies. According to

New laws being rushed into parliament next week could bring a huge change to Australia’s asylum seeker policies.

According to News Corp reports, asylum seekers who arrive by boat could soon be banned for life from ever setting foot in Australia – even if they have legitimate refugee status. 

This ban will apply to any adult asylum seeker sent to Nauru or Manus Island since July 19, 2013. 

Even those who have since been allowed to return to their home country will be banned from ever returning to Australia – not even with a tourist visa. 

This ban applies to approximately 3000 asylum seekers, more than half of whom have been found to be genuine refugees. However, children will be exempt from the ban. 

“This is the next step in cleaning up Labor’s mess,’’ said Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. 

“The government has consistently said no one who attempts to enter Australia illegally by boat will ever settle here. This puts into law that crucial aspect which has been central to stopping the boats and stopping deaths at sea.

“It sends a further clear and consistent message to people smugglers that the government’s resolve on protecting Australia’s borders is as strong as it has ever been.’’

The government stands by its decision to refuse New Zealand’s offer to take some of Australia’s rejected refugees.

“Settlement in a country like New Zealand would be used by the people smugglers as a marketing opportunity,’’ said Malcolm Turnbull. 

How do you feel about these potential new laws? Is it a fair deterrent, or a harsh mistreatment?

  1. Pam Watson  

    Should have happened years ago.

    • I feel the same way. If I offend people bad luck. I never felt this way years ago but I feel our way of life has been made to change. No Easter, no Christmas carols. WHY !!
      I am sure as hell know we couldn’t change the way a country runs somewhere else in the world. I wouldn’t have the right to try anyway.

    • kate jones  

      Totally agree that this should have been done years ago. Pray and hope it’s not too late. Even Germany are changing their minds allowing so called refugees entering and now ruining normal people’s lives. Pray 🙏 and pray 🙏 some more…..

  2. agree totally with this decision, sends a strong clear message.

    • So, you think that the psychological, physical and sexual torture of babies, toddlers, children, teens, women and men is the right way to send a message? You think psychological damage is a good action to take just to “show others” what will haven to them if they dare to escape on a boat to Australia to flee the bombs that Australia, at the behest of the US, is raining down on them? What if this were happening to you children and grandchildren? You have no empathy and no heart!

      • Heather Margaret  

        Leonie I wish to protect my children, grand-children and great-grand-children. I want them to enjoy the gift of Christmas and the meaning of Easter. To walk our streets in safety to travel OUR country AUSTRALIA without fear from all the illegal people entering our country. Come in the front door, the proper way.

        • Maxine  

          Totally first responsibility is to my children, grandchildren.

      • alan dymond  

        The boat people arriving here are not refugees and they are not “fleeing bombs” as they have not come directly from Syria etc but have all been living safely in another country, some of them for years. They could have stayed in that country quite safely but chose to risk travel to Australia, I wonder why??

    • I hope that you or your family are never in need of asylum from another country that will lock you indefinitely in a concentration camp on an island somewhere. don’t think it could never happen here, because it could! You have no empathy and no heart!

  3. Ray Harvey  

    Absolutely and what most Australians want. There are millions waiting in refugee camps around the world and applying for entry into Australia and other countries through the correct vetting and organised manner. Boat people are rewarding thugs and criminals and trying to “jump the queue” through a back door.

    • Ray Harvey, You DO NOT speak for me! There is no queue and there never was! If Australia wishes to aid the US in the bombing of these countries, then they should take responsibility for their actions. That includes caring for those they leave homeless and for those who will be left in danger of being raped, tortured or murdered by the regimes this bombing is attempting to unseat. 80-90% of the refugees we have incarcerated have been found to be genuine refugees. Is it then okay to exacerbate the suffering of these people by imprisoning them indefinitely? Is it okay to slowly send these unfortunate people insane? By all means go after the people smugglers, but please DO NOT punish those who are fleeing for their lives and who have suffered and witnessed things that we can’t even imagine! May God forgive this government, because I never will!

  4. Anne  

    Appalled – we have become a maverick nation refusing to acknowledge our international obligations.

    • Shaughn Forbes  

      I totally agree with you it is shameful that we treat desperate people this way.

    • phil ison  

      Appalled get over yourself Australia has immigration laws that when followed allow people to migrate.These boat people are economic refugees paying criminals to bring them to our shores

    • So Anne how many would you like to come live with you 20 or so
      They will rape you and your children murder your husband (if you have one) kill your dog just for starters you need to look around and see whats happening in other countries You want sharia law I THINK NOT

      • Glynnis Murray  

        OMG Martin, get into the real world and try a bit of compassion! We are a huge country and it saddens me to see how compassion is so low down on our list of values. Totally agree with you Anne!

        • Lyn Pride  

          Glynnis, I have no trouble with true refugees stuck in camps waiting to come here the legal way but i have no time for those who ‘country shop’ and pass through many other countries where they could settle on their way to Australia.

          • Lyn, they bypass countries who are not signatories to the Refugee convention and where they will not be safe. Unfortunately for them, though Australia is a signatory they are certainly not safe here. In fact they are sent to a concentration psychological, sexual and physical abuse. 80-90% of these people have been found to be genuine refugees. What would you do in their place, try to get your family to safety or sit there and wait to be tortured, raped and murdered? I know what I would do! If the attitude is that this is the right thing to do, then I despair for the future of our once proud nation!

  5. Janine  

    About bee time!

    Should’ve been done years’ ago!

    At last, pollies’ have some b@$$& to do the right thing, & what ‘everyday’ Aussies’ have been wanting, & asking for, for the last decade!

  6. Diana  

    We are NOT refusing to acknowledge our international settlement obligations at all. People who come via smugglers are jumping queues when there are thousands waiting to come legally. Why should the illegals force their way into our country and then get stroppy because they can’t stay or have to live on Nauru? Just try doing the same to any of their countries and you would be gaoled so fast your head would spin.

    Just remember that we are a small country in terms of population. There is a limit to how many people we can support. We have thousands of homeless and unemployed, pensioners living on a “misery stipend” so why should illegal boat people take much-needed funds from our own people?

    We ARE taking selected refugees in this year and next year – and if anyone wants us to take in “just anyone” without proper checks, then I hope that “do-gooder” is the first one to cop the result if we let in the wrong people – not some innocent person going about their own business.

    • Robert adams  

      Well said Dianna, as one who at age 63 and finds himself on jobseekeekersfor the first time and struggling, iam tired of seeing these (so called asylum seekers get so much, and I have to FIGHT for so little. It’s costing Australia so much, and the general public don’t know the half of it

    • Domi  

      Ummm … that is the point – you wouldn’t try getting into their countries because they are unliveable. They are coming here because they cannot safely live with their families in their own country. I cannot fathom the heartless mean spirited viewpoints some people have. Can you not for five minutes imagine what it would be like to walk in their shoes? Do you view them so different to yourself that you cannot extend a hand to help? Give it a go… see how feel. And hope that you don’t one day need the help of strangers that mirror your hardline approach.

  7. it they can pay smugglers then they arent true refugees in my book . thought letting the kids in might be a way for the adults to get in as well.
    Indonesia should take some responsiblity for the crime being committed on indonesian soil ( and i should fly like tinkerbell)

  8. Guy Flavell  

    Well Done Mr. Dutton. But there is still work to be done. Please sort these illegal scumbags on Manus and Nauru into ethnic groups and load them onto planes and return them to their countries of origin. Perhaps give them a couple of $k each to help them reassimilate back into their countries (even though they don’t deserve it). This sensible action would be a ‘middle finger’ gesture to the bleating do-gooders at the UN and once and for all prove to the World than our borders are inviolate to further illegal entries.
    Once again, our Government is forced to clean up the unfortunate mess left by the idiotic

    • Colours  

      These are people who fear for their lives to such an extent that they are willing to risk everything to get to a country where they believe they will be safe and accepted. They are not the “disgusting scumbags” in this debate. You make me ashamed to be an Australian.

    • Domi  

      You need more love in your life. Heaven forbid there should be bleating do-gooders in the world…doing good and making things great…

  9. Pscript  

    Another retrospective thought bubble law. The mess is not created by Labor as the average time spent in detection was 40 days. The LNP attitude to human rights is morally and ethnically bankrupt. There is surely many other options other being a complete dick, as nearly all have been assessed as ligament asylum seekers.
    To all those comments agreeing with this thought bubble have their head stuck somewhere and it ain’t roses your smelling.

    • Martin  

      Totally agree there. Abbott paid off Criminals to turn around. Labor clearly posted huge signs at international airports telling prospective refugees that they would not be allowed into Australia. Dutton is an idiot and keeps using the blame game towards labor because he is incompetent.

  10. These people need to return to their own country and fight for the freedom of their country, and not expect others to do their fighting for them, if they don’t ,their culture will be lost and they will live in shame for the rest of their lives. And they will be deemed as being > SCABS

    • Colin Patrick Butt, How do you think that they will be able to return and fight for freedom in their own country? Perhaps you can tell me how one can attack a bomb falling from above to fight for your freedom. The fact is that a majority of these people, 80-90% of whom have been assessed as genuine, are escaping from countries that Australia has bombed, or is currently bombing at the behest of the US. If we don’t want to take responsibility for our actions and look after the refugees we are making, then we should get the hell out of their countries! The LNP is full of vile, abhorrent, amoral bully boys, and women, who seem to enjoy the psychological, physical and sexual torture of babies, toddlers, children, teens, women and men in the concentrations camps they have set up and pay for! Mind you, the ALP is not far behind the LNP in the morality stakes!

  11. Alek Skorich  

    I really do feel sorry for the bl poor idiots condoning Duttons policy. Where has our compassion gone they”re not refugees because they want to be. Their situation came about because of western interference in their country. People do not willingly migrate the circumstance we visit upon them is what precipitates their desire to move in the main to protect their families. We need to look past the BS fed to us by the likes of both Dutton and his predecessor.

    • Alek Skorich, People have no compassion any more, we are fast becoming a very selfish and cruel country! Our government will do anything to capture the far right vote, even if that meant the psychological, physical and sexual torture of babies, toddlers, children, teens, women and men. They do not care that these unfortunate people, of whom 80-90% are classified as genuine refugees, go slowly insane as our vile, abhorrent, amoral politicians imprison them indefinitely! Each and every politician who does not speak out against this vile torture and imprisonment of asylum seekers is, in my opinion, just as guilty of the torture they are subjected to as if they were personally carrying out such actions. May God forgive them, for I never will!

    • People are not against immigration. However we are being inundated and invaded by muslims hose intention it is to take over the west. I for one am sick to death of their sly intentions, big demands and sense of enitlement and I know thousands of others who feel the same. They have been committing genocide on non muslims for 1400 years and are doing just that in Syria right now. ( If there is any Christiansleft) Why have we not brought in the real victims of this “war of Islamisation or die!” No we have left them to die horrible deaths while the perpetrators are playing the victim role. They do not Wish to live by our laws and pose their depraved beliefs on us, then cry ignorance. No thanks, I have seen too much to have any sympathy whatsoever for those who have lowered the standard of this once great country. I hope they meet the same fate they openly, or secretly want to impose on us.

      • Guy Flavell  

        Well said Veronique … every bit of it. Why do we have to accept this abhorrent culture
        in Australia? Sharia Law is despicable … female genital mutilation, child brides, death for adultery, hatred and vile persecution of gays, polygamy and complete disrespect for women. Under Sharia Law there can only be one true religion, Islam and all non-Islamists should be vilified until they accept this obnoxious and fiendish way of life.
        A totally evil culture that all Australians should be constantly denouncing and demanding to be legally outlawed under our statutes.

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