Anthony Mundine causes even more controversy with latest demand

Anthony Mundine’s announcement that he won’t stand for the “racist” national anthem caused plenty of outrage here on SAS and
Anthony Mundine is no stranger to controversy. Source: mainevent/YouTube

Anthony Mundine’s announcement that he won’t stand for the “racist” national anthem caused plenty of outrage here on SAS and around Australia.

Many of you had quite firm opinions about his comments.

But now his management has made another demand about his upcoming match with fellow Aussie boxer Danny Green, and it has many on social media furious.

Not only does Mundine not want to stand for the national anthem, his management are now demanding that he not even be in the ring when the national anthem is sung.

It’s certainly an unusual move, which goes against the tradition of both competitors being present (and standing) in the ring when the anthem is played before their match.

Seven News reports that Mundine’s agent Khoder Nasser is insisting the boxer not be present when the anthem is sung.

TV broadcast boss Steve Crawley confirmed that was the case.

“I’ve spoken to Khoder Nasser and he doesn’t want Anthony in the ring when the anthem is performed,” he  told News Corp.

“We’ll continue to talk over the next few days but the way I figure it is, if you go to an NRL or AFL grand final, the athletes are on the field when the anthem is performed … I can’t see why we won’t do it while both fighters are in the ring.”

You might remember Mundine’s comments about not standing for the anthem, including his claim that Advance Australia Fair is “racist”.

“Do your research on the anthem, do your research on ‘advance, we’re young, we’re free’. We are far from young. And a lot of us ain’t free,” he told Seven News.

“Advance Australia Fair, you speak to your historians and educated college professors, it’s there as in white fair, not in fair go.”

Mundine’s stance is in contrast to his opponent, with Green saying he “wasn’t invested enough” in Mundine to care what he says or does.

“I have been raised to be very open-minded… I will be standing for the anthem and I will be singing the national anthem,” he said Seven News.

“And Choc (Mundine) is an indigenous Australian … if he feels so passionate and strongly about that, then so be it. That is his prerogative and that is his opinion and that is his choice.”

Looks like there’s a bit of difference in sportsmanship and attitude between Mundine and Green.

The pair will face off in the match in Adelaide on Friday.

What do you think about this? Do you think Mundine’s behaviour is un-sportsman like? Should he at least appear in the ring, even if he isn’t standing for the anthem?



  1. Garry Bates  

    This is a democracy. Whether we agree with him or not, he has te right to do what he wants.

    • Lorraine  

      If he doesn’t like the Australian ways then he should leave the country. We have just welcomed many who became Australian citizens on Australia day who are more worthy than this individual is.

      • Sonny Horeta Rehua from NewZealand  

        Lorraine, how dare you say he should leave the country actually you should leave he’s after all an Indigenous Australian Native, you definitely the way, read the History of Australia before commenting any further.

      • Stu Clark  

        According to Wikipedia Mundine was born in Sydney and both parents are aboriginal of the Bundjalung tribe of northern NSW. That means that he can trace his lineage with Australia back around 40,000 years. How long you been there Lorraine and what establishes your rights ? Maybe he is a loud mouth and a showman…………reminds me of another one………….someone Ali ? who also spoke out about racial injustices. You don’t need to like him, but if you are fair minded you should at least respect his right to have his say.

    • Who cares the song is white Australian. Why don’t the aboriginals write a song and have their flag when indigenous people are at sports for them. Get over yourselves white Australians no one should tell anyone that’s not breaking the law what to do. Who cares about Danny green he’s just a boxer as well. Barbaric sport.

    • Henry Kaye  

      It is a democracy but somewhere within the fabric that makes up society, there is a reasonable expectation that public figures set examples that respect traditions valued by the society they are a part of.

    • Garry  

      crap theres no excuse not to stand let alone be in the ring Garry Bates.

    • Rosslyn_Morcom  

      It’s good to see that someone else thinks like this What happened to I disagree with what you say but I defend your right to say it
      I love my country but not proud of they way the first Australian were treated

  2. Barb  

    He needs to listen to John Lennon’s song “imagine”.

    He’s just using tactics as he is t going to win the fight anyway.

    • Marlene  

      He’s not game enough to dit down in front of the crowd ?

  3. Denise Gillespie  

    I think this poor fellow has had too many punches to the head. What is he thinking. I think he is grasping for straws as there is nothing in Advance Australia Fair that is racist. He is causing racism by his outrageous comments. Even his own people do not agree with him. Wake up Mundine before you lose the few supporters that you have left

    • Lennys taylor  

      YES, Im sure he is brain damaged-he sure has become a Baffoon-IDIOT!

    • Grasping at straws is correct, there’s not much left for this oxygen waster, win or loose against Green Mundine is a looser, he has to turn to crime or take up a religious position in his new faith because there is not much left to make headlines. As you said Denise Gillespie, Mundine is grasping at anything.

  4. Paul Seymour  

    Mundine and his management are un Australian and be put somewhere that we cannot hear their crap

    • Peter P  

      Hmmm an Aboriginal…un-Australian…dur!

  5. Sandra  

    Why Do we even care what Mundine does,not worth commenting.hes a hasbeen just after publicity.

  6. Lyn Gill  

    Causing racism where there is none, what a hipercryt

  7. Just wondering  

    Every time he has a fight coming up he does this sort of thing. It’s just to drum up attention. If we all ignore him, will he fade away?

  8. David George  

    Fair enough Tony Mundine if this is what you want, stay out in the background don’t be seen don’t be heard. Furthermore if this is your attitude do not front up for the fight.
    The winner is Danny Green due to Mundines lack of respect. Danny is what Australian sport is al about he has all the credentials to win this hands down.

  9. jack Schwartz  

    he is a racist but this is supposed to be a democracy, if doesn’t want to stand so be it , but he should be there in the ring. Look what the 2 black runners did when upon the podium some years back, they protested but were there

  10. klaus Retelsdorf  

    why give this dingbat oxygen don’t by a ticket to watch these 2 neanderthals

  11. Lesley  

    Give Danny an automatic win. Mundine has obviously total disrespect for Australia the country he was born in. It is people like him who give true blue indigenous Australians a bad name. How can this country ever unite properly as one with the likes of Mundine shaming us all with his behaviour. I am, you are, we are all Australians. Take pride in this land of our and respect our flag. As for not complaining Ng into the ring that is not only Unaustralian but totally bad sportsmanship. If this is who young people look up to and respect, we have a very poor ethic to look forward to.

  12. Reen  

    Who cares wether Mundine stands or sits and the anthem is DEFINITELY NOT RACIST, he’s off brain.

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