Australians can’t decide who would make a better PM

There has been yet another poll about Australia’s leadership and it turns out that if you had the choice between

There has been yet another poll about Australia’s leadership and it turns out that if you had the choice between Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten you would have trouble deciding who would do a better job.

The Australian newspoll reveals that Turnbull and Shorten are the least wanted politicians for the prime ministership in Australia in more than 20 years, with at least one quarter of those voters surveyed unable to make a clear distinction on who would do a better job.

Of course, Turnbull is already in the hot seat, but since he became prime minister in 2015 an average of 24 per cent of voters are uncommitted to him holding on to the top spot at the next election.

The only duo that had a less desirable rating was that of Paul Keating and Alexander Downer in 1994-95.

When Tony Abbott was pitted against Shorten only 22.6 per cent of voters struggled to reach a conclusion, while almost 15 per cent had difficulty in deciding who would be a better PM in the race between John Howard and Kevin Rudd 10 years ago.

While it might be a bit of a worry for Turnbull, who has watched his support slide from 64 per cent in 2015 when he replaced Tony Abbott to just 41 per cent now, he still has an average of 49.9 per cent of voters that consider him to be the better leader since taking up the role.

The results of the latest newspoll — taken after the final fortnight of parliament in 2016 — revealed 27 per cent of voters were not inclined to vote for either Turnbull nor Shorten.

How would you respond to such a survey? Who has been an outstanding prime minister for Australia over the years, and why?

  1. desleigh clarke  

    Neither – Turnbull is a poser & Shorten is just looking for power ( look what he did to Rudd & Gillard!). I have voted for Mickey Mouse a couple of times but unfortunately he has never got in. I think sack the lot & start again or maybe an independent government. They are all only in it for the huge salaries & pensions & perks, totally out of touch with ordinary Aussies.

    • Snowwhite  

      The trouble with this country is the fact that rusted on LNP voters keep voting them in. They know the LNP have mismanaged the economy increased unemployment slowly privatising Medicare cut pensions just to name a few yet they still vote for them! Older pensioners in particular are now paying the price but guess what? Once they get to the ballot box they will still vote for the LNP. Well I’m afraid you get what you vote for so pensioners deserve all they get unfortunately.

    • Linda  

      Don’t you think Turnbull was just looking for power? Of course he was!! That is why he gave away all his beliefs on a whole range of subjects, just to become the PM. He doesn’t care how he got the job, he just had to have it at any cost.

  2. Jenny Lonergan  

    I’m certainly not undecided. I think Turnbull has been one of the worst prime ministers we have ever had. He’s indecisive, can’t stick to his principles, caves in under pressure and seems only interested in the big end of town, in people with money and in taking selfies. I have and will continue to support Bill Shorten, who, I believe would make an excellent prime minister. People say ‘look what he did to Gillard and Rudd’. Well, the same thing has happened in the LNP. Look what Turnbull did to Abbott – that’s politics. However, Shorten, I believe, is an intelligent, compassionate person, who is not in it just for the power. I honestly believe he’s in it to make this country a better place for everyone, not just big business.

  3. peter.w.cherry  

    neither – M.T. is a rothschild moslem appeaser– SHORT- is a communist moslem appeaser—-we cannot allow a cult to change the laws of australia to suite their cult–islem want to conquer australia — the same way it is doing to europe and britain by stealth ,, lies –called taqiyya to promote islem.there are 12 cities in britain that have moslem mayors london is the biggest– now he wants to be prime minister–he says hes labour –lies–he is islem..!! REMEMBER THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MODERATE MOSLEM..– THE SO CALLED MODERATE WANTS A EXTREME MOSLEM TO CUT YOURE HEAD OFF.

    • Grace  

      Perhaps if you could spell and use correct grammar you may have some credibility.

  4. Nerida Price  

    I would like to see a FULL overhaul of all the State & Federal rules & regulations made public & fully discussed on TV with consideration to all payments, pensions & super entitlements. Surely this should be made public as the taxpayers need to know this, as do the audits that apparently are completed.
    Also if any Pollie is found to be deceitful with any claims or ANYTHING, they should be dismissed, appear before the courts for theft or matters for the charge, loose all privileges ie pensions on going from that point. All made public.
    The Pollies that retire or resign – the pensions stop at that point. Access to these super funds should be only be when entitled like the taxpayer & no cars or offices provided. If we knew just how much was wasted our budget could be so different. The Pollies are bleeding us dry. How can we achieve this please, before its too late.

    • Totally agree Nerida! It seems that the pollie caught doing the wrong thing just needs to apologize and pay back the money, if it were you or me, we’d end up in court charged with theft and a criminal record. These self entitled pollies think they are able to steal from the taxpayer with no repercussions! Disgusting, vile, abhorrent and amoral!

  5. jan bowman  

    I have lost faith in both partys and will not vote for them again, I find they are only argueing and talking nonsense, nothing will get done as they are too busy fighting one another, it doesnt matter if there is a good suggestion or not, it will not get passed as the other party doesnt want the other to look good, go figure

    • Jan, I agree with you. I have not and will not vote for either the ALP or the LNP again. Well, maybe the ALP if they pull their socks up and get back to basics, but the LNP, never! I grew up in an LNP home and the party I knew back then has absolutely no resemblance to the party today, and definitely not for the better. They will never have a vote from me as long as I draw breath! As for the PM, I would elect to have Shorten rather than Turnbull any day, if I had to make the choice between the two.

      • Guy Flavell  

        Brilliant idea Leonie. Another three years of Labor fiscal mismanagement is just what we need …
        NOT !!!
        Aren’t you aware of the dreadful economic situation in Greece, as that’s where we’d be heading
        under a Labor administration. I agree with you that the LNP need to get rid of Turnbull ,
        take stock and try to return the Party back to its truly Liberal policies.

    • Guy Flavell  

      Good God, check out the spelling and grammar in this post. And people like this are actually
      allowed to vote ???

      • Mareela  

        Yes Guy how are you allowed to vote?
        Someone so arrogant, who will vote LNP cause mummy and daddy told you to. Get a life, grow up and stop criticising.

  6. just judging by some of the comments here, if IQ were a criteria for eligibility to vote, most of you would not have a say in who was Prime Minister of this country!

    • Ray Harvey  

      …….and some need to go get educated more, so as to write a grammatically correct sentence !

      • Judith Bancks  

        Yes, the evidence of lack of education is these statements is appalling! Spelling and Grammar used by many respondents is almost more frightening that the leadership issue. It also detracts from what just may be valid points, which is a pity. Perhaps better and more focussed leadership, and more money spent on basic education and services would help either current ineffective and inefficient leader become the more preferred option. For now, all I can say is the choice we have is as bad as that in the recent American Presidential election, and any result would be as disastrous!

  7. pete harper  

    To quote peter w Cherry-“M.T. is a rothschild moslem appeaser– SHORT- is a communist moslem appeaser—-we cannot allow a cult to change the laws of australia to suite their cult”
    Piss poor choices indeed. If that is all these two parties can present as there best and brightest,then they are Doomed. Where are the intelligent,bright true leaders that can actually lead and unify such a rabble such
    as we are forced to elect.. The whole of this bunch of greedy self serving bludgers need sacking.

    • Buggsy  

      Sacking is the operative word there and I second that one

  8. Ray Harvey  

    Both men are not worthy to be PM. Turnbull has been a very big disappointment for most, following his appointment as PM. He promised so much yet has proven to be extremely weak, is controlled by the banking sector, the wealthy and various factions from within his own Party. As a “leader” he fails to discipline for misdemeanors, shows no accountability, has no real code of conduct and lacks in the area of appropriate ethics. Shorten is the ever opportunist, who is there for just Bill himself. He’s weak, has no vision, makes policy on the run to suit the topic of the day, is a strong advocate for communism and has no charisma or strength of character. Like many who are totally sick of the failed two Party system, where ideology rules the day and not what’s good policy for the nation, I voted for all independents last election and will continue to do so in future. If there was just one politician worthy of the PM’s office I’d say Albanese would do well, at least he is balanced and talks commonsense.

    • Mrs. Puddles  

      I agree he is a Politician worthy of note – he certainly has my respect.

  9. Mrs. Puddles  

    I’m personally offended by the fact that Mr. Shorten is the Leader of the Opposition or even a politician for that matter. History speaks for itself. No vote from me there, but then ‘Chris Bowen’ of the ‘Let the Boats flow in’ Party probably also aspires for top job. Julia Gillard of the ‘Let the Boats flow in’ Party is languishing in her Retirement Bonuses from the Australian Taxpayers. Malcolm Turnbull has been in the politics long enough to know what he stands for, so its a pity that we still don’t know, he changes feet as often as he changes his clothes, despite the fact he holds the key to the Magic Kingdom. Massive disappointment there. I want Tony Abbott back – he and his party stopped the boats. He had the gumption to tell Europe that massive migration would destroy the fabric of their societies. How right he was. Malcolm whimpered that he ‘Abbott’ didn’t speak for Australia or words to that effect. Lost me right there. The Press are responsible for the Abbott downfall, so bring on Hon. Scott Morrison of the ‘Stopped the Boats’ party – he’d get my vote.

    • Mareela  

      Mrs Puddles what an idiot you would be. And they let you vote. Abbott is and was “a would be if he could be”. Don’t you understand that most of Australia disliked Abbott with a vengeance. He was the greatest liar/politician Australia has ever known and that’s saying something. He was an embarrassment overseas and Turnbull is the greatest mistake in Australian politics. The ALP are the only ones to get Australia out of the economic quagmire/recession heading our way.

      • Bella  

        Oh would that mean we can have the boats back with all those illegals on them? Thats a good way of running our country. If you want that to happen again, you can fund them and put them up in your backyard and feed,cloth,educate,medical cards etc., etc., etc., and so it goes on and on and on. Then we can spend more billions on useless things like the pink batts and the schools building revolution. Oh wow I cant wait for more of that from Labor, so we can owe more billions and pay billions a month interest on it cause we are broke. Cant wait for Labor to do all those wonderful things again !!

  10. K  

    Turnbull cannot even put an intelligent sentence together! He also seems to have fogotten his poor upbringing as he is now so rich he doesnt care about the average person. Then again Shorten may be for the average person but is not so bright either.

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