Australia to get it’s first taste of Trump

The Trump Administration is coming down under for serious talks.

Australia is about to get it’s first taste of the Trump Administration as the US Vice-President Mike Pence flies into Sydney tonight.

The Vice-President is wrapping up a tour of the Asian Pacific region and will be meeting with the Australian Government to talk security in our region.

Acting US Ambassador to Australia, James Caruso, told the ABC that the visit shows how important Australia is the United States.  He added, “His purpose is basically to meet with our allies and close partners in the region as part of the new administration reaching out and getting the benefit of the views and insight of our partners about the region”.

Mr Caruso also stated that Vice-President Pence’s goal is “to reassure Australia of the closeness of the relationship, the value that the United States puts on this relationship, and that this is something the new administration intends to work on going forward.”

Another top official, who didn’t want to be named, also spoke to the ABC saying that the believe the discussions will have to focus on the troubles with North Korea and the Trump Administrations handling to the situation.  The official believes the talks will be fruitful because they believe Pence “is a sane, measured person, and lacks the flamboyance of Trump”.

Reports also indicate that talks will tackle into trade and how companies are taxed between Australia and the US.

What do you think the Australian Government should ask the Vice-President? 

  1. Kim  

    How important we are??bs…otherwise it would be Trump coming,not Pence..Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind Trump,I used to like him more but going in to countries and bombing them is a disgrace, Pence is here to get us involved and we should not!!! and our leader is just to stupid to realise this..

    • Joan Marshall  

      Kim President Trump has done the right thing in bombing Syria to stop the carnage of innocent children dying why you cannot see that is beyond me. Wake up Kim it is a matter of kill or be killed. We now have North Korea to contend with. What if North Korea strikes first do we just stand there and take it with out doing anything? it is a tragedy that we get rid of one despot like Osam Bin Ladin then we have another communist in North Korea. People talk with out thinking.

  2. Patricia Lewis  

    I am glad that Trump is not coming. He is an absolute buffoon . We do not need to get I over with his warmongering at this stage because he will want to fight the world just to prove how great he is. When the s… Hits the fan he will sit on his fat arse, pouting his thick lips, squinting his small sneeky eyes, and flapping his pudgy hands and saying “Fake News”. He is a disgrace as a President. How his followers voted for him beats me. His past history had to be an indication of what a sleazebag he really is.

  3. Dieter  

    Kim, really think before you post a comment.
    We are on the edge of a nuclear war right now.
    If Mr Obama would have stuck to his word years ago than the problem would not be as terrifying as it is now.
    In my books Obama is solely to blame for the present situation.
    I could go on with some other samples of missed opportunities from him which left us where we are now.
    He was a terrific speaker good looking and handsome but that’s basically all.
    In doing nothing on the Korea front yet the world will be facing an really all out nuclear world war not too long from now.
    This NKorea leader seems like Hitler, no one took him serious until it was too late.
    I am looking forward to hear your options on this.

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