Barnaby Joyce declares war on One Nation

Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has accused Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party of sabotaging Government policies saying they “want to create

Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce has accused Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party of sabotaging Government policies saying they “want to create complete and utter political mischief and bastardry”.

The deputy prime minister’s comments were made after Hanson and senator Brian Burstone failed to turn up to a vote on the proposal to increase the passenger movement charge on international airline tickets — also known as the departure tax — by $5 to $60, costing the government millions in revenue.

The motion on November 23 failed to pass through parliament as a result of their no-show, and Joyce and other Coalition senators were unimpressed.

When the passenger movement increase was put before parliament on November 24, it passed 35-34.

According to, the Coalition is concerned about the amount of political support One Nation is getting.

At the next Queensland state election it has been revealed that One Nation will likely put up to 60 nominations forward, and in New South Wales the Nationals lost its seat of Orange to a minor fishers and shooters group meaning it could be feeling the squeeze.

A recent poll suggests that up to 45 per cent of voters in Queensland believe Pauline Hanson responds better to their concerns than the Coalition or Labor. The party’s federal vote in the state has more than doubled from 5.5 per cent to 12 per cent since the July election.

Why do you think One Nation has increased in popularity in recent months? Which party is addressing your concerns the best?

  1. The watcher  

    Its a reaction to the obvious incompetence and greed of the current sorry lot of politicians. Voters both left and right of the political spectrum have had enough of self serving, loud mouthed numbskulls lying to the population at large. They feather their own nests , practice jobs for the boys, villify and denigrate then claim to be misquoted.
    None of them, especially the present PM can even loosely be described as having integrity, principles and a strong moral compass. Everything is expedient, nothing is for the betterment of Australia and ALL its people. Everything is for sale, including our cherished healthcare system and environment.

    • Khris  

      Could not have worded it better myself!

  2. Ray Harvey  

    Like Brexit and the recent USA election, the rank and file voter in Australia is fed up with the two party system which doesn’t appear to be addressing the basic needs of people across the board. This is partly reflected in the last Australian election which saw minor parties and individuals get elected over major party candidates. All we get from the major parties is the continued dominance of ideology squabbling instead of attending to matters of substance. This also filters done now to the State level and a good thing too. Canberra is currently full of major party members there for themselves only, dysfunctionally boring and not qualified for their portfolios (Cormann, Cash etc). All you get is repetitive, politically and ideological mumbling in response to serious questions. Time for change.

  3. Brian Tierney  

    We are already being taxed to death, those MPs should take a hard look at their expenses to reap in the deficit not just flog us into oblivion!

    • Suzanna Young  

      I agree with Brian Tierney, their bleeding the people dry while their filling their own pockets with pension and a wage as well.

  4. Elizabeth Litster  

    One Nation wasn’t elected to rubber stamp the Government’s legislation.

    • Sandy Williams  

      That’s is correct but they were elected to attend parliament. How they vote is up to them and we should accept that but they must accept that they have a duty to attend and be counted.

  5. Dog Vowell  

    Well done Barnaby you are going the right way to keep One Nation on side if you want their vote keep it up and you will get nothing passed.

  6. Guy Flavell  

    No, it’s the constant, time-wasting obstructionist ‘politicking’ by Shorten and his cronies … plus the inaction, dithering and
    infighting within the weak Coalition that causing voters to look for alternatives to both Parties. Question Time in Parliament is now a total
    joke with never any constructive bipartisan (or other) discussion about the desperately needed budgetary repair. Nothing appears to being
    achieved by our Pollies … just continuous sniping and disparaging remarks. Policy that one side agreed upon only months ago, now
    disagreed upon, because their opponents have compromised their own views … it’s kids stuff. IT’S JUST PLAYING AT POLITICS without any

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  9. Elaine Henderson  

    They made a couple of movies about these two – Dumb and Dumber

  10. RC Henry  

    While I don’t know why Sen Hanson wasn’t in Parliament to vote, I do believe all politicians should be present when voting is required. If they wish, they can abstain, but unless there is a good reason, they should be present. After all, this is what we pay them for – to participate in governing our country.

    The Problem Sen Barnaby and many other Coalition and Labor polticians have is that they are NOT LISTENING to we the voters. Senator Hanson is! For this reason, the One Nation Party and other obscure parties will get an increasing number of our votes. People are fed up being treated like a hip pocket to supply unending amounts of money to people who squander it and implement policies we don’t want or don’t support.

    For example, why has our government sent millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation?

  11. Think he is getting worried and well he should. An awful lot of people are getting sick and tired of both the Coalition and Labor. Neither of them are listing to any one other than their inner circle which seem to consist of lawyers and bankers on one hand and union officials on the other. No wonder Pauline is so popular, at least she listens to everyday people.

  12. Dieter  

    At the momet we have 3 so called main party’s in power.
    All 3 lost voters.
    One of the reasons is the silent majority of people is not happy with the lot above and are looking for a party who speaks for them.
    The One Nation party says what Joe Average can’t or is not allowed to say.
    Just think about.

    • P & V Thompson  

      Barnaby Joyce is also known as the Minister for Animal Cruelty. He has no compassion for the sufferings of animals. Indeed, he has been responsible for increasing the immense sufferings and deaths of millions of animals. He has also bullied Premier Baird to withdraw the ban on the cruel sport of greyhound racing. He has taken tens of thousands of dollars from Gina Reinhart to help him win the election. In return, he is giving her and her Chinese businessman the Kidman pastoral company. This will increase what he already started–the live export of Australian cattle to China. The Chinese ignorantly believe the more they torture an animal before slaughter–the better the meat. It is so obvious who is the leader of this country. The big red faced bully. He is loathed by many Australians. He is utterly unacceptable to the Australian people! We’ve had enough! Our sleep has been disturbed forever by those images of animal cruelty. He must go!

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