Australian Federal Police raid Labor offices in Melbourne overnight

The Australian Federal Police has searched the office of the senior Labor senator Stephen Conroy and a Labour staffer, in

The Australian Federal Police has searched the office of the senior Labor senator Stephen Conroy and a Labour staffer, in a move the Opposition says is “extraordinary and unprecedented” during an election campaign.

The raids were connected to leaked documents about the National Broadband Network (NBN) and Malcolm Turnbull’s time in charge of the internet rollout when the cost of the scheme blew out way beyond budget.

The raids took place overnight, catching both the Labor Party and the Government by surprise.

It is believed the NBN referred the matter directly to the police themselves to protect the investigation for as long as possible.

The staffer whose house was raided has been named as Opposition communications spokesman Jason Clare.

The leaked documents were first published by Fairfax last year and follow on from a number of high-profile leaks on both sides of the aisle.

Labor members were clearly shaken by the raids.

Bill Shorten was only informed of the raids once they were taking place, with the Government being the first let into the loop by the AFP.

“We’ll have more to say in coming days, it’s an extraordinary development,” Mr Shorten told reporters in western Sydney.

“It relates to Mr Turnbull’s time in charge of the NBN and the extraordinary blowout of costs and huge delays in the implementation of NBN and millions of Australian households not getting what was promised.”

Mr Turnbull stressed that the raid was not the result of meddling from the Government.

“They operate entirely independently of the Government and so this is a matter for the AFP, the Labor party know that as well as you and I do,” Mr Turnbull said.

More information about the raids and any resulting consequences are expected to be released today.

Are you surprised by the news of these raids? Do our politicians need to act in a more professional manner and stop the leaks?

  1. Matronbb  

    Being in parliament these days is like attending kindergarten for adults

    • J.Loehr  

      while they are all cheating on us the public and there spouses we are the taxpayers are the dumm sheep who will pay for them

  2. Sandy Balfour  

    This is totally unacceptable behaviour by the government despite their denials they had anything to do with it. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it is a duck!

  3. Rikda  

    “The leaked documents were first published by Fairfax last year”

    This has got dirty tricks written all over it.
    LNP scare campaigns.

    Fool me once, shame on you
    Fool me twice, shame on me”

  4. Aileen  

    Well if they didn’t do anything wrong they wouldn’t be in this position. We want the AFP to do their jobs & that they are doing. I don’t care if its election time or not & I also think if this were the libs you labour supporters would be saying the same thing. So if your innocent there’s not to worry about, but obviously not.

    • Barry Appleby  

      Spot on with your comments Aileen, they do the “crime” and then scream when they get caught. I do believe that the AFP operate independently of the Government so there should be no complaints from the opposition

    • Paul Hoolihan  

      The AFP operate independently until the Government pressures the NBN to insist on a raid. Says nothing for the Federal Police that they claim to be independent. Independent, they are Malcolms blackshirts.

  5. bruce taylor  

    The fact that these people are upset about the documents being released in the first place tends to make one think they were doing something wrong.
    In a situation where such a large amount public money is being spent on a project like this with no national security issues all documentation regarding it should be available for public perusal.
    Hope that the federal police are looking for whoever did leak these papers to award them a medal.

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