Barnaby Joyce shows off burn marks on his face

Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce has attended a press conference with burn marks all over his face. While reporters were

Deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce has attended a press conference with burn marks all over his face.

While reporters were surprised by his appearance at first, Barnaby soon revealed that he was going to look like this for a few weeks because he had just had cancers burned off his face.

Skin cancer affects two in three Australians and is one of the most prevalent and problematic cancers in the country.

Boldly showing off his scars, Barnaby used the chance to warn poke a little fun at himself and remind people to slip, slop, slap.

“I took part in a press conference today like a walking advertisement for why you should wear a hat.

Cancers on my face are being burned off with a cream so I’m going to look like this for a few weeks. It doesn’t add to my complexion, but some say it doesn’t take away from it either.

“So if you’re in the sun, cover up, or you’ll be looking the same in a few years’ time – and you just don’t know what you’ll have to front up to.”

This kind of treatment is becoming more and more common, with people using the cream to remove skin cancer from their face and body.

While it can be uncomfortable and awkward to walk around with these marks on your face, it’s a timely reminder that we all need to be vigilant about skincare!

Have you ever had to have skin cancer removed? Do you always cover up in the sun?

  1. Fay  

    Thank you Barnaby Joyce. I feel so angry and frustrated about this issue because people are still ignoring the risk of skin cancer. I lost a younger brother to melanoma and he had olive skin. Two other family members have had melanomas and only one of those has fair skin, so anyone can get it. Sadly, the ones with olive skin tend to think they won’t get it and fail to take proper precautions. We ALL need to protect our skin better, particularly our children, and get them used to wearing rashies, hats and sunscreen, but best of all, avoid the sun all together in the hottest part of the day. There are many fashionable rashies available, so celebrities and high profile “cool” people should lead the way. Governments at all levels, businesses, schools and sporting organisations all need to provide much better shelter. We still see too many children and adults at cricket, tennis, racing and football events, or lazing on the beach in the middle of summer where they are still getting sunburnt. Television reality shows like Survivor feature people outdoors without hats and proper clothing and you can see their skin turning pink. Please, please – we have to do more to prevent these dreadful skin cancers that cause so much pain and heartache in families. Thank you.

  2. clifford  

    I Rather like that type of ” Cream ” …I do Believe all Australians would be in agreement should ALL our Politicians use the ” Cream ” …if it gets rid of ” Cancer ” I reckon an Extra dollop for each….. would be a good measure ….!!

  3. Greg Smith  

    This man is a disgrace to Australian politics, we get what we deserve!! He is our deputy Prime Minister!! hilarious if it wasn’t so bloody serious

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