Baden-Clay breaks down in prison

You might remember hearing how wife-killer Gerard Baden-Clay was “overconfident” heading into the High Court decision that landed him a

You might remember hearing how wife-killer Gerard Baden-Clay was “overconfident” heading into the High Court decision that landed him a life sentence for murdering his wife Allison in their Brisbane home in 2012.

Well, sources say that’s changed.

Apparently, the 46-year-old was working in a metal shop at the Wolston Correctional Centre when he started “sobbing uncontrollably”.

7 News is reporting that, according to sources, Baden-Clay has become overwhelmed.

You might be wondering how?

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Well, the reports say he told prison staff he was “not coping” with his life behind bars and the “full reality” of his murder conviction is finally dawning on him.

Baden-Clay was crying so hard that he needed help to return to his jail cell.

But that’s not the only reports coming from the prison.

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The Courier Mail has also reported the wife killer was still wearing his wedding ring, and according to sources, still had photos of him and his wife Allison on the wall of his jail cell.

It’s been a tumultuous few months for Baden-Clay.

Remember earlier this year when the Queensland Court of Appeal judges downgraded his murder charge manslaughter.

They claimed he may have accidentally killed Allison during an argument.

On August 31, that decision was overturned and Baden-Clay had his murder charge reinstated and ordered to serve a life sentence for Allison’s murder.

Despite his breakdown in prison, the wife killer has never admitted his guilt.

Do you have any sympathy for Baden-Clay? Are you glad he’s having a hard time in prison?


  1. Diana Hockley  

    I’m not gloating that he is having a bad time, but I have no sympathy for him either.

  2. Russell Boettcher  

    He is an oxygen thief in my opinion May he rot in hell. I am happy to think that the full realization of his punishment is finally occurring to him. I am sure he is not crying for his deceased wife or what he did, just what his life is now.

  3. Jacqui  

    Good ploy leave your wedding ring on and surround yourself with pictures of your beautiful wife you brutally murdered – just in case someone might believe you!! A lawyer tactic probably. Sad thing is one day he will be out still pretending and one day his kids may believe him

    • Sheree Heath  

      He is only crying for himself because of being caught and suffering/paying the price for the life he took…i guess he thought he could deliberately murder his wife and walk free….i feel for his departed wife and their children ….bless them.

  4. Wendy Croft  

    Not at all probably just a front with him trying to get sympathy

  5. Pauline  

    Narcissistic a’hole deserves everything he gets

  6. Iam glad he has finally realized that yes he did murder his wife and took away a daughter sister and most of all a mother i hope you cry for the rest of your pathetic life no sympathy for scum

  7. Heather Saunders  

    If he is the killer of his wife, and surely the evidence pointing to him is too good to be wrong, then he needs to do his time for the crime and perhaps work harder at tasks in prison to take his mind off himself. Self pity does not wash with me. His children have lost their mother, does he even care about how they are coping?

    • Here Here I totally agree. You can’t begin to imagine what those 3 beautiful daughters will grapple with for the rest of their lives

    • Yes well shame he didn’t think of the consequences when murdering he’s beautiful wife, I’m glad he’s got her photo on the wall of his cell may it haunt him till the day he dies, I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. ……

  8. You robbed your children of the delight of having their mother to love and guide them through the very important times of their lives you selfish heartless Bastard. RIP Alison

  9. Peter Kenrick  

    I feel dreadful for him. More than happy to pull the trapdoor lever and give him a long drop on a short rope and put him out of the victim’s family’s misery.

  10. Anne Sayles  

    We didn’t see any emotion from him during the trial. Over confident cocky bastars is getting his just desserts. Care factor – zero!!!!!

  11. Susan Henry  

    2 words: capital punishment.

    • Jane  

      Oh! Susan, how righ you are!
      And he’s not the only one for ‘the drop’, IMO!

      There’re SO many ‘oxygen thiefs’ our Taxes are keeping alive!
      Damn shame actually!

  12. No Sympathy whatsoever.He will just have to harden up He killed her.Tried to get away with it but failed.His wife is dead He is alive.

    • Gail Bourke  

      Suffer, you have it easy compared to your beautiful wife, children & family

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