Blanche d’Alpuget reveals what she really thought of Bob Hawke when they first met

Bob Hawke and Blanche d’Alpuget sat down for a follow up to their controversial 1995 interview.
The couple are still going strong after all these years.

Their romance became known as one of the biggest political scandals in Australian history, but it appears former prime minister Bob Hawke and Blanche d’Alpuget are still as in love as ever.

The pair sat down with 60 Minutes last night for a follow up to their famously controversial 1995 interview with reporter Roger Woolley.

Last night, Woolley asked some tough questions again, but none as uncomfortable as his opening line all those years ago, when he asked the couple, “when did the sex begin?”.

The interview outraged the country and their was huge backlash against the pair.

Last night, they talked about how they’ve handled everything over the years, with Blanche saying she was disappointed people just viewed her as ‘the mistress’.

“I had no idea who he was,” she said of their first meeting.

“But we sat down together on one of those swinging chairs and talked for about two hours.
“He was such an interesting man. and he was just of very good character. I perceived that immediately.

“The fact that I was a writer and an international career out of the picture was simply airbrushed and I was portrayed as Bob’s much-younger trophy wife.”

Bob is regarded by many as our most beloved ex prime minister and when asked about his views on today’s pollies, in particular Pauline Hanson, he didn’t mince his words.

“What I can never accept from Hanson or anyone…is trying to say that the quality of a person and how a person is to be regarded is in ANY way to be related to their nationality, the colour of their skin, their sex, or their religion – or lack of,” he said.

Many still seem to be divided over whether or not they support the couple, with some saying they could never forgive him for leaving his ex-wife Hazel and subjecting her to such a public display of love for his new bride.

Others say said to let bygones be bygones and be happy Bob and Blanche have found love together.

Did you watch last night? Do you remember when it all unfolded all those years ago? What were your thoughts then?

  1. Ray  


    • Sue Pass  

      Bob is right, I don’t think he’s a silly old bugger. There is climate change and about time the government woke up to it.

  2. Caroline  

    No didn’t watch it , who cares what they do .

  3. Ann  

    Obviously the vows of marriage mean nothing to either of them! It is disgusting how they behaved. Never break up a marriage like that, divorce then make relationship public.

  4. Dianne Evans  

    We are not judge and jury they have stayed together and seem happy

  5. Mary  

    No scruples –

  6. Leave them alone! they are obviousley happy! People should not comment on what they fully don’t know the facts of. We don’t know what was going on in their private lives at the time and surely all the above negative comments are not from perfect people or maybe they think they are.

  7. Momus  

    Bob who? Sorry, but am I supposed to know … even worst maybe, am I supposed to CARE? Nah.

  8. Alan Hill  

    Sorry Bob. “The imminent demise of humanity”. What a load of rubbish. Enjoy your retirement. Those working are still paying for it. I was going to say nothing but your last remark got me going.

  9. Annette Morgan  

    If you do not know people personally do not comment as you do not know the facts. As for those out there that think people should stay in an unhappy marriage you are pathetic

  10. What Bob Hawke does is of no concern to me, what does get up my nose is the fact that, both of these people are well off, and yet the taxpayers are still making payments to them both, Hawke as an ex PM and Blanche d’Alpuget and his wife. It is about time this sort of thing was stopped, haven’t they got enough out of the taxpayers, if they can not manage stiff.

  11. Margaret  

    Could not give two cents about either of them. Hazel always remained a lady and loved by all.

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