Australia’s special gift to Princess Mary, amid rumours of a feud

Since Princess Mary arrived for a family reunion in Tasmania, we haven’t heard much about her. In fact, it seems

Since Princess Mary arrived for a family reunion in Tasmania, we haven’t heard much about her. In fact, it seems Australia is giving the future Queen of Denmark a gift that even her royal purse can’t buy – privacy!

The Daily Mail did spot Princess Mary enjoying coffee with her brother and his family, but little else has been captured by the paparazzi. It’s no doubt a much-needed reprieve from the public scrutiny that Mary would be accustomed to in Europe.

There is some suggestion though, that Princess Mary’s trip down under could be a well-executed publicity stunt to detract from rumours of a family feud. After all, the Danish royal family hasn’t visited Australia since 2011.

In October, a Facebook exchange surfaced allegedly between Mary’s father John Dalgeish Donaldson and her brother John Stuart Donaldson. Mary’s father asked if “she who shall not be named” had refused to join her brother’s family trip to Rome.

Mary’s brother allegedly wrote back, “did not bother to ask, Dad. Trish isn’t speaking to her right now”. It was a revealing comment that supposedly showed a royal rift between Princess Mary and her sister, Patricia Bailey.

The Danish palace was quick to dismiss these rumours, stating “we believe that this is a case of obvious abuse. It is all too easy to make false profile pages”.

Either way, it seems Princess Mary has buried the hatchet with her Aussie family. She will celebrate the rest of Christmas in Tasmania.

Do you think Princess Mary’s return to Australia is a publicity stunt? Do you believe the rumours of a family feud?

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  1. its funny me and most of the people i know were not aware that we were giving away gifts to these people

  2. Is this any of our business? If I want to read trash I’ll buy New Idea or Woman’s Day.

    • Well you said it as it is Tracey
      Only time I browse through them is at the hairdressers ,,
      Absolute Crap !!!!!

  3. For goodness sake – leave the girl alone, what she does or doesn’t do in her life is HER business, agree if I want to read absolute trash I’ll go buy New Idea – which I won’t!!!!!

  4. You write about us giving her privacy, and then you invade it. Whether there is or is not a feud in her family is none of our business. Stop spreading gossip, SAS.

  5. Well she is a real princess and certainly a sophisticated young woman. As for a rift? Four years from the family in Tassie? So what. That happens in all families. She is royalty and has a busy schedule. The media will try anything. ☺

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