Barnaby Joyce airs controversial views on Australia Day

Barnaby Joyce has ruffled feathers with his opinion on Australia Day.
The deputy PM has spoken.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has let rip at Australia Day naysayers, telling them to harden up and get a grip.

In an interview with radio station 2GB, Mr Joyce said calls to change the date of the day were “political correctness gone mad”.

“I just get sick of these people who every time, every time there’s something on, they want to make you feel guilty about it,” Mr Joyce said this morning from his home in Tamworth.

“They want to tell you you’re evil — they don’t like Christmas, they don’t like Australia Day, they’re just miserable gutted people who I wish would crawl under a rock and hide for a bit.”

There has been a renewed effort this year to change the date because of the offence it causes to many Indigenous Australians.

Many view the day as a sad moment in history when their culture and way of life was torn apart by the landing.

To them, and many other Australians, it seems wrong to celebrate such a traumatising occasion.

However, Mr Joyce is having none of it, telling the ‘bleeding hearts’ to get over it.

“Don’t start your weeping and gnashing your teeth around me about the terrible evil that we’ve done, providing a nation where we’re democratic, where there’s free education, where there’s basically free health, where we’re well defended, where we basically look after the poor to the best of our ability, that has created a culture where we don’t see some of the craziness you see in some of the other parts of the world,” he said.

“If that’s not important to you and you’ve got your nose bent out of joint because you think it should be something else, well that’s fine, find another day and go celebrate it by yourself.

“This is Australia Day — people have Barbecues, probably play a bit of cricket, here they’ll be walking up and down listening to a bit of country music.

“It’s about celebration.”

One idea that is quickly gaining popularity is to change Australia Day to May 8 because of the way it rolls of the tongue with the Aussie drawl: “May 8… Maayyyy 8…. Mate!”

Do you think we should change the date to make it more inclusive for all? Or should we keep the date we’ve got?

  1. Post$cript  

    Barnaby, just because we brought democracy to Australia doesn’t right the wrongs of the past.
    Free education, basically free health and basically looking after the poor was the case before your deluded idiots became the government and as for the secrecy how do we know we’re well defended.
    Barnaby you have brought the craziness to Australian single handed and I don’t like your form of democracy as it looks more like a dictatorship, your way is the only way!

    • Guy Flavell  

      Post$cript, WHAT UTTER NONSENSE !!! Barnaby Joyce is only expressing the views of 98% of
      the Australian population. The loud-mouthed 2% like you are what we all classify as ‘dipsticks’
      seeking to gain some notoriety from their mindless twaddle.

      • Post$cript  

        Love your alternative facts which denigrated into abuse.
        Can only feel sorry for your anger problem.

        • Guy Flavell  

          Yeah, I was a bit tough on you, sorry nothing personal. It’s just that foolish extreme left-wing comments
          like yours always infuriate me. But, this is a democracy and we’re all entitled to our own opinions I guess.

    • Keith Cashman  

      You are right about one thing in your comment, the past can’t be changed. And that is about the only thing you have right. Barnaby’s sick of the backward looking and winging as a lot of other people are. Get over it and appreciate our country on Australia Day. The 26th celebrates the Australia we have today and if you don’t like it work towards making it better.

    • Glenys  

      I do get over it we all have red blood enuff is enuff

  2. Roger  

    NO one is able to alter history, like it or not, it is there. This country is a long way from being the only one which was taken over by foreign powers, The United States, Canada, Central American to name just a few. To those who seek to change every damn thing because of some so-called politically correct, agenda, just quit and get on with worrying about important stuff.

  3. Ellen Walls  

    Thank goodness someone is brave enough to speak the truth.

    • Steve Parker  

      Full agreement, too many bleeding hearts with nothing better to do than be negative. positive up, or push off, please?

  4. Ann  

    Leave Australia day as is i haven’t waged a war against our indigenous people in fact i have worked with them

  5. Peter John  

    January 26th has NOTHING to do with Australia. It is the date associated with Captain Cook landing and colonising Botany Bay, later a greater area was called New South Wales. Australia didn’t come into existense until January 1st 1901

    • Check up on history and you will find it was Captain Arthur Philip who landed at Botany Bay on 26 Jan 1788. Cook was there on 29 April 1770.

    • David Baylis  

      Capt Cook was long dead by the time of the so called “First Settlement”.

  6. Paul  

    If it hadn’t been the British that colonized our great country, it would have been the French or Spanish and that colonized. Jan 26 is the day this country was founded by our British forebears and I for one am tired of the continual pandering to the minorities and their followers.

    • Post$cript  

      Australia was already colonised by thee Aboriginal race, the British actually invaded. At the time the British was the minority and only became the majority by killing many of the existing inhabitants.

      Australia Day should be a celebration that we hopeful live together without the us and them mentality. These re-enactments of the proclaiming of the colonisation by the British has to stop.
      Pity many of the comments here only reflects divisiveness, we still have not learn the meaning of inclusiveness.

  7. Karen  

    Not often I agree with Mr Dutton, but he is spot on this time. It is a day of coming together in celebration and it seems some with political agendas wish to cause division and angst. I can’t think of a country with an unblemished history, so acknowledge it, learn from it and look forward. Love this great land 🙂

    • Guy Flavell  

      Mr. Dutton ? I thought these “controversial” comments were made by Mr. Barnaby Joyce ?

  8. Karen  

    too true guy, the edit/grammar police got me quick, barnaby joyce is correct, I am WRONG, got distracted while typing it and realised immediately on posting and it can’t be edited. So shoot me down.

  9. Diandra  

    I don’t always agree with Barnaby. But……by geeezzz I agree with him this time 100%

    • Jim Maxwell  

      Well said Barnaby totally agree.

  10. G.Mcgrath  

    Well said Mr Barnaby l feel the same way.🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  11. Christine Randle  

    I agree with Barnaby Joyce.. This is Australia Day, a day to celebrate our great nation. We are all (or should be) proud Australians. What happened with the indigenous people years and years ago had nothing to do with anyone who is living today. We have said “sorry” even though it wasn’t us. We give them free schooling, free healthcare, they get money. I brought my children up to respect everyone, and that included Indigenous people. But my youngest child challenged me one day when she realised that some aboriginees in her class actually got paid to go to school. She asked me why they get paid when she doesn’t? And there were other things and other cultures that got preference over the Aussie kids. We have lived in Alice springs amongst aboriginal people, and in the outback they are the nicest people you could meet. We are all Australians, and should be celebrating today together. Stop pushing for stupid changes, and for Gods sake, stop with the political correctness crap.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Well said Christine. A truly balanced comment and reflective of the opinions of the majority of Australians.

    • Sharon  

      Well said let’s move on no matter what day we choose will not change history so let’s celebrate being together and the changes that have been made to make us one great nation.

  12. Leonie  

    Australia Day celebrates a day for all Australians. Each and every one of us have our roots in another continent. There has never been a people with ancestors rising from this Australian soil. Australians all, we celebrate our joint Australian-ness on this day no matter where our family tree sprung up.

    • Dale hennessy  

      Ummmmm…. I think the indigenous peoples ancestors rose from Australian soil!! For about 40,000 years!!!!! Where have you been that you didn’t know this???? The white Australians only arrived 2000 years ago!!!

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