Aussie soldiers forced to eat Halal for “politically correct” reason

Australian soldiers are being made to eat Halal rations, according to documents published under Freedom of Information that reveal two-thirds of the

Australian soldiers are being made to eat Halal rations, according to documents published under Freedom of Information that reveal two-thirds of the army’s combat rations conform to halal, kosher or vegetarian guidelines to create an “inclusive working environment” for Australia’s defence personnel.

Cory Bernardi, a conservative Liberal senator, has come out saying it a disgrace that Muslims in the defence force are dictating what others should be eating.

The internal army document — obtained by a new anti-Islamic political party, the Australian Liberty Alliance — describes how the combat ration packs (CRP) should include a diversity of food and drink.

“CRP should be designed to take account of the broad religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity of the ADF and alliance partners in aspects of food choices and their preparation and consumption,” the document reads.

Australia has a multicultural military, and within it there people of varying religions, one of them being Islam.

The less than 100 Muslims in the military need Halal-certified foods, meaning that all foods given to all soldiers also need to adhere to this guideline.

Halal certification has become the source of a lot of confusion and also misinformation in recent years, as some believe it funds terrorism, however this has been debunked numerous times. Having the logo on products means it is safe for consumption by Muslims as they have strict rules on how animals can be treated when making foods they would like to eat.

Halal food has been prepared according to Islamic law, and is free from pork products, alcohol and certain other ingredients.

Senator Bernardi has suggested Muslims in the military be issued with non-halal rations and say their own prayer over the meal before consumption.

“The very idea that someone will not accept food because they’re unsure of the origins of it in a desperate wartime environment or war theatre beggars belief,” Senator Bernardi said.

“This is just another step in the encroaching Islamisation of Western civilisation and we have an opportunity not to repeat the mistakes of Western Europe, but it takes the will of politicians to make sure those mistakes don’t happen here.”

Bernard Gaynor, the ALA’s Senate candidate in Queensland, said criticised the decision as “politically correct”.

“As a result of this decision, taxpayers will be funding a program that forces Aussie Diggers to eat food that has been sacrificed to the god of the enemy”.

Former Special Air Service trooper, Paul Jordan, said it’s not a problem.

“If there’s no great cost attached to it — and I don’t think general soldiers would even know the difference when they eat it — then it’s OK,” he told The Australian.

We want to know your thoughts on this today: Is it a big deal that our diggers are eating Halal certified rations?


  1. Head line suggests it may be a big deal but I doubt many soldiers are missing sleep over it. I certainly won’t be.

    • You are spot on there Rod Faithful .I have eaten dog ( i am sure it was) and monkey on a stick.

  2. I listened to an interview about this, they not only order halal food but they get kosha food and meal for vegetarians. ALL of that food can be eaten by anyone, the Kosha and Halal food are just a blessing and anyone can eat a vegetable

    • Libbi my son was in the Army for 4 years. They had Halal food in their mess and all the troops would eat it if they liked it.

  3. The Goverment of the day is in charge of the Armed Forces, blame the Liberals but I doubt our soldiers even care

  4. “Forced to eat” is very emotive language and not appropriate for the real story. Maybe the way to go is vegan, not so controversial!

  5. Its not just the army its every australian if you look at the labels..i strongly object to the cruel way animals are slaughtered to meet halal requirements and dont believe it should be allowed in australia

    • We all have options personally, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If enough people don’t buy it they won’t sell it . But it doesn’t bother me it is just food

    • I have worked in a halal slaughterhouse in NSW and there is NO cruelty. At ALL.

    • Rosalind Battles its hard to find food that is not halal. even my favourite mars bar. why should i have to go without in my own country. and its not just food to my. i love food,

    • Max Tivey not from what i have heard in the actual process. they are not stunned before bleeding out

    • Carol Johnson, so you know this and Max Tivey, who has worked in an Halal slaughterhouse is wrong. Hmm, interesting, how about kosher no one complaining about that?

    • Carol Johnson Max is right but the propoganda machine rolls on. Kosher food has been in Australia much longer. It’s purported to be an a less humane way of killing animals but no one is being stirred up about this. You do understand that your halal Mars bar is just the same as a non halal Mars bar ie halal food includes a huge range of non animal based foodstuffs. In other words a peanut is halal for example. Just as it’s also a peanut.

    • Max Tivey that is good to know. i wasn’t sure if the people who said it was cruel knew what they were talking about. perhaps they have seen the way our sheep have been treated in muslim countries. i don’t think they were respecting those animals at the time.

  6. Halal and Kosher meats are much healthier than the blood soaked meats that the majority of Gentiles eat. The blood is impure and ALL of it must be drained from the flesh before it is eaten.

    • I think you’ll find it’s only impure if you follow certain religions. If you are British a blood sausage is not only not impure, it’s a great breakfast and I don’t think anyone died from it as yet. Neither of us will be able to prove is the consumer went to heaven or not though.

    • Being a chef if all blood was drained from meat it would be like a piece of boot leather 😂😂😂 Mujahid hope you have strong teeth😂😂😂😂

    • You’re fooling yourselves if you think that all of the so-called impure blood is drained before you eat meat. Better become a vegetarian just to make sure you don’t become haram.

    • You’re fooling yourselves if you think that all of the so-called impure blood is drained before you eat meat. Better become a vegetarian just to make sure you don’t become haram.

  7. Freedom in this country? Halal or not does it really matter, what about kosher? As long as our soldiers come home whole in body and mind. All Australians Muslim, Jewish, green or purple should support the ADF no matter what.

  8. “Forced” …..that must be terrible, being forced to eat Halal…..oh pleasssse…they’re being fed aren’t they? Who would now the difference anyway??? …….come on media, must be a really bad news day today & you’re certainly scraping the bottom of the barrel with this rubbish reporting …

    • The subject and the article are both ridiculous in my opinion. they are all service men and women serving this country. 🇦🇺 🇦🇺

    • What would you say gail if all other religions decide to certify their food a lamb chop would go from $2 to $14 but our religious institutions would be rolling in money and you my friend would not be able to afford food we have separation of state and church so our food should not be religious or we will eventually have a riot

    • Muslims have been in Australia for many years and survived on what we eat. It was after Asylum seekers arrived and the corrupt amongst them saw a dollar in Halal Cerification. I don’t care what I eat, I care that I have to pay more becaus of it. If Muslims were fair dinkum why can’t they just have an Iman go pray over all the food. The only thing that makes something acceptable is that it is prayed over. We have been doing it for years, it is called saying grace.

    • Exactly, “who can tell the difference?” And if you CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE, then Muslims can eat non-halal food like the rest of us

    • The media is not responsible for the government making this decision , they are only reporting it so you and I know what the politicians you elected are doing to this country .
      Do you ever check how your local member votes in the house.

    • Neil Tyne , you’re right, Muslims have been living in this country for decades and getting by without this Halal stuff. I think it’s more about “small steps”, seeing how they can change our culture into theirs a little bit at a time!!!

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