Another Federal MP caught charging taxpayers for outrageous things

You’d think they would have learned their lesson by now… After all the backlash people like Bronwyn Bishop and Barnaby

You’d think they would have learned their lesson by now… After all the backlash people like Bronwyn Bishop and Barnaby Joyce got for spending taxpayer money on flights and frivolous things, you’d think other pollies would be weary about doing the same thing.

That doesn’t seem to be the case for WA Liberal MP Steve Irons who has been revealed to have charged taxpayers $1346 to fly from Perth to Melbourne where he got married three days later, reports The West Australian.

He then billed taxpayers $911.80 to fly back to Perth a few days after.

After the charges were revealed, a spokeswoman for Mr Irons said the matter had previously been reported, and flights taken to Melbourne in 2011 were “claimed in error”.

“These flights were identified during a self-audit and brought to the attention of the Department of Finance,” she said.

“Voluntary repayment was then arranged.”

It turns out they weren’t the only flights Mr Irons claimed though. He also charged taxpayers for his flights to a golf tournament where he was looking at “golf tourism opportunities”.

As a ‘keen golfer’ it seems that Mr Irons had a great time during his trip, which he says was just for work purposes.

Do you think we need tighter rules on how much politicians can claim? Do you think these charges are justified?

  1. clifford  

    Just another piece of ” Filth ” I’d like to wack him with a 1 wood ..just “Legal Theft ” …..

  2. David Mills  

    The age of entitlement is over?

  3. Roger  

    Advantageous rules for them and a completely different set of rules for everyone else. They are the worst kind of hypocrites.

  4. Josephine Polglaze  

    I would love to see a new way of spending OUR MONEY –
    Pay with your own Credit Card or Cash then place you receipts in order and hand into Treasury for your Refund.
    I think that would stop the stealing of OUR MONEY?

  5. These politicians are all the same they will get away with fleecing the public purses until they are caught then it was all a mistake and I will pay it back but only after the fact they got caught if that is not fraudulent what is it, Is there a law for politicians and a law for us mere mortals if any one of us did that the police would be down and on our backs quick as a flash into court with a please explain, what dose the integrity commission do sit on their fat back sides and collect their wages, this is a joke and Turnbull would say something but is skating on thin ice himself and can’t afford any losses,

  6. Tracy Barakat  

    It’s the old….’I’m alright Jack….F**K you !!

  7. Peter Greer  

    What can I say their are tared with the same brush gets caught & then says sorry & pays it back all Hippocrates we need a revolution

  8. Truth 13  

    What Steve Irons said was like, “I broke in to the house, (when caught,) I came to see whether you are OK”. What a bunch of thieves we have in the Parliament. If it was not detected, he would have happily walked away, getting married. Not sure, what type of a flight he took from Perth to Melbourne, to cost $1346, one way. No wonder, there’s no money for the sick & elderly, schools & universities. SHAME.

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